Laura woke up early for her nine o clock class Monday morning with excitement. She put on a short ballerina skirt, leggings with a designer tee and leather jacket. She threw on her black ankle boot pumps and added a headband. Looking in the mirror she thought it wasn't the typical Yale student outfit, but was content with her wardrobe that had articles from every style. After she finished getting dressed she checked her email and she about fainted when she read the letter from Jennifer the editor Yale daily.

Dear Laura,

I am beyond impressed with the article you sent in and your application.

However, the application was not due until tomorrow afternoon and therefor i cannot offer you the staff position until we have read all the applicants and have voted. Although, I am making an executive decision to have your story front page of tomorrows daily. Congratulations! This is a huge honor and I look forward to meeting you.


Jennifer Baldwin

"Oh my god, I can't believe it! They made article the front page!" Laura squealed with excitement. She grabbed her book bag and iPad and ran out of her room.

"Hey, you going to class early?"

"Yes, I have to get today's edition of the daily!

"I don't think it comes out until 10 or 11and it's only eight. Grab some breakfast and coffee before you go."

"Good idea."

"Can I ask you a kind of personal question?"


"How did your wardrobe change overnight? Well the last two days rather." Elle whirled an eyebrow and Laura laughed.

"Elle, I'll let you in on a little secret since we're roommates and journalist. I arrange my outfit in accordance with events I plan on covering. I guess you could call it a disguise. The party Saturday night was my cove story as you probably already know."

"But you didn't fit in and isn't that the whole idea of a disguise?" Elle pointed out the obvious.

"Yes but I didn't want to blend in with the party crowd. I dressed the opposite way so if the campus police saw me in the hallway they wouldn't suspect I had ever been there."

"That's clever and careful planning. You are good at you do I'll hand you that one."

"So that date last night," Laura smiled big and winked.

"Ok. So Alex is not as bad as I first thought and I'm even going out with Saturday. You seemed to enjoy yourself! You and Henry really click."

"I had so much fun! We do and it's kinda weird but amazing at the same time. Well I'm going to head to class. See yeah later!" Laura grabbed an apple from the counter and headed to her first class.

Laura was glad she left early because the lecture hall was already filling up ten minutes before it was starting time. Laura found a seat near the back because all seats closer were full.

"Good morning class! I see most of you are early, good. I am professor Gillingham and you are in LIT 215; The Great Detectives. If you would please pass your pre-assignment to the end of each row my assistant will collect them."

"Is anyone sitting here?" A blonde hair guy asked Laura pointing to the seat next to her.

"No." Laura moved her stuff, "We're handing in the pre-assignment." She mentioned to him.

"Thanks." He smiled and handed it to her.

"Mr. Conley, late as a usual," the preppy red head assistant smirked in disgust at him.

"Wouldn't want to disappoint," he rolled his eyes at her and Laura just sat dumbfounded. "She's my ex."

"Oh. I really don't care."

"I'm Adam Conley if you were wondering." Adam smiled at her his green eyes beaming.

"I wasn't," Laura replied without emotion and he chuckled.

"So are you going to tell me your name Miss."


"Hard to get are we?"

"No." Laura put her backpack on and was about to leave. "I'm Laura," she turned back to him after taking a few steps.

"Now was that so hard?"

Laura walked to the courtyard where everyone hung out in between classes and found the Yale Daily on the stands. She grabbed the edition and he article was on the front cover. "Freshmen Party was a Trip on the Wild Side," by Laura Williams it said with a picture of a couple freshmen drinking martinis. Laura put the paper in her bag and grabbed her phone just as it was vibrating.

"Hey babe, did you see the Daily edition yet?" Henry asked on the other line.

Laura answered with a smile and they discussed dinner plans to celebrate her accomplishment. With a little debate on the time, they agreed to have dinner at six that evening. Then as Laura hung up the phone she received an unexpected but welcome call.

"Laura Williams." She answered the unknown caller.

"Hello Laura, this is Jennifer Baldwin the editor of Yale Daily News. How are you?" Jennifer replied.

"I'm good. Thank you for the cover story!" Laura sat down on a bench.

"You deserved it. I wanted to see if you swing by for an interview at one today?" Jennifer asked.

"I would love too."

"Great! I'll see you then."

Laura was so excited she called her parents and told them everything except for the date with Henry. Although, she did mention that she had met him and this made her mother very happy. She ate in the cafeteria for lunch since the paper's office wasn't far from it. Laura grabbed her lunch and looked around the room and saw Adam. She decided to be sociable and go have lunch with him.

Laura walked to the Yale Daily News office and was surprised to see how nice it was. She shouldn't have been shocked, but compared to her closet in High School it was a step up.

"Hi, I have an interview with Jennifer Baldwin," Laura told the girl at the front desk.

"Alright, I'll let her know. Please, have a seat while you are waiting."

"Laura, come right on in we were waiting for you." Jennifer smiled and Laura followed her into a large conference room where there were nine people seated.

