Death By Fang


They had it wrong in the books and stories, there was no silk, no candle flame and romantic ambience. No fine wines and fang glinted smiles, there was no poetry and no sweet pain to the bite. No they had portrayed vampires all wrong. Because it turned out they were just wrecks like the people you saw who lived on the streets. And I just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and it changed my life forever. And I swore, I would make sure the tragedy that happened to me, would never happen to another innocent, like I was, again.

Chapter 1: Things that bite in the night.

I always wondered what was so fascinating about musicals. Sometimes the tunes were catchy but that was where the intrigue ended for me. The dancing, the love ballads, the theatrical displays of friendship and adventure, down to the predictable plots that never really changed, it just flowed over my head like water. Yet nearly every month, I was dragged out on a Friday night to see either anew musical, a new version of one I'd seen, or the same one because my mother and stepfather liked it. And my stepfather knew I hated it, which was why he made sure I came. I loved my mum, but she loved Mike, my stepfather, she had been alone and upset for years after my father died in a shooting. And he was sweet to her, the most charming he could be. But me and him never got along, he didn't like me and I didn't like him. But for my mums sake I made sure it didn't affect her relationship, I couldn't see her living the way she used to. She used to be quiet, a shell, a shadow of the person she used to be.

So here I was, sat in a balcony seat, on the end leaning away from the front view of the stage that had dancing figures on it. I had my earphones in firmly and on full volume listening to a boy band that my friend Emma had put on. My mum was transfixed by the entire ordeal, it was something about a boy and a girl, not being of the same status, falling in love, running away together, getting caught, their families tugging them apart and then the inevitable tragedy which would bring them together for all time. I started tapping my foot.

A hand smacked across the back of my head and I glared at Mike. "What?"

He always sat between me and Mum, she was so infused with the show she never noticed our 'discussions'.

"Stop tapping, you're annoying me." He sat with a glare, the dim lights made his deep brown hair look muddy, his hard blue eyes only softened when they landed on my Mum, they were steel when he looked at me. And sat in his posh suit he must've thought he was the bees knees, but he was still a first class jerk.

I rolled my eyes at him. "I doubt you can hear my tapping over the music so chill, its not like you're going to die from it." To make my point and to mostly annoy him I started tapping both my feet.

His eyes narrowed and quickly he reached out to snatch my headphones, tearing the iPod from my grasp. "Shut up, behave and watch the show." He turned his attention forward again, ending the conversation and stuffing my iPod into his pants pocket. I seriously considered tackling him out of his plush seat and wrestling him to get my music back, but that would upset Mum, and I didn't want to do that, the childlike happiness on her face as she watched the show made any ideas of kicking up a fight slip out of my mind. Instead I watched the musical with half a mind, just like I did at school in one of the lectures that I had already studied for and didn't even need to listen to the teacher to know the information. So again, it was dull and boring.

When the show had finally ended and the actors had taken their bows, I still couldn't escape, Mike was chatting at the bar with his colleagues and Mum was nicely have small talk with their wives. Most of them didn't have kids and the ones they did have I didn't want to bother with, they were all 'young adults' the boys, I'm sorry, young men, cause they adamantly refused they were teenagers or children, always leered at me and chatted me up. And when I refused their advances their comments turned snide. The 'young women' were more concerned about who was checking them out, where they'd put daddy's credit card and bitching about the low and middle class people that passed. Again it was a racket of noise to me. I had been born in the middle class, my father had been in the army for over twenty years and had retired with a nice amount saved up. And my mother had made a nice sum of money from her bookshop which we still owned on a corner, she kept it very nice and welcoming, it was very similar to a Victorian bookshop.

So I had grown up well off, I had what I needed and sometimes a little extra, I had even lived through hard times when my father died and Mom had struggled to pay the bills and mortgage and the shop had nearly gone bankrupt, apparently there had been something wrong with the will my father had left, it was all a very legal situation that had taken four years to sort out. I had had a job to help my mother and I still kept it, just in case.

But Mike, he was a high flyer, he had become a criminal lawyer at the young age of twenty three and had one nearly all of his cases, by the age of thirty he had changed to a high powered lawyer who now represented celebrities and people who could right cheques with at least five zeroes on the end of the figure. He had seen my Mum in her shop and had fallen in love, and I couldn't blame him. She was beautiful, pale rose pink skin, honey blonde wavy hair just below her shoulders, hardly any wrinkles apart from when she smiled or frowned, she still had a hour glass figure at forty five, and her light green eyes shone with her personality. They had fallen head over heels for each other, and despite the animosity between me and Mike, I owed him for putting that smile on my mothers face.

But we were classed as high class now, he had wanted us to move, but my mother clung to the farm styled house like her life depended on it. I understood, I never wanted to leave either, all my memories were there too. So he moved in, it felt…wrong….to see him in my fathers place, in the same house. But like I said, she was happy, he paid for us to live, he put us in the higher social circles, he even paid for my first car, after some nagging from my mum on her part I imagine, I had been shocked on my seventeenth birthday when I had found the red Porsche in the front drive. The stiff armed hug and the caution when my mother turned away to not even scratch the paint job, that was the Mike I knew.

"So do you fancy joining me for a few drinks?" I turned to the young man next to me and considered him for half a second. Smart suit and blue tie, blonde short hair, defined features that were handsome and aristocratic. And ice blue eyes that were not fixed on my face. No they were peering down at the edge of purple dress where there was only a bit of chest showing, his eyes trailed down the ruffles of the dress to where it ended at mid thigh. I know I have good legs, long and slender, and yes the dress showed them off, but I didn't really have a choice when Mike forced me to wear the damn thing, so I did not appreciate this guy staring at my legs for his own amusement.

I shook my head. "No thanks."

See? I was being polite, as was apparently necessary in the social situation. But this guy just crossed the line as he reached out to grip my arm. Personal space for me was a big issue, especially if I didn't know you.

"Now babe, don't be like that. Just a couple drinks, I promise we'll get to know each other well. And trust me, you'll like me."

I doubted it, for one, he hadn't even introduced himself and asked for my name, for another I was so not that type of girl. So when he tried to tug me towards him it was natural of me to slam my elbow into his stomach, then when he hunched I pushed him back, and twisted his arm off of me.

He grunted and I looked around to make sure no one was really paying us attention. "Now listen here buddy, when I say no, I mean no. So you better back the hell off or I break your arm in one move. What's it going to be?" To make my point I tightened my grip.

In answer he nodded and stepped back. I let him go and with a smile turned to walk to the other side of the room where there was less people. Only as I got near the corner a familiar firm hand grabbed my elbow and steered me around the bend and out of sight of everyone.

"What do you think you're playing at?"

I leaned against the wall and levelled my eyes at Mike. "What have I done?"

His eyes narrowed. "That was Richard Mason's son, Karl, you assaulted him."

"He assaulted me first." I pointed out.

"I don't care, all you had to do was make him happy, entertain him, that would have secured my dealing with his father. But you're actions have just ruined all of that." I felt my jaw drop. "You cheap son of a bitch, you're basically asking me to whore myself out to your business clients sons for your benefit. I'd rather pull my own teeth out."

His eyes snapped at me and for a moment I thought he was going to hit me. Instead he pushed me away from the wall and towards the doors. "Get the hell out of my sight. Get the bus home or something, I'm sick of the sight of you."

I paused wondering if he was serious or not. The hard glint in his eye told me he was. And he could cause trouble, so I decided to leave any way. He'd spin Mum some excuse for me leaving, and I knew if I wanted to catch the bus that dropped me off half a mile from my house I'd have to get to the bus stop in fifteen minutes, it would be the last for the night.

Without saying another word I spun and walked to the doors out of there. It was a bit of a relief to leave anyway, he would stay for another few hours and I didn't want to be there. I had a tiny bag over one shoulder that matched my dress and I had everything I needed to get home. I really should have driven myself.

The air outside was chilly, summer was starting to end, I needed to go for blocks till I hit the main roads where the bus stop was. If I walked fast enough and ignored the fact I was wearing thin high heels, I'd make it in time. Wrapping my arms around myself I set off down the pavement. It was late, past eleven at night and on a Friday night. So the streets were fairly packed with others dressed for clubbing, or heading home from clubbing. I didn't even spare a glance for those who were wandering around aimlessly, stinking of alcohol and cigarettes. I could handle myself my father had been in the army, I had listened to his stories and his lessons, I could hold a attacker off long enough to get into the public eye or find help.

The cars and buildings lights danced in the blue-purple of the night scene. I could have walked into a club and had some fun, at the age of seventeen going on eighteen. Or I could have used my mobile to phone Emma, but I didn't want to bother her and make her come out so late for me. So I'd walk and catch the bus.

After a few turns I glanced at my watch to check the time and froze, I mustn't have been walking fast enough, because I had nearly less than five minutes and still two blocks to go. I glanced around and my eyes landed on a alleyway, I knew from local knowledge that it cut through the two blocks and landed me one street away from the bus stop. But I wasn't stupid, how many times had people heard the stories of a girl taking a shortcut through the alleys and getting caught by some creep? It happened too many times and I didn't want to become another victim. But if I missed that bus…..I would be stuck here. I didn't have enough money on me for a cab, just the bus fair, and my battery in my phone wouldn't last long, and what if Emma didn't pick up and my phone died?

Besides, I knew how to keep myself safe and I wouldn't live my life afraid, not every alley had a potential murderer or rapist hiding in them, so if I was lucky nothing would happen. Even as I walked for the alley's entrance I palmed the pepper spray canister out of my purse and turned my hand so it was pressed against my leg out of sight. A few minutes was all it would take through the alley, I'd sat in a doctors waiting room longer. Everything would be fine.

I hesitated for a moment on the edge of where the scene around me darkened to a sinister black, unlike the deep blue of the town life around me. Then I took that step forward and the lights were swallowed, leaving the faintest sheen of grey from the moon and stars to illuminate the darker objects in the alley of skips and trashcans. After a few seconds I could breathe easier as nothing jumped out to kill me, I set my pace to a casual hastened walk.

I was counting down in my head so I would know when I had to run to catch the bus. I grinned to myself seeing the lightened darkness of the end of the dank alley and I put the pepper spray back in my purse before settling the strap more securely on my shoulder. I was two feet from the exit when I stopped suddenly, because right in front of me was a hunched form on the ground. From the broad shape I guessed it to be a man, he was rocking slightly back and forth, his blue jeans were scuffed and ripped, and his chequered shirt looked like they had stains on them, his black hair that seemed nearly the colour of shadows in the dimness of the alley was neat and tidy.

I decided on my course of action there and then, I couldn't go back, I'd miss my bus. I stepped forward, head high and intent on passing him, certain it was just another homeless person settling down for the night. He moved to the side slightly and a beam from a street light illuminated the stains on his shirt. Blood.

I hastily stopped next to him and crouched down. "Excuse me, mister? Are you hurt? Do you need me to phone you a ambulance?"

I pulled my bag off my shoulder and opened it to pull out my mobile, if I could only make one phone call and it would help save this mans life, I didn't care that I'd miss the bus. It would be worth it.

"No….no one to call….I'm dying.." His voice was gruff and sounded like sand paper, it was dry, almost as if he was thirsty. But he was trying to push me and the phone away, and if he was dying I couldn't just leave him.

"Please sir, My name is Thea, I wont let you die, I will help you I promise." I lightly grabbed his shoulders in reassurance that I wasn't going anywhere and leaving him. There was so much blood and even though I couldn't see the wound I didn't want to move him in case I made him bleed more.

"….Such a pretty young girl…you would help me? You really wont let me die?"

I smiled at his handsome yet lined face, his grey eyes seemed to shine with the light at the end of the alley, reflecting back at me. I found myself nodding slowly. "No, I will help you with all that is in my power so you live."

I seemed to blink and I realised the cold pressure at my back was the wall of one of the buildings, the warm band around my neck, was the mans hand. Instinct made me try to scream and call out only his hand tightened and I felt my vocal cords crushed and I gagged on the force.

He was grinning as he leaned closer to my face. "Such a stupid girl you are, oh well, it means your mistake gets me a meal."

I could hardly focus on his words, the blood was pounding in my ears and drowning everything else out as panic set in. My hands clawed at his arm to release me, my legs kicked uselessly as they dangled above the ground. My eyes were locked on the light that seemed like heavens gates to me right now, my way to freedom, so close yet so far.

"This wont hurt a little bit…it'll be agonising." He murmured against my ear, he pulled back to smile at me, he made sure I was paying attention to his face.

I was waiting for it, the bash to t head, the slice of a knife, even the bang of a gunshot, or worse, the tear of clothing. Instead he opened his mouth wide in a sick grin….no, he wasn't grinning, he was baring his teeth at me. My wide eyes took in his flawless white teeth, and the two sharp long fangs that dropped down like a snakes, behind each fang was a smaller fang, almost like they were a pair...probably used to hold the skin still as the main fangs pierced deep. NO! No, this was not real, this was a sick man, playing a sick, twisted game. There was no such thing as vampires and monsters. It was too corny and too unrealistic. The only monsters that existed were the human kind.

Even as I told myself that I couldn't stop the shiver of primal fear that shook me as he leaned forward to my neck. I felt the rasp of his tongue as he licked the column of my neck, using his grip to angle me to his liking. My eyes widened and the scream was forever trapped in my throat as his teeth sank into my neck, it was what I could only imagine what the sharp teeth of a saw felt like, because he hooked his teeth in and pulled, sawing at the skin back and forth. Wetness spilled down my neck and shoulder, coating me and him in red to drip to the floor. He was a sloppy eater…I dimly thought. To quickly, unlike in the movies my vision blurred, making the light that my fevered eyes were locked on seem like a nova.

I had been so prepared for the human monsters and irony would have it a fabled beast be the thing that killed me. In the floating feeling the cushioned my mind I thought of where the blood stains on his shirt had come from, how many other girls, boys, children even, had he killed before me? And how many more lives would he go on to ruin? But still….a vampire?

In the pure white light I could see a shadow form, snaps of things got through the haze to me. The smooth leather of a jacket, calm piercing blue eyes. A permanent scowl stamped on light brown lush lips. And the set of fangs peeking just out from under those lips. Another one…probably come to join in the artery party. I laughed silently to myself as I fell into a endless void, probably never to see the daylight again.