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Once upon a time, there were two little girls, both new at a big school in a big city. Both girls did not want to be alone so, they decided to stick together. One girl was naturally quiet, shy and overall a push over. The other one could be described as outgoing, attention seeker and attention grabber. So we could see who would be running things, naturally.

Of course the shy one wouldn't mind, as long as she never had to do the talking in different situations and she wouldn't be the one put on the spot. She counted on her outgoing friend to guide her through those tricky situations.

Both girls grew up and become the typical best friends. They were inseparable, practically a package deal. As you probably already guessed, these girls are Hope Destiny Marie Castro and Gabriella Melina Rogue.

Gabriella Melina Rogue was the one all the boys wanted, since the seventh grade when she developed boobs and every jealous girl claimed she was stuffing her bra. She used her 'maturity' to get all the guys and she loved the attention. Like always, she craved attention and loved being the center of it.

Hope Destiny Marie Castro wasn't sure if she wanted attention. She barely got it because she was always in Gabby's shadow. So she never really thought she wanted it. She watched as all the boys went after Gabby and she mended Gabby's broken hearts and broke hearts for Gabby.

Gabby loved Hope and Hope loved Gabby. They would never dream of doing anything to hurt each other or saying anything mean to one another. Of course Hope would still never dream of uttering a single mean word to Gabby. But who says Gabby wouldn't?

What changed things you might ask?

Well, it all started when Hope started being unsually quiet. Of course she was a quiet person, but now she was even more unresponsive. Gabby knew that she was having troubles at home and that her parents were fighting a lot and was possibly on the verge of a divorce. To Hope that was huge, she was used to a close happy family. Gabby didn't really see the issue. She grew up with only a mom and two brothers and she doesn't pay much attention to the fact that she doesn't live with a father.

So Gabby ignored the signs that Hope was sadder than ever and that she never ate lunch, never had breakfast and threw up her dinner. Her mom didn't know because she avoided being home and so did he dad. With both of them being lawyers, it was an easy task.

One lucky day, the housekeeper realised that Hope did not eat, ever. So she told her mom who finay started taking an interest in Hope's life. Calls were made, appointments were booked and institutions were assigned.

That's when it became all about Hope. Everyone at school talked about Hope and wondered if Hope was okay, worried about Hope and asked Gabby about Hope. For the first time people came up to Gabby and didn't ask her where she got her push up bra or where she buys her makeup but they asked about Hope. That's when Gabby realized she was turning into Hope's shadow.

Naturally, she was jealous. She wants the attention and she wants the spotlight. She doesn't want to be asked about Hope. She wants to be asked about her.

She became determined to do whatever it takes to make it all about her, like it was before and forever shall be.

Jonathan and the Cane's

When Jonathan Raymond Cane was about four years old, his mother remarried and he was okay with that because he never knew his father. His mother never really talked about him and that didn't bother him as a young child. When he grew older, he simply referred to Jason as his dad. He sometimes called him Jason, sometimes called him dad. It just happens.

Later on, Jason and Violet Cane had a little girl and named her Amy. Violet named her after Jason sister who had died in a terrible car accident the year before.

But that's not the story here. When Jonathan was about 10 years old, he was known for complaining. He would complain that his finger is broken and when his mother would look, it was simply a paper cut. He would complain that his brain is on fire when he only had a small headache. But you get where I'm going with this, he was a complainer, well, like any kid. So when he was 13 years old started to complain about his bother feeling really hot being thirsty Jason and Violet Cane simply ignored him.

That is, until they noticed that his eyes, hands and feet were unusually puff, he vomited quite a lot and started losing a lot of weight, they started to take his complaints seriously and quickly took him to a doctor.

The doctor claimed that it would be a quick and easy procedure and he would be all better. But of course, the doctors aren't God and sometimes He has a different plan for us.