Chapter 27 Familiar Faces and Heated Moments


"When day dawned, two passengers in one of the third-class carriages found themselves opposite each other. Both were young fellows, both were rather poorly dressed, both had remarkable faces, and both were evidently anxious to start a conversation."I read in this book called The Idiot by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, at least I was until an annoying spike head interrupted.

"Kody, we're going to the black line right?" Nick asked.

All of us had been sprawled on the top deck of the ship trying to find something to entertain ourselves. Miki was lying on her back staring at the clouds, Alex was looking over the side of the ship at the waves, and Pancake was lying on her stomach and staring at her killer whale named Scatman who laid in front of her. The tomato head was of course in the kitchen making something for lunch. I on the other hand was trying unsuccessfully to read The Idiot at the table I usually sit at on the deck.

"Not exactly," I answered without looking up from my book. "We're not ready to cross the border yet."

"Why not?" Nick wondered.

"Because if we do, our ship and everyone on board will burn to death," I replied and turned the page to my book.

"What?!" He exclaimed rather loudly and I lost my place in the book.

"Nick, you do know the black line is a volcano, right?" Alex asked aloofly and turning around to face his brother instead of the waves below. This bought Pancake's attention. She looked away from her whale and turned to listen to us curiously.

"Huh? A volcano?" Clearly he didn't.

"Yes, in fact it is the largest volcano in the world," I added.

"Really?" Pancake and Nick leaned over my table anxiously and with stars in their eyes.

"Yes, they say it's so huge because if you were to fall into it you'd fall right into the center of the earth," I said and finally finding my place again in the book.

"Woah!" Pancake exclaimed putting her hands to her face in a shocked expression.

"That's amazing!" Nick added just as shocked and intrigued as Pancake was. Then he looked a little confused and said, "Then why do we call it a black line?"

"Because it's lava and magma spread into the ocean in a line along the equator and cooled as ash and molten rock making it black," I explained.

"And we're going to sail over that?" Miki asked no longer interested in the clouds. A slight blush had colored her cheeks like all the times when she talks to me. I don't understand why though.

"Yup, but not before we coat the ship first," I said and flipped to another page in my book.

"Coat?" Nick and Pancake wondered. Both their eyes looked upward as I can only imagine them envisioning the ship in a big winter coat. Perhaps they should be the main characters in The Idiot.

"It's this slimy fire resistant ointment that soaks the ship called "Wood Balm," Alex explained to them. Why is it that Alex knows all this but Nick has no clue? Aren't they twins? Been together since birth? How did all this information skip Nick? Maybe he was dropped on his head as a kid.

"That's why we're stopping at Docinderash first," I said. "That's where most all the ships go to get coated."

"Oh yay! Another island!" Pancake whooped throwing her hands up.

"We're NOT going to have fun!" I warned now tearing my eyes away from The Idiot to a real idiot. "Remember I said no detours!"

"Aww…" Pancake whined and flopped her upper body on the table defeated.

"I'm serious! You got us in a lot of trouble last time!" I said remembering how rockets came whizzing by us. They were a real pain in the ass to get rid of.

"I said I was sorry," Pancake said picking her head up to show me her tear filled eyes and pathetic expression. "Why can't you forgive me?"

I stared at her for a second. Great, now she's making me feel guilty. I had a feeling she's trying to trick me but that face was so hard to say no too.

I sighed and patted her head lightly, "It's alright. I do forgive you."

"So does that mean I can go shopping for rock candy with Jasper?" She asked instantly brightening back up. I knew she was going to do this.

"Fine, but just rock candy," I said sternly.

"Yay!" She rejoiced and ran off to the kitchen for Jasper. "Guess what Jasper! We're going shopping for rock candy!"

"Well we have to buy more food anyway," Jasper said as he emerged out of the kitchen carrying a try of sushi rolls.

"What happened to that fish we caught?" Nick asked outraged.

"I didn't think I'd have to point this out but a little SOMEONE nearly ate it all!" Jasper replied and pointing to Pancake whom had already eaten half of the sushi rolls.

"What?" Pancake said when she noticed Jasper and the twins glaring at her.

"Hey is that the island?" Miki asked pointing out to the sea.

I looked up from my book and a sinking feeling settled into my stomach. I had a feeling this would happen. It was indeed the island but it was surrounded by docked navy ships. What could we do now? Docking there would only give us a one way ticket to the brig and probably execution.

"Great, what are we going to do now?" Alex asked throwing his hands up in the air.

"I guess we're not going over the volcano," Nick shrugged.

"No, we're riding that volcano!" Pancake said determinedly. "Let's just hide there!"

Pancake pointed to a cave isolated from the rest of the island. How did she even see that? But I had to admit it was a perfect hiding spot.

"Good idea," I agreed. "Tomato head, steer us over there."

Jasper headed over to the wheel and maneuvered the ship over to the cave. That was strange. He didn't even comment on his nickname we gave him. He must have gotten used to it by now.

As we passed the island to the cave, we looked at it uneasily. There were navy soldiers everywhere! There'd be no way for us to move about the island freely without getting caught. No doubt they were all here for the same reason as us: to cross the border. I had a feeling this would happen. Since I've only heard of this place from my father it's liable that he learned about this place by the navy. This must be a common navy port. I bet the ship coaters only work for the navy as well. I doubt any of them would be willing to help about a bunch of pirates. If only there was some place isolated from all the navy soldiers, it might be easier to convince a ship coater then… Wait! There is a place!

"Too bad Pancake neesan, it doesn't look like you'll be able to get that rock candy," Miki placed her hand on Pancake's shoulder sympathetically as we docked our ship into the cave.

"No, I will get that candy!" Pancake said with fervor and ran down into the ship. Seconds later she ran back up but with a large bundle of dark cloaks in her arms. "We'll sneak around in these."

"Don't they look suspicious?" Jasper asked as he took the tallest of the cloaks.

"They're better than ninja costumes," Miki said grabbing a cloak as well.

Alex raised one of his eyebrows at Miki and then sighed shaking his head, "I don't want to know."

"Now Jasper, let's go rock candy shopping," Pancake smiled excitedly and took Jasper's hand to start leading him.

"Actually, I think you should come with me to coat the ship," I decided making Pancake stop from tugging on Jasper and look at me with a whimper. "Jasper and the twins will go shopping."

"Awe, why?" She whined and tried to persuade me with her puppy dog eyes again.

"Because it's the Captain's duty to take care of the ship," I wasn't going to let her sway me again.

I gave her a stern look to let her know I was serious this time. To retaliate she gave me full blow of the puppy dog eyes. She looked so pathetic and sad. But I couldn't let her win this time. I'm strong. I'm Kody Taylor: the monster of Jelid Island and I am not easily swayed! I will not be defeated by round, God-like, golden eyes! That being said it was getting harder to stay with my stern gaze. The rest of the crew stared at us intensely like they were watching the most important staring contest of all existence.

I was getting ready to cave in but Pancake sighed and looked down defeated. "Okay…"

Why does she have to sound like she's going to her grave? Is it that terrible to accompany me?

"What about me?" Miki piped up. That's right; we hadn't given her a job to do.

"Guard the ship," We all said at once.

"All by myself?" Clearly that didn't sound appealing to her.

"You're not alone, Scatman is here too!" Pancake said energetically and holding her whale up to Miki's face.

"You mean that stuffed whale?" Nick scoffed.

"How many times have I told you? He's real!" Pancake yelled offensively.

"Okay okay sheesh," Nick held up his hands defensively then hopped down from the ship with Jasper and his brother. Pancake and I followed suit.

"C'mon let's get going," I said determined to get us to finally head out.

"Yosh!" The crew responded.

"Take good care of him," Pancake waved to Miki who was still in the ship holding Scatman to her chest.

"Yes sir!" Miki saluted and off we went.


Unwillingly Kody has gotten me to ship coating with him instead of shopping for rock candy. I really wanted to get some too… Maybe Jasper will pick some up for me and I can eat it when we meet back at the ship! Yes! Now I have something to look forward too.

We walked passed a busy market area that was filled with all kinds of booths. It was like I was at some kind of festival except there was a lot of annoying navy guys there. I wanted to try out all the booths but Kody kept urging me to follow him. He's no fun. I stuck my tongue at him when he turned around. If only he'd be a little more carefree. He's always too serious. Well now that I think about it, if Kody didn't stay the way he was we would probably have no order whatsoever on the ship. I guess it's safe to say that we would have pure and utter chaos without him. Ah! Normally the captain is the rock that the crew looks too! I'm such a terrible captain! I rely too much on Kody! Wah!

"Um, what are you doing?" Kody asked. I hadn't noticed that I let myself have a mute tantrum as I followed him.

"It's not fair Kody! I don't deserve to be captain!" I yelled while flailing my arms in the air.

Immediately I started getting attention from the surrounding navy soldiers. Alarmed Kody quickly covered my mouth and pulled me aside where there was less attention. Then he uncovered my mouth.

"What the hell are you talking about?" He whispered roughly at me but I could tell he was more confused than angry.

"I'm no good as a captain. I'm not a rock," I said.

"A rock? What are you saying?" Kody still didn't understand me.

"Maybe you should be captain…" I said looking down at the ground.

"What? No way! I don't want to be and no one would listen to me anyway!"

"But everyone always listens to you…"

Kody sighed and then placed his hands on my shoulders. "Look, they only listen to me because you do. If you disagreed with me then they would also."

"So they only depend on you because I do?" I asked looking up from the ground and to his eyes.

"Yes, now stop trying to make me captain. Without you, we have no crew or any point of staying together as a group," Kody said taking his hands off my shoulders. "Now, on your command, shall we get going?"

"Yes," I said with a smile. Yay! I can still be captain!

We started moving again through the large crowded market area. I was surprised I didn't get separated from Kody in all that mess. But I couldn't help wondering why the heck we passed by all those other ship coaters. It's not like Kody would have just missed them. They were yelling pretty loud for everyone to hear that they were ship coaters ready to coat with a fine price. Was he just looking for the right one?

"Um, Kody, are we not going to get a ship coater after all?" I asked curiously.

"We are. We just can't have a ship coater that coats only navy ships, otherwise we would be found out," He replied.

"Then who do we ask?" I wondered.

"My dad wrote to me before that there was a ship coater that's isolated from everyone on the island but he's hard to convince to get him to coat ships." He said.

"Oh," I said.

It's great to have Kody. He has a lot of great information given to him by his missing father. I'm glad I asked him to join. That and he really knows how to handle me. I'm aware that I'm a handful. It's a wonder how all the guys have put up with me for so long. That goes to show that they really are tough and deserve to be my crew.

We turned a corner around a building and I stopped for a second as something terribly familiar caught my eye. It was Captain Octopus talking to a ship coater a few yards away! Why?! Why does he keep following me around?! It's getting really tiring of trying to run away from him. Can't father just leave me alone and realize I don't want to go back to Rich Cove? With him running around here, he'll probably let my identity slip! Crap!

"Pancake, what are you stopping for?" Kody asked realizing I had stopped.

"Nothing," I snapped and tried to cover my face more. "Where is this ship coater anyway?"

I walked passed Kody and marched on. Kody looked back and spotted Captain Octopus. Realization covered his face and he continued to follow me. Not too soon after I saw something else familiar and stopped rooted to the spot. He hadn't changed much since the last I saw him. His hair was still a golden blond but it had gotten quite long and he had it tied at the bottom. It reached all the way down his back which made him look pretty feminine from the back. His eyes were a bright turquoise blue unlike mine and he was much taller than me. Brook Charles Collins, I hadn't seen him in five years. He was talking to other navy soldiers and then proceeded to walk away.

"Niisan?" I whispered.

Kody stopped realizing that I had also and looked back to see what I was staring at but Brook had already disappeared behind another building.

"Seriously, what am I going to do with you," Kody said and grabbed my hand to pull me along.

I don't say anything but for some odd reason my heart won't stop beating so loudly.


Why the hell did I start holding her hand?! Now I can't let it go without it being weird. She's also way too quiet! I'm such an idiot! But she kept stopping! I just wanted to get her to keep following me so that we'd get to the ship coater. I'm not doing this because I like her in anyway.

"Kody, are you alright? Your face is red," Pancake asked.

"Shut up! I'm fine!" I yelled too embarrassed to be calm at the moment.

"Sheesh, I was just asking," She grumbled.

AH! I want to let go of her hand but I feel like I'm glued here! Okay, I'm just holding her hand to keep her focused, that's all. I tried to focus on something else but can't help but notice her hand. It was so warm and small. It was almost like holding a middle schooler's hand.

Since my attention shifted from the path to her hand, I didn't notice when we had finally made it to the more isolated part of the island where the less attractive buildings were.

"Hey, is that the place Kody?" Pancake pointed to a rundown building with the sign "Ship Coater" painted on it.

"Uh, yeah," I nodded not so sure it really was.

Something rustled behind me and I turned to see a bush not too far away. I thought I saw something there but Pancake started tugging me toward the Ship Coater building. I wonder what that was. Maybe a cat? Well, I didn't get to find out because I was pulled into the building only to see that it was a bar. Only two people habited it though: the bar keeper and an old man sitting at the last stool toward the end. The barkeeper and old man were conversing but I had to interrupt them.

"Excuse me, we're looking for a ship coater," I stated.

"Then you'll want to go to the front of the island," The old man said before he downed a shot of alcohol.

"But they only coat navy ships," I said.

"Well, that's too bad for you," the old man ordered another shot.

"Look, we didn't sail all the way over here just to be turned away!" I yelled getting aggravated at this man's rude behavior.

"And I say I don't coat Pirate ships anymore!" The man yelled back to me now finally turning around to confront us.

I felt like I was going to explode. Just one little swift hit to his gut my do the trick. This was getting hopeless. I thought I was going to be the one to "persuade" this man but instead Pancake stepped forward flinging her hood off.

"Are you kidding me?! Do you know what hells I had to go through to get here?! Getting everyone to agree to come with me was a pain in the ass particularly that one!" Pancake pointed at me and I could feel some kind of weird shock. I don't think I've ever seen Pancake blow up like this before. "Not to mention I almost died! Now you're saying I can't get my ship coated so I don't get burned up by some damned volcano?! Well if you can't do it please point me in the direction to the person who can!"

No one spoke for a good moment. I guess we were all in shock. The old man looked like he just got slapped in the face and the bartender was leaning over the counter like she was in suspense. I'm too dumb struck to even say anything.

"Milady, you better cover your face around these parts. If a navy soldier were to see you were a pirate they'd execute you on the spot," The man finally said calmly.

Pancake puts her hood back over her face and asked, "So what's your answer?"

"Fine, I'll do it but only for you," I can't believe it! Why did he change his mind so fast? He was so stubborn not to help us before. What changed his mind?

"It'll take about three days though. It's probably best you stay in hiding until then," The man continued. "Where have you docked your ship?"

"In a cave in the front of the island," Pancake replied.

"That's perfect," the man said stroking his short white beard. "For now, you and your crew can stay here."

"Monty!" The bartender exclaimed.

"Jane," Monty gave her a stern look.

"Fine," She sighed. "But they better not cause a ruckus!"

"We better go get Miki and the others then," I said placing a hand on Pancake's shoulder.

She nodded at me and then looked back at Monty, "Thank you."

Then she turned and I followed her out the door. Pancake really is mysterious. It's like she has this secret power to influence people. There's just something about her…

When we finally get back to the ship, the idiot trio is on the ground next to the ship yelling at each other and Miki is on the deck playing with the whale.

"It's your two's fault that we didn't get any food!" Jasper yelled pointing an accusing finger at the twins. "If you two hadn't run off to find weapons instead-"

Jasper stopped when he noticed Pancake and I returning to the ship. Pancake ran off to the deck to be with Miki and Scatman leaving me alone as I walked casually over to the boys.

"Oh look it's the lecher trying to soil our beloved Captain!" Jasper said pointing at me.

"What the hell is that idiot saying?" I asked Alex who just gave me a devious look along with his brother.

"We saw you holding hands with Pancake," Nick explained.

"What was that about?" Alex added giving me a suspicious face.

I could feel my face heat up. Damn, it must have been them in the bush earlier! Darn it can my face look normal for a just a second?! "I was just keeping her from getting lost!"

"Yeah, yeah," Jasper waved it off. "No one believes that for even one second."

"I'm telling you, it's a misunderstanding!" I yelled. Why can't they just accept it and leave me alone?

"It's okay," Alex said.

"You don't have to be shy about it," Nick added with a shrug.

"I'm not being shy!" I yelled again.

"Are you sure? I can tell those lecherous eyes anywhere," Jasper said with a sly grin.

"Isn't it because you, yourself are a lecher?" The twins asked together.

"Of course not!" Jasper yelled, clearly upset that the conversation had turned to him. "The look I give fair maidens is one of romance and passion!"

"Debauchery and Harem?" The twins asked cupping their hand to their ear like they hadn't heard him.

"No! You got it all wrong!" Jasper said horrified and goes on to a rant about how romantic and un-lecherous he was.

"Besides, we won't let you have Captain-sama," Alex said to me ignoring Jasper.

"What?" Did I just hear him right?

"Since we had her first, she belongs to us," Nick said leaning his arm on Alex's shoulder.

"WHAT?!" Jasper and I both exclaimed together. They can't be serious.

"How dare you! None of you know how to treat a fair maiden!" Jasper yelled as if he was superior.

"Neither do you, pervert," The twins said in sync.

"I told you! I'm not a pervert!" Jasper yelled angrily.

"It doesn't matter. She's not yours, and you can't have her," the twins said.

"You idiots!" I yelled outraged and proceeded to hit all their pressure points. Now they are a pile of idiocy on the ground. "Who are you to say she's yours or not! She's not a simple 'thing' that can be treated as such! If you all like her so much you should try to win her affection not fight over her like she's the last cookie in a jar!"

The idiot trio just stared up at me unmoving. I must have hit their facial nerve making them unable to speak. I had enough of them anyway. I climbed up the ship to join Pancake and Miki on the deck and see them just laughing happily with each other. It's a good thing she didn't hear all that down there. No one deserves to call her theirs… not even me. She deserves someone stronger and a more honorable man that can continue to make her smile. Whoever wins her heart is going to be one lucky bastard.

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