Chapters 23 Hurry, find the Doctor!


Overnight Pancake has gone from bad to worse. That strange tattoo mark has covered almost all her body except her chest and face. She's never conscious unless she wakes up to violently throw up in a bucket. The guys have left me to take care of her while they sail the ship. I wish I knew how to make her better. I've just been feeding her moderate bowls of mushroom soup and water when she's done throwing up. Despite what I feed her she seems to be shrinking. She's thinned out so much. Her breathing is so uneven too. It's like she has a weight on her chest and she's fighting to breathe.

The guys come into the room as I'm wetting her rag in cold water again. They're carrying the lunches I made in advanced and sit around the room close to Pancake. The twins sit at the foot of her bed and Kody is at that chair close to Pancake and holding her hand.

"How is she doing?" Nick asked as I wrung out the rag and placed it on her forehead.

"Not so good I'm afraid," I replied. "I don't know what else to do."

"We should be getting pretty close," Kody said. "When we get there we'll have that doctor treat her."

We all nodded solemnly in agreement. Alex placed his hand on top of her other hand and sighed. "She looks so frail. Can she survive long enough?"

"Of course she will!" Kody snapped.

Everyone fell silent. We all knew Kody was just saying how he felt. Of course none of us want her to die. But if you looked at her you'd see how low of a chance she had of surviving.

"I'll make sure of it," Kody whispered before walking out of the room.

The twins followed him out and I was left alone to take care of her again. Pancake coughed a little and I held her hand.

"Please survive," I whispered to her before kissing her cheek.


Kody had said we were getting close. Maybe I could see the island from here. That would at least give everyone a little bit of hope.

I stood in the Crow's nest with Pancake's telescope only seeing water. I sighed and looked at the ship below. Somehow it looked a lot emptier than I had remembered. Where did Alex and Kody go? I looked on the other side of the ship and realized I had been looking in the wrong direction. Oops. I looked through the telescope again and saw it! It was an island!

"Land ho!" I yelled overjoyed and pointing.

Kody looked down at his compass watch thing and looked back to the horizon.

"Okay let's hurry up and dock this thing," Kody ordered. "Let's save Pancake."

When we finally docked the ship a bunch of town's people came to greet us. One looked old as dirt and wore a large white hat. He must be the mayor. But for a greeting they all looked very pissed.

"Don't you dock that ship here," the mayor said poking his walking stick at it. "Pirates are prohibited from this island."

Jasper is the last to exit the ship carrying Pancake in his arms.

"What's going on?" he asked as he jumped down from the ship.

"They're not going to let us enter," Alex replied.

"But we need a doctor!" Jasper exclaimed feeling a bit panicked.

"Don't worry, I'll take them down," Kody said getting ready to strike their pressure points.

"You attack us and we will call the navy! Their island base ain't too far from here," the mayor threatened.

"Please we need a doctor. Our captain will die," Jasper pleaded.

"Good. That'll get rid of you pirate scum," the mayor sneered. The rest of the town's people behind him shouted their words of agreement.

Alex and I grabbed the hilt of our swords. How dare they call us scum and then not let us see the doctor! We were about to attack them right then and then just rush Pancake passed so we could find the doctor quickly but then Pancake started coughing badly. Jasper put her down and she vomited into the sea behind us. Jasper rubbed her back soothingly. The town's people stopped cheering after that.

"Please, can't we get a doctor?" I asked. "Once she's treated we promise we'll leave and never come back."

The mayor was silent for a second staring at Pancake with a look of conflict on his face. Then he finally sighed and shook his head. "No we don't trust you."

"Mayor, what if we lead them and made sure they kept their promise?" A woman with dark brown hair stepped out of the crowd holding the hand of a grumpy looking man.

The mayor looked like he was going to go against it but then the woman pleaded, "Please, have some compassion."

The mayor sighed, "Alright. But you stay with them until they reach the doctor, got it?"

"Thank you! You won't regret this," the woman smiled.

"I sure hope I won't," he grumbled before him and the rest of the town's people went back to their town to continue business as usual.

"Thank you, you really saved us," I said feeling truly grateful.

"Yes, we don't know how we can ever repay you," Jasper said carrying Pancake over to the rest of us now that she was done puking.

"Don't think anything of it. We're just trying to live out the motto our island has the mayor seems to forget," she said. "Help anyone in need no matter what or who they are."

"Who are you?" Kody asked.

"Oh, excuse me for being so rude. I'm Lily and this is my husband Travis," She said and Travis nodded his greeting to us.

"It doesn't look like we have much time," Travis said nodding at Pancake. "So we'll have to split up and see who finds the doctor first."

"Find him?" Alex wondered out loud.

"Yes, he is normally in one of two places," Lilly said. "Either in his castle at the top of the Sakura tree or in Balden town."

"So we'll split up into teams," Travis said.

"Then I'll take Pancake to the castle. Nick, come with me," Kody decided.

Jasper handed Pancake over to Kody who put her on his shoulders piggy-back style.

"Then Alex and I will go to the town," Jasper said.

"Wait, wait," Alex said waving his hands. "So me and Nick are going to be separated?"

"Sorry, you didn't think you'd be together forever, did you," Jasper said in an annoyingly girly voice.

"It's alright Alex. Just make sure you find that Doctor and bring him to us," I said with my hand on his shoulder.

"Alright, don't get lost," he replied.

"Why would I do that?" I asked. Why does he always think I'm getting lost?

"Come on, it'll be faster on horseback," Lilly said waving us over to a horse stall where four horses were tied.

"Horseback?" Alex and I looked at each other worriedly. We've never ridden a horse before.

"Come on, it's easy," Jasper said waving Alex over. "Looks like we'll have to share a horse."

"Oh joy…" Alex grumbled.

Kody took out some rope he had in his pocket and tied Pancake's arms around his neck and her feet around his waist. Now she won't fall off.

"Me and Pancake will take this horse. You and Travis can ride together," Kody said pulling a black stallion out of a stall.

Does he know how to ride a horse? Oh yeah, he was good with animals like Jasper was. Lucky him. But either way I still don't want to be riding with a guy I don't even know. That's creepy and disgusting. That means I'll be really close to a guy. Sorry but I don't like men. Well, he is married so at least I don't have to think he's some homo or something. This is going to be one awkward trip.

"Just so you know, I'm not doing this for you," Travis said mounting his steed. "I don't particularly like pirates either and I don't trust you. I'm only doing this because of that sick girl and for Lilly. I don't understand how you can let that girl get that sick in the first place."

Okay it's official. I hate this jerk.

"That's okay," Kody replied. "We don't particularly like you either or trust you. We just need you to take us to the castle, that's all."

"Good, we're all in agreement," Travis said and pulled me up to sit in the back of him on the horse which was as awkward and uncomfortable as I thought. Where do I hold him since we're riding this way? Around his waist seemed too gay. The shoulders maybe? Ugh, this is going to be tough.


We've finally separated from the others and are on our way to Balden town. Jasper has fallen in love with Lilly unsurprisingly and does nothing more than stare at her adoringly with his tongue sticking out. That being said he is also very good at riding horses. I on the other hand am having a hard time trying to hold on.

"Miss Lilly, what beautiful cascading brown hair you have," Jasper cooed.

"Have you forgotten what we came here for?" I yelled trying to hang around his waist to keep me from being bucked off.

Lilly didn't seem to have heard him. She looked pretty determined to get to Balden town. Why was she helping us in the first place? Most people hate pirates like that old mayor. Well, whatever her reason, at least she's going to help us save Pancake.

As we rode along a thought crossed my mind. How did Jasper know about this doctor? Didn't he say he's never left home before? It made me really curious.

"Jasper, how did you know there was a doctor on this island?" I asked.

"Simple," He replied finally tearing his eyes away from Lilly. "He gave birth to me."

"What?" That definitely didn't sound right. "Men can give birth?"

"No," He said with a light laugh. "He was the doctor that helped my ma give birth to me."

"Oh," I replied feeling a little dumb. "Well then how did you meet the doctor since he lives on this island?"

"The doctor used to travel a lot before he decided to settle down here," Lilly said.

"Yup, and it's a good thing he did," Jasper added. "If he hadn't then I would have been a miscarriage. Ma said I had an umbilical chord wrapped around my neck. Doctor Riku gave Ma a C section and cut me out of there."

"Cut?" I had an image of an evil doctor slashing open people stomachs and laughing evilly. I guess I just don't get child birth. Sounds a little too gory for my taste. Well, in any case, I hope we find this doctor soon.


We traveled through this seemingly endless garden for what seemed like an eternity. Pancake's breath was on my neck to let me know she was still alive. I don't know how long she could last.

"How much longer until we reach the Doctor?" I asked.

"We're almost half way there," Travis replied. "We haven't even passed through the rough part."

"Rough part?" Nick wondered out loud.

Suddenly the horses started whinnying and rearing up in fear. I held tightly unto the reins and tried calming the beast. Nick however fell off and landed on his butt. Not two minutes later the ground started rumbling.

"What's that? An Earthquake?" Nick asked from the ground.

"I don't think so," I said. "It feels as if something very large is digging underground."

"That's because it's- !" Travis didn't get to finish his sentence and instead a giant plant with a red round shaped head and teeth popped out of the ground along with two smaller ones but still large in comparison to us. They had to have been about twenty to thirty feet tall!

"It's a man eating plant!" Travis finished and backed his horse away.

"What? How do we get around those?" Nick asked.

"We can't. That path it's currently rooted too is the path that saves your friend's life," Travis replied.

"Then it looks like it's up to me," Nick smirked and pulled out his giant bladed sword that was being held in a holder on his back. "Plant, prepare to be chopped vegetables!"

Nick hollered and charged at the plant like a barbarian.

"Wait! You can't!" Travis called out but it was too late. Nick had propelled himself in the air and sliced the stems of the plant making the heads of it fall. The stems fell limply to the ground as if dead.

"Looks like that's taken care of," Nick said placing his blade back in its holder and sauntering back over to us.

"You imbecile! Do you realize what you've done?" Travis exclaimed.

"What are you talking about? I just sliced that thing into fertilizer," Nick said pointing behind his back to the plant but froze when he heard something like leaves rustling. He turned around to see that the plant was still alive and multiplying heads by three! Now there were nine angry man eating plants!

The largest one let out a screeching cry. The other heads mimicked the large head.

"What the hell?" Was all Nick could say.

"This is what I was trying to warn you about!" Travis exclaimed.

The plant monster lunged its heads at Nick but he jumped away into safety. The plant monster's heads hit the ground instead leaving a small crater in its place.

"What do we do now?" Nick wondered.

"I have an idea," I said as I untied Pancake from my back and leaned her against an oak tree. I looked back at Travis and commanded. "Watch her for me."

I didn't give him a chance to say no and took off running at the monster. The heads saw me coming and try to attack me. I only dodge and walk into their tangle of stems and leaves. It's got to be around her somewhere…. I follow the stems to the dead center of the group and found where they all meet. I jumped in the air doing a front flip and landing my heel into the monster's roots. The plant freezes for a moment then falls to the ground paralyzed.

"Kody, that was brilliant!" Nick praised.

"How did he do that?" Travis wondered aloud looking in awe. "I've never seen anyone take that plant down like that before."

"C'mon let's hurry," I said as I started tying Pancake to my back again. "I don't know how long the paralysis will last."

"Okay, let's go," Nick said jumping back onto Travis's horse.

We rode out of the Garden into a place that looked like a valley. There were mountains surrounding us and pink petals flew by in the wind. Are these sakura petals? On the ground there was lush green grass along with assorted different flowers. Well they didn't call this place a Spring island for nothing.

"This is as far as I go," Travis said stopping.

"What?" Nick said as Travis pushed him off the horse.

"The rest of the way is up that sakura tree," Travis added pointing at a giant sakura tree. Its trunk was as thick as four freaking houses and as tall as probably one of those mountains.

"How do you expect us to get up there?" I asked hopping off of the stallion and holding Pancake's legs around my waist piggy back style.

"Not my problem," he replied taking the reins of the black stallion and riding away. "Figure it out yourself and by the way, I should have told you. The doctor keeps around a monster of some sorts. I heard it attacks patients with a giant hammer called Anesthesia. Just thought I might warn you."


We had been riding for a long time and by riding I mean me bobbing up and down trying to hold on for dear life while my butt cramps up.

"Are we going to stop anytime soon?" I asked desperately. "I think I'm getting horse sick."

"You mean motion sickness? I don't think you can get horse sick," Jasper said as if he was the smart one now.

"No, I mean horse sick. I don't get motion sickness," I grumbled.

"Hey there's a lake up ahead. We can stop there," Lilly said pointing up ahead.

"Thank God," I sighed.

Lilly tied our horses up to a post by the lake so they could drink. I sat under the shade of an oak tree grateful to be off of that horrid beast for at least a little while. Jasper sat next to me solemnly.

"You think she'll make it?" He asked leaning against the trunk of the tree.

"Of course she will. She's Pancake," I replied hugging my knees to my chest.

"What if she doesn't?" He said looking doubtful.

What if she doesn't…? I thought about it in my head. Then some old horrible memories I desperately tried to lock away resurfaced. I never could talk about it with anyone. Especially not Nick. If only he knew what I'd saw…. He would feel dead inside too. Nick never saw the face of the murderer that took Sensei's life. I remember it like it only happened a moment ago.

I had woke up before Nick had. I heard Lydia's scream and rushed out of the dojo to see what was wrong. Nick was a heavy sleeper and the scream didn't wake him. I was in too much of a hurry to wake him up and thought I could handle this on my own. I was able to master using multiple blades at once. I should be more than enough to take care of the intruder. When I made it to Sensei's room I knew then that I was wrong.

The moment I stepped into the room I heard the sound of a sword being unsheathed and something wet hit my face. Lydia was on the floor close to me unmoving. On the opposite side of the room from me was sensei on his knees. And over Sensei was a man I had never seen before. The whole room was drenched in red.

"Alex, run, run!" Was all Sensei said in a blood filled gargled mouth before the unknown man tore through him with Sensei's blade into his stomach. Sensei fell and I had lost my senses to move. The unknown man was in front of me still holding the blade and his face covered in Sensei's blood. He was insane and laughing maniacally.

"It's a blood bath. A blood bath," the man had chuckled.

I came back to the present and clenched my fist. "She can't die. I won't let anyone close to me die before my eyes ever again."

Jasper looked at me incredulously and with curiosity but I didn't want to tell him what I was thinking. Luckily for me Lilly came over with some water for us to drink. Now Jasper would be too distracted by her to ask me of my past.

"So what is she to you?" She asked sitting next to us.

"She's our Captain," Jasper replied. To this Lilly just spat her water out and started laughing uncontrollably.

"She's your Captain? But she's so small!" She laughed.

"Hey, size has nothing to do with it!" Jasper and I yelled at the same time. Then we looked at each other and started laughing.

"I think Pancake rubbed off on us," Jasper said.

"So why did you become pirates?" She asked curiously.

"To become the number one chef," Jasper answered quickly and puffing out his chest proudly.

"And to fight the number one swordsman," I replied with fire in my eyes. "It's to chase our dreams and not let anything hold us back."

"That sounds nice," Lilly sighed and smiled.

"Hey, why do the people here hate pirates so much?" Jasper asked. "I know they're terrible and all but why so much hatred?"

"Well, we were raided by pirates once. The whole island was burned killing every flower and tree," Lilly replied. "They also brought an illness with them that killed off almost half of the islands population."

"That's terrible," I said. No wonder they were so unwilling to help us.

"Yes, but everything was restored shortly after the doctor came. After that we vowed never to show much kindness to any pirate that comes to the island ever again." She added. "But everyone forgets that the doctor was once a pirate too. He won't say which crew he belonged to but he was a pirate."

"Whoa! The doctor was a pirate?" Jasper exclaimed looking totally in awe.

"What you didn't notice? That's why he has such a barbaric personality," Lilly said.

"Barbaric?" This doctor wasn't sounding too friendly or inviting. First, he cuts women up and now he's a barbarian. I'm starting to think I don't want to meet this doctor anymore. But if it's for the sake of Pancake…

"Yeah, did you know he has a monster that follows him around?" She said excitedly. "I hear it carries a five ton hammer called "Anesthesia" but no one wakes up from it remembering exactly what it looks like."

"What?" I exclaimed. Now he has a pet monster! I'm pretty sure I don't really want to see this doctor anymore.

"Hey, look! I think it's a deserted hive!" Jasper said pointing to a bee hive above my head. "Maybe we can have some honey."

"Um, I wouldn't if I were you," Lilly said with a look of unease. I was feeling a bit tense myself.

"Relax I'm used to this kind of thing. I grew up on a farm," Jasper said as if that should give him credit enough to dismantle a hive.

"But," Lilly said putting her hand up to try and stop him. But she was too late. Jasper pulled the hive off of the tree and started shaking it to get some honey out. To my horror the hive started buzzing.

"Hmm that's funny. It almost sounds like buzzing," Jasper said and then spots a bee as the million others start buzzing out of the hive angrily. "AH!"

Jasper dropped the hive and grabbed Lilly's hand. They now are making a mad dash for the lake while I just stand there calmly. I pulled out two of my katanas and started striking at the bees.

"I'm not afraid of some stupid bee," I said as I keep striking until I realized that I am missing every single one and one lands on my nose and left arm. And as you might have already guessed, I got stung. Boy did it sting. I ran away knowing there was no chance I had with the bees of beating them so I jumped in the lake until they all flew away.

"Whew, I think they're gone," Jasper said emerging out of the lake with Lilly. I'm the last one to come out and found out that I must be allergic because my face and arm have swelled up considerably.

"Jasper…" I growled.

Jasper turned slowly to look at me sheepishly but then jumped upon seeing my appearance.

"I'm going to kill you!" I screamed pulling out a katana with my better arm and swinging it at him violently.

"I'm sorry!" He screamed trying to run away.


There was no other possible way so Nick and I decided to climb the Sakura Tree. I had to tie both Pancake's hands and feet to me to keep her from falling. It's going to take forever to climb this thing.

We were about half way up the tree when Nick had a 'smart' question.

"Why the heck is the tree pink?" he asked.

Is he serious? He's never seen a Sakura tree? I sighed and readied myself to answer this sad child.

"The tree is pink because the petals on its blossoms are pink," I replied. "Seriously, have you never seen a Sakura tree before?"

"That's what this is?" He wondered.

Okay, there is no point in talking to this buffoon. I jumped up a few more tree branches and turned to see that Nick had stopped following me. Instead he was staring at one of the branches.

"Uh, Kody, something's wrong with the tree," He said looking concerned.

"I thought we just went over this. The tree is pink because of its blossoms," I growled impatiently. Seriously how stupid is this guy?

"But its leaves are moving," he said.

"I told you! They're blossoms, not leaves and it's probably just the wind," I exclaimed waiting for him to come follow me again but he didn't. Instead he yanked off a twig from the tree and threw it at the jumble of Sakura blossoms at the end of the branch. "I told you it was no-"

I stopped when I was cut off by an ear piercing screech. That was not a jumble of Sakura blossoms as I thought. It looked like it was actually some kind of pink bird. It flew off the branch Nick was on and sped by me. Startled I almost fell off the branch.