"Board, Advisor this is Laura Williams."

"Good afternoon Laura. I am the faculty advisor and dean of students, Matthew Barteck, I believe congratulations are in order," The Dean of Students introduced himself and the rest of the students congratulated her.

"Thank you."

"Now to get down to business, we know your resume and your background, but tell us why you want to on the Daily."

"I have wanted to be a journalist since I was a little girl and writing for the Daily is just a step in that direction. I have been reading the Daily online for a couple years now and it is different from other school newspapers. It not only reports what it happening on campus, but what is going on in Afghanistan. It reflects Yale in a way that shows its unique diversity, rich history, and ethnical responsibility. It would be an honor to chase down a spine thrilling story for such a prestigious paper. I want to be a staffer on the daily because I want to be reporter not a fashion columnist."

"What inspired you to become a journalist?" Matthew asked while the others took notes.

"My dad, he is a lawyer, and he always allowed me to be involved with his cases. I would sit on his lap and ask him who did what, how it happened, and what the conviction would be. Then I would go and tell my dolls the news. He always said I would be a lawyer or a reporter."

"Well, normally we would ask you to read one of your articles but since you made the front page today we are done. You'll be hearing from one of us by the end of the week! Thank you for coming in Miss Williams."

Elle was dressed and ready to go by 9:15. She wore a pair of jeans with a nice pink long sleeve and black and pink gym shoes. Her first class didn't start until ten, so she had a little time to spare by getting a bagel on her way to class. After she got her bagel and on her way to class, she briefly met and talked with some of the freshmen who were at the party on Saturday night. They said they had a blast until it was broken up. Elle decided it wasn't good to mention her roommate was the one to rat out the party. No need for everyone to know who the rat was, even if it was her roommate. She finally arrived on time to her first class, which was History 105. Not her favorite subject, but she tried her best.

"Hi. Do you mind if I sit next to you?" Elle politely asked a clean cut guy.

"Uh...sure. My name is John," John stuck out his hand for a hand shake.

"Thanks. My name is Chanel, but you can call me Elle," she shook his hand. "How are you this morning?" she tried starting a conversation before class started soon.

"Oh, I'm good. This is my first class for the day. I only have two more classes for the day and they're all back to back."

"Really? Me too! What's your major?"

"Journalism and History. You?"

"Me too! Wow! This is exciting."

After the history class, Chanel and John talked more and more as they headed to English 114 and then Intro to Lit Studies. They realized how much they didn't have in common, but she didn't mind; she enjoyed his company. At least she knew she made a pretty good friend.

"So, what are you doing for the rest of the day?" Elle asked once their lit class had dismissed.

"I'll probably start on homework soon. How about you?"

"I'm thinkin of heading to the gym for a couple of hours."

"Sounds good. Maybe I'll catch ya later then?"

Elle headed off to the gym for a couple of hours. She warmed up for half an hour doing cardio. Next she moved onto weight lifting and floor exercising for an hour and fifteen minutes. Then she concluded her workout with a cool down for another fifteen minutes. Working out always made her feel better about herself. Once she was done, she went to the locker rooms to freshen up. It took her about ten minutes to get everything ready.

"What are you doin here?" Elle asked the person waiting outside the hall once she was done in the locker rooms.

"Waiting on you of course. You workout none stop. It's kinda hot."

"Um...ok. Why are you waiting on me again?"

"I couldn't wait til Saturday to see you again. I wanted to see you sooner. So I'm here. How was your day?" he asked opening the door for her.

"It was good. Nothing too exciting."

"Who was that guy you were talking to?"

"Excuse me? How do you know I was talking to a particular guy? Are you following me?"

"No of course not. As I was leaving from one of my classes, I saw you talking to some guy. I just wanted to know who he is."

"I just met him. We're in the same classes with the same major. Wait! Why are you asking me questions? ," she turned on her heel and marched off.

After her last class at two that day Laura felt like she could calm down for once. So she took a deep breath and decided to change and go for a jog. She put her iPod on her arm band and took a jog around the outside of campus. As she was pushing herself to go six miles instead of her usual five she slammed into Adam.

"I am so sorry! I am the biggest klutz on earth," Laura gasped trying to catch her breath.

"It's cool. How many miles are you doing?" Adam asked wiping his forward.

"Six. I don't have much more to go and I think if I head back to my dorm it'll put me at six." She explained stretching a bit.

"Are you on the track team?"

"No, I really enjoy running that's all," she smiled. "What about you?"

"I'm on the basketball team," Adam replied. "And I get sick of being stuck in a room full of sweaty guys."

"Haha, understandable. Are you heading back towards campus?"

"I wasn't but I'll walk back with you or I'll race back," Adam winked and they raced back to campus ending up at the dorms at the same time.

"I think it's a tie." Laura laughed, "ow, that makes my ribs ache!"

"Do you usually jog in the afternoons?"

