Laura sighed as she climbed out of her parents BMW and stared up at the buildings on the campus of Yale University. She was exactly where she wanted to be and had dreamed of being for the last fifteen years.

"Laura, Laura," her dad Richard Williams yelled at her and chuckled.

"Sorry dad. I just can't believe that I'm here and that everything we dreamed is coming true".

"Well, don't get too excited. If you don't like it here I'll be on the red eye to come get you," her dad chuckled and she rolled her eyes at him.

"Oh Rick, she'll love it here. I'm sure she'll meet her husband here if not then she can go up to Harvard," Julia Williams remarked while checking her outfit. The Williams was a typical American family that lived in a cozy (massive) house in the historical district of Indian Hill, Cincinnati, Ohio.

"I don't really care as long as I become editor of their school paper," Laura grabbed one of her suitcases and her dad followed her lead.

"You are in the nicest suit they have and if you have any problems with your roommate don't hesitate to tell your RA," her mother advised sternly.

"I'm sure that we'll be ok. Besides I've already talked to her on Facebook," Laura replied and they walked together to her dorm.

"Well, its big enough that's for sure," Rick remarked and sat her suitcase in the spacious sitting area of the dorm room.

"When is your roommate supposed to be here?" Julia asked going through the rooms.

"This weekend I believe. You all wanted to get here four days early so that we could sight see and get "to know" the layout of the campus," Laura answered in a mock tone and rolled her eyes.

"Oh I'm going to miss your sarcastic comments constantly torturing me throughout the day."

"Can we visit the library?" Laura asked excitedly after they brought in the last of her luggage.

"Really? Don't you want to go shopping instead?" Julia groaned slightly. "She is so your kid."

"We'll stop by as we go to the registrations office to get your schedule and then we're going into New Haven," Rick said making a negotiation and winked at Laura. He had been a lawyer for twenty years and a father for eighteen—giving him lots of experience in making deals.

"Awesome," Laura beamed. She took a look around the dorm room and couldn't believe that she was a Yale student. "The next four years are going to be the best years of my life!"

"Oh my gosh. I can't believe I'm finally here! This is so crazy," an eighteen year old Chanel Robinson exclaimed to her friend, Michelle, Saturday afternoon as they were standing on the grounds of Yale. She finally made it to the school she dreamt of ever since she was a little girl and was very excited.

"You'll be fine, and your mother would be really proud of you too," her friend, Michelle, said. Chanel's mother passed away when Ellie was seven years old. She remembered her mother telling her stories of when she went to Yale. She was determined to make it into the same college her mother went to years ago.

"Yes, she would be. Oh well. At least I'm away from home and no more of my overly strict father. I'm finally on my own. Thank God."

Since her mother died, Ellie had to move and live with her overbearing father in Massachusetts. He was hardly around in her life, and when he was he attempted to be what he thought a real father was. Ellie couldn't stand him. She was very relieved to be leaving from under his roof.

"I know what you mean. Now, are you ready to get all of your stuff in your room? Speaking of room, do you know your roommate?"

"I've messaged her on Facebook, but it's not like I really know her. Her name is Laura something. We're both majoring in journalism. I think, or at least I hope, we'll get along well," Ellie expressed as they began to carry her belongings to the new place she was to call home for the next year.

When the girls arrived at Chanel's room, her roommate, Laura was not there.
"I wonder where she's at," Michelle said, "we've been hauling all your crap up here for a good thirty-five minutes and haven't seen her yet."

"Maybe she's at lunch or something. I actually like it better this way. Let's hurry up before she decides to come back. I want my room done now."
It took the girls a chunk of two hours until Ellie situated her side of the room the way she wanted it.

"Hi, you must be Chanel." Laura smiled walking into her dorm room around 4 pm that evening with a book in her hand. "I'm Laura Williams."

"Hi, it's good to meet you. This is my friend Michelle and you can call me Elle."

Laura and Michelle exchanged cordial greetings before Elle began to commit on how they wondered if they would ever meet her or not. Laura was usually always on time, but she had a way of forgetting about the time.

"Oh, yeah. I have been in the library getting my schedule situated and trying to find my classrooms before Monday." She replied going to set her bag down in her room.

"That's ambitious." Elle remarked and Michelle gave her an 'I told you so look'.

"Well, I try to stay a head of the game but it would be my luck to sit in the wrong class for the first ten minutes of it." Laura replied.

"I see. We were getting ready to head out into New Haven to see the city and grab dinner. Do want to go?" Ellie asked.

As the girls left their room to go out to eat, they discussed the extra curricular activities they planned to participate in and their class schedule. Elle commented that the list of things to be involved in was a book, as they walked to Main Street of New Haven where there were shops. She had planned on being in the symphony and the school newspaper.

"I completely agree with you on that one. I am going to be editor of the Yale Daily News it is the oldest college newspaper." Laura beamed and Michelle rolled her eyes.

"Really…that's cool." Ellie replied thinking that ambitious didn't describe this girl.

"You should be on it!" Laura smiled.

"Er…I really wouldn't want to steal your thunder."

"At least think about it. Anyways I plan on being the student council and the symphonic orchestra." Laura stated as they walked into a shop.

I think there's a freshman party later tonight you wanna go?" Ellie asked Laura.

"I'm not into the whole party scene."

"I'm sure it won't be bad, because it's hosted by the freshman council. Who at Yale would break the law that blatantly?"

"I guess it could be fun." Laura shuffled her feet and shifted her purse.

After eating dinner, the girls went back to the room and relaxed for a while before getting ready for the party of the weekend.

"I'm assuming you don't go out to parties very much." Ellie stated as the three girls were getting ready for the freshmen party.

"I, uh, go out all the time. What makes you think that?" Laura questioned.

"Girl, you're lying, aren't you?" Michelle picked up on Laura's lie.

"Yeah, maybe a little bit," she confessed, "how'd you know?"

"Because the way you're dressed is not how you're supposed to do it when you go out to party," Michelle pointed out. "Do you see me and Chanel? We're wearing jeans, not a khaki skirt. We're not goin to a luncheon."

"I like the way I dress. Thank you very much. I may not go out to parties a whole lot, but I can have fun in my own way," she turned towards her closet and continued getting ready.

Michelle just laughed and said, "Whatever."

"Leave her alone, Michelle," Elle whispered so her roommate wouldn't hear them talking.

"She's so weird. Who wears a skirt to a party? Good luck staying with her for a year. It'll be painful."

"She's really not that bad. If she's comfortable, she's comfortable. Who cares what she wears. It doesn't bother me. I'm not sure why it's bothering you so much. You should probably get that checked out."

"Ha. Ha. Whatever. Just be careful of Little Miss Perfect. There's no telling what she might try to do next."

The girls arrived at the party around ten, and it was already poppin. There were so many freshmen around. Some were socially drinking; others were playing drinking games, and the rest were dancing to loud music.

"Now, this is what I'm talkin about!" Michelle began mingling with the crowd of freshmen.

"Um, Chanel, can I ask you a question?" Laura tried to be heard over the loud music. "Do you drink?"

"Oh gosh no! I've seen what it does to people and refused to follow them. How about you?"

"No not at all. Just wondering. What about Michelle?"

"Yeah, she does, but I know how to take care of her. Don't worry about it. Just try to have fun. I'm goin after her. Text or call me when you're ready to leave. I'll most likely be on the dance floor. Ha-ha."

After Elle found her friend she told her she'd check on her in an hour, because she knew her friend would be a little toasted. Elle went out to the dance floor and started showing her moves. Everyone noticed and wanted to dance with her. She danced with a couple of guys and danced with a group of people. As she was dancing, she noticed a really good looking tall dude eyeing her. She couldn't help but flirt back. She continued to both dance and flirt at the same time. After a while she realized she had to check on Michelle. As she walked through the crowd, the admirer bumped into and began talking to her.

"Hi, my name is Alex. You wanna dance?"

Before Chanel had a chance to answer, he started leading her to the dance floor and began slowly dancing with her. Being the person that she is, she went with the flow and had no objections. When the song was over, he wanted to dance with her some more, but she had to protest.

"Um, Alex, I need to check on my friend. Maybe another time we can dance again."

"Well, what's your name?"


"Chanel, it was very nice dancing with you. I'll see you again." She walked away not sure how to feel from that experience. Luckily, she spotted Michelle and ran to her. Her friend was toasted just as she thought she'd be.

"Michelle, are you ready to go back to the room now? I think you should rest some."

"Whyyyy are you beeeing on my cassse?" Michelle slurred her words.

"Because I love you and we should go. Let's find Laura and tell her."Noooo, let's just go. I don't like her."

"I know you don't, but she has to know where I'm at since I'll be gone for a while." Elle tried calling her roommate's cell number three times before giving up. She decided to take her friend to the room and come back to the party later.

"I hope Laura will be ok by herself for a while."

Laura looked down at the outfit she was wearing and chuckled. The night had proven out to be exactly as she had hoped, but entirely worthless too. The party was out of control that was for sure and Ellie's friend was no exception. Laura took a couple pictures of the party scene with her iPhone and headed out the door bumping into a guy.

"I'm sorry, I didn't see you!" Laura blushed up at the tall handsome, dark haired, blue eyed guy.

"It's cool. Did you come from the freshman party?" He asked with a slight smile.

"Oh, I'm not drunk, I swear!" Laura immediately tried to cover up her clumsy'ness'.

"I didn't say you were."

"I was just leaving. It's gotten pretty wild for my taste and there wasn't anyone of caliber to talk to, until now." She flirted. "I'm Laura Williams by the way."

"I know who you are."

"You do?" Laura raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah, you're the 4.0 student from Cincinnati that happens to majoring journalism. Who happens to be getting ready to rat out this party for a good cover for her first application article for the Yale Daily News." He answered learning against the doorframe.

"I was not!"

"You're going to have to work on your lying skills Nancy Drew. No one would go to a party looking like they were going to luncheon, not even people here at Yale. I'm Henry by the way," Henry James, the president's [of Yale] son, laughed at her.

"Why does everyone keep saying that? How did I know pull off the whole Yale look? Oh, whatever Sherlock! I know who you are too. You are Henry James the 'it' guy on campus who is assistant editor of the Daily, president of student council, my RA, and of course the president's son."

"Haha, so what are you going to do about this party? You have to have a killer story if you plan on being a freshman staffer on the Daily," Henry winked at her.

"Oh, I was getting to that. Really though underage drinking is a thing of the past!" Laura leaned against the doorframe enjoying herself.

"Yeah, but we're still at Yale. Spice it up a bit and it'll be the talk of the administration and campus for days."

"Right. So let's add a little heat to this flame!" Laura smirked and got out her iPhone.

"Hi, I would like to report underage drinking at the freshmen party hosted by the freshmen council. No, I would like to remain anonymous. Thanks!" Laura put her phone in her purse and Henry chuckled at her.

"You'll make a pretty good reporter, but you're going to have a ton of enemies!" He replied.

"Not unless you leak the information. Now, we can't stand here while the campus police bust up this party!" Laura looked around for a good hiding spot.

"The second floor is a nice spot if you just want to get a quick photo. Honestly you won't need more than that to make this a front cover! Wow." Henry followed her up the stairs and they waited for the campus police to shut the party down.

"OK. EVERYBODY OUT!" A big muscular man stormed through the tight room.

"What man? This sucks! Who snitched, I don't know but they can rot in…LET'S GO!" A stream of people filed out of the room angry, drunk, and half passed out.

"Get a picture for me." Laura whispered to Henry and he did.

"Where are you? The party just got busted, but luckily I grabbed Michelle in time and we left out the back." Ellie texted her.

"I met this really awesome guy and we went to Starbucks. I'll be back in a couple hours, don't wait up!" Laura replied and Henry raised an eyebrow and mouthed 'great'.

"That's really cool and risk'ay' of you! If you need anything let me know." Ellie answered.

The campus police cleared out the room and Laura and Henry walked out the other entrance of the hallway.

"That was awesome!"

Laura was hyped up after ratting out the party. It was terrible of her, she knew to joy out of doing something like that but she couldn't help it. She told Henry that she just gets a rush after getting a story. The she suggested they go out for coffee and he laughs, because she was already hyper. When they got to Starbucks she calmed down after she had her double espresso mocha.

"I dropped out of boarding in England to backpack through Europe with some buddies." He smiled mischievously.

"No way."

"I swear! My dad pulled a few strings so that I could take a test to graduate my expected year."

"That's crazy! I don't think I've done anything that absurd in my life."

"I'm sure you haven't, but I know you have a few stories beneath that perfect resume."

"Wouldn't you like to know."

"You're bad. Come on I told you one."

"I went to jail for faking a press pass to get into an exclusive meeting about the Mayor taking money from the city to support his prostitution habit," Lausra miled at him taking a sip of coffee and his eyes got wide.

"That's the best lie I've ever heard!"

"I'm not lying!" Laura defended herself. "You even said I was a bad liar, how could I make that up?"

"That's true, but how did you get that off your record?" He asked downing the rest of his drink.

"My dad is a lawyer for the biggest firm in Ohio."

"That's impressive! You'll do anything for a story and the rush." Henry shook his head really liking this girl.

"It's one in the morning. I believe you just got your cover story for the Daily and you've stirred up a hornet's nest." Henry stood with her and they walked back to campus.

"Hm…and I have the president's son as a resource. The guy is also my RA and I'm out with him at one in the morning, how does that work?" She replied as they got to dorm building.