"I don't think that's the wind," Nick said pointing at it.

The bird screeches again and lunges at Nick with its talons. Nick blocked the attack with his giant blade and started battling the thing. It lunged at him again but he dodged it this time and smacked its wing with the smooth part of the blade. Without the support of its wing, the bird falls.

"What the hell was that thing?" Nick asked.

"I don't know. I think it was some sort of bird," I replied.

"Yeah, a gigantic bird!" He exclaimed using his hands as emphasis.

"Well, whatever it was, it's gone now," I had spoken too soon. From above us I could hear the sound of wing beats and it was getting closer. We looked up to see a whole platoon of the pink birds flying towards us and they didn't look happy. They must want to avenge their friend.

"Looks like we have company," Nick smirked and readied his blade for an attack.


Finally we had made it to Balden town. The swelling in my face and arm are not going down. In fact I think it's only swelling more and now they're pink. On our way into town people kept staring at me. I must look like some sort of monster.

"Normally he's in there," Lilly said pointing to a bar. "I told you I would only show you to the doctor so this is where I take my leave. Good luck."

Lilly takes her horses and gallops away.

"No Lilly, you can't leave me alone with a guy!" Jasper yelled desperately.

"What's wrong with me exactly?" I asked getting ready to pummel him.

"Nothing, nothing at all," He said raising his hands up defensively.

"Let's not forget who sent an army of bees after me," I said coldly.

"Uh, let's just go get that doctor," Jasper laughed uneasily and led me into the bar.

Now in the bar I wished I had not entered here. There was barely anyone inside but the one that I did see was the one that made me want to leave. He was a man probably in his fifties drinking like a maniac and talking to some girls probably ten or twenty years younger than him. He had short bleached blonde hair that stuck up at the top and oval shaped glasses. His white coat he wore made me realize who he was.

"Doctor Riku!" Jasper shouted. "Is that you?"

The doctor looked over his shoulder than sauntered over to us.

"By the look of your hair and your age, you must be Jasper," the doctor replied with a small smile.

"I need you to hurry and save my friend!" Jasper went on.

The doctor looked over at me and scanned me up and down making me terribly uncomfortable.

"That's okay, you came just in time," he said and reached into his coat for something. "It's a good thing I keep my syringes with me."

My eyes widened in panic. He withdrew the largest syringe I had ever seen and he was staring at me!

"Wait, wait! I'm alright!" I yelled backing away. "I'll just wait until you're sober."

"Oh nonsense, I'll treat you right now," He said and grabbed a hold of my shoulder. Startled I let out some kind of girlish squeal I never knew I possessed and tried to struggle with him to keep that needle away from me. It was to no avail of course because he was way stronger than he looked and ended up stabbing me in the arm with it. I paled and fell to the floor. Surprisingly the swelling disappears though.

"Umm, that's not the friend I was talking about but thanks anyway," Jasper said giving the doctor the thumbs up.

"He's not?" The doctor stooped over me and squinted trying to get a better look at me. The same time he was swaying from being drunk. "He sure looked like he needed help though…"

"No, the friend that needs saving is my captain," Jasper explained. "She was bitten by this weird spider girl. We think she's been poisoned."

"Well if she's been bitten by Medusa she's probably dead by now," he said coldly.

"Please, we need your help," Jasper said anxiously. "I know she's not dead yet. Please, I know only you can save her."

The doctor looked at Jasper with straight face. I couldn't tell what he was thinking but then he sighed. "Fine, show me to your friend."


There were about five of these large birds attacking us. Three were onto Nick and I was battling two. I could only hit them with my hands and high kick them with my legs. With Pancake's weight on my back I wouldn't be able to stay balanced in the air if I were to jump kick.

Surprisingly these birds were strong and stealthy as well. It took all of my concentration to keep them away from Pancake and to be honest they were making me nervous. I don't know how long I can keep avoiding them.

"Nick, I don't know how much more of this I can take," I said breathing hard and jabbing at another bird only to have it dodge gracefully away.

Nick slashed a bird only to have it dodge and scratch his upper arm with its talons.

"Ah!" he grunted in pain. "You know I have an idea."

"Well let me know. I can't risk them hurting Pancake," I said backing up into the trunk away from the birds.

"I need you to lure the birds to you. I'll do the rest," Nick said.

"What?" I don't think I heard him clearly. He wants me to do what?

"Just do it. Trust me!" he pleaded.

I sighed. I guess I have no choice. I took a twig off of a branch and threw it at the three birds surrounding Nick.

"Come and get it!" I yelled.

Just as I planned they became angry and came after me. Taking that chance Nick leaped up a few branches above me.

"Good now just keep them right there," He shouted.

"You better hurry. If they so much as scratch Pancake I'm going to kill you!" I threatened.

"No need to worry," Nick said before slicing a large branch above me.

The branch fell and took the birds along with it. I thought we'd finally be free until I saw Nick falling unconscious. Crap. Now I have to save his ass. So much for his genius plan.

I lunged out to grab him and caught his arm in one hand and a branch in the other. This is going to be difficult. How am I going to get back up? I looked down at the unconscious Nick and thought, should I just drop him? No, Pancake would be pissed if I dropped him and he did save us from those birds… Damn, I can't drop him. With all the strength I had left I threw him up on the branch above and pulled myself and Pancake's weight back up. What the hell am I going to do with him now? I still have at least three fourths of the way to go. How am I going to do this with all this weight?

I untied Pancake and thought I'd have a little rest stop. I leaned her up against the trunk and froze. That mark had covered almost all her body but her face and it was spreading. I have a bad feeling if it fully covers her body that poison would kill her. I had to stop it somehow. So, I did the only thing I could think to do and jabbed her pressure points thinking it would stop the flow somehow. To my relief the mark actually receded to her shoulders. Now her face and chest were mark free.

I sighed and rested my head on her shoulder. "I'm not going to let you die."

Nick was long gone out cold. He had a bruise on the side of his fore head. That branch he cut down must have hit him in the head. What a moron. Can't he dodge his own attacks? Seriously what am I going to do with him? I guess I have no choice but to carry him and by carry him I mean throw him from branch to branch.

I tied Pancake back to my back and started my routine of throwing Nick and then jumping up to the next branch. I did this about ten times until I reached a point where there were no more branches. I could just see the end of the tree but it looked like the rest of the branches had been cut down a couple feet. How was going to get up there now? I was already tired from throwing Nick. Would I have to start climbing like a squirrel now? How could I carry him with me and Pancake on my back? There's no way.

I took a minute to think and catch my breath. I thought about what was at stake here. Pancake needs to get up there or she could lose her life. I promised her I wouldn't let her die. How am I going to fall through with this? Leaving Nick is out of the question. It looks like he hit his head pretty hard. If he has a concussion he probably needs a doctor as well. Damn, why am I so nice?

I picked up Nick by the collar and grabbed hold of the bark with my free hand. I used my toes to maneuver up the tree trunk. There was a lot weight pulling me down by those two but I have to try. If I can't do this much then I have no business becoming a navigator and sailing the seas. I have to get stronger.

I climbed up the tree with all my might. I could feel the skin under my nails stinging from the bark. I slipped once and almost dropped Nick. I need my other hand. This time I put his collar in my mouth and pretty much carried him like a mother dog would her pup. He better thank me for this later.

Finally I've reached the top. I threw Nick over the ledge and tried pulling myself and Pancake up. Just before I could pull our weight up something came at me hard in the face and I let go. Everything seemed to be going dark. Whatever hit me is making me black out. I'm falling and I can't stop.

"I'm sorry Pancake," I mumbled. "I couldn't save you..."

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