"Um…I did today. At home I jogged in the mornings, but I haven't thought of a schedule yet. When do you usually jog? It's always nice to have a buddy."

"This worked out for me today, but mornings work better. Today I just felt like I needed to get a run in and it was fate!"

"Well, I gotta get moving but how about seven tomorrow morning? We'll meet here."

"Sounds like a date," he winked at her and she rolled her eyes at him.

After showering Laura was running around trying to get ready for her date while reading her homework that was due for Tuesday. Her jog lasted longer than she expected and she had forgotten about her reading assignment.

"Hey, I saw this earlier?" Elle held up the Daily.

"Do you think I'm a manipulative jerk?" Laura asked sheepishly not sure how Ellie would react.

"I'm not sure whether to say congratulations or tell you off," she answered setting the paper down on the table.

"I understand."

"You're not going to defend yourself?"

"What can I say I would be mad too! I will admit I will do just about anything to cover a good story. Sometimes I have gotten carried away, but I'm a journalist, it's my blood. Now, I don't do gossip and I usually don't use any names. I want to work for the New York Times not People magazine so I do have morals."

"Alright girl." Elle shook her head and Laura went into her room to grab her stuff for her date with Henry.

"I have dinner with Henry at six and I should have said seven. He was right six is early!"

"Oh, well. I don't think it's the end of the world but I would just throw something on if you're not leaving campus," she replied and went back to working on her paper.

"True. I guess I look fine," Laura mumbled looking done at her wrinkled jeans and tee shirt.

"Oh and I don't have time to fix my hair. Er…why does getting dressed have to take so long!" Laura huffed off into her room and Elle just shook her head.

"Glad you took my advice. You look very Yale'ish' going all natural and I don't mean plain. However, you may freak him out with all your split personality clothing," Elle commented on Laura's polo, her hair pushed back with a headband, glasses, wrinkled jeans, and converse sneakers.

"Yeah, well I hope he likes the plain me because for right now this is as good as it gets," Laura grabbed her purse and headed out the door.

Laura knocked on Henry's door exactly at six. "Hey." She smiled brightly when he opened.

"Um…Laura?" Henry just stared at her without saying anything.

"What? I didn't have time to get 'fixed' up and we're not even leaving campus, but if you don't want to be seen with me it's cool. I'm sure I can find someone else to have dinner with." With Laura turned and began to walk away, but he grabbed her arm.

"Wait. I'm just surprised that's all, I didn't know you wore glasses or sneakers."

"There's a lot you don't know about me James."

"Oh yeah and what's that?" He grabbed her waist and pulled her towards him.

"That I'm allergic to shellfish." She said instantaneously and burst out laughing.

"Why do you do that?" Henry pushed her away angry.


"Always say something stupid when we're having a moment," he threw his hands in the air and went into his room.

"Henry! Look, wait, don't be like that," Laura opened his door. "You…you scare me ok! I've never been in a relationship before and I don't know what to say or do." She told him hurt and confused. Henry softened his demeanor and went to her.

"Forgive me," he whispered cupping her cheek with his hand. "I really like you and I don't want to scare you or push you away."

"I really like you too, but I may not be any good at this girlfriend thing."

"Girlfriend? When we did we become official?"

"Well we're not. I guess, unless you want to be but we just met and," Laura rambled and he put a finger to her lips.

"Please quit talking." Henry tipped her chin and brushed his lips against hers. Laura responded to his light kiss and leaned into him. Henry backed away slightly giving them some air and rested forehand against hers.

Laura walked Henry hand-in-hand until they reached the cafeteria and he abruptly let go. "What is it?" Laura asked.

"I need you to close your eyes."

Laura did as she was asked and Henry led her into the back of the kitchen.

"Wow! How did you arrange all of this?" Laura looked at the transformed kitchen into a restaurant for two. There were hanging lights, candles, wine, a violinist, and a staff.

"Only the best for Miss Drew," Henry winked and held out the chair for her.

"This is amazing!" Laura couldn't believe what she was seeing. It something out of a movie and come to think of it more than one, but she shoved that thought aside.

"We have gourmet food and the best wine. Yes, I know your whole policy on underage drinking and I saw your article today. Don't get any ideas!"

"Gosh, calm down. Half of that was your idea anyways!"

"A toast then to your first front page article, awesome boyfriend, and being at Yale." Henry smiled raising his glass and Laura did the same. Laura took a sip of her wine whereas Henry downed his.

"So how was your first day of classes? You're a junior, right?" Laura questioned, there was so much she didn't know about him. Yet, he seemed to know everything about her.

"Yes, I'm a junior. Political Science major with a minor in written communications. It was school. Other than that I have a beautiful, smart, and talented girlfriend to fill up my free time."

"I guess it is getting late if you have a ton of homework. I'll clean this up and text you tomorrow!" He kissed her lightly.

"Until tomorrow!" Laura replied huskily and went back to her room.