Jasper's Saki

On the ship of the bandana crew, Pancake was in her room playing with Scatman when suddenly she heard a faint ripping sound. Horrified she turned a sickly pale and ran out of her room in a frenzy. When she reached the deck of the ship she panted laboriously until she could catch her breath.

"Someone get us to the nearest island now!" She yelled in distressed.

"Why? What's going on?" Nick asked irritated that he had been so rudely awakened by Pancake's distressed yelling. As he descended from the Crow's Nest he said with a scowl, "Please don't say you're on THAT again."

"Scatman's fin is ripped! He's in pain we need to get him fixed fast!" She said while showing Nick the plushy.

"What! The cute plushy is hurt?! Oh No!" Miki said as she walked over and saw some stuffing coming out of the fin of the stuffed whale. Seeing the poor plushy in distress she starts to freak out.

"There is no way were going to go and rush off to the nearest Island just cause your plushy got ripped by something." Kody said as he walked out of his map room when he heard Pancake's loud yelling. He then walked over to where the crew was now forming. The only one missing at the moment was Jasper.

"We have to! He's crying," Pancake yelled with more urgency to convince her crewmate. "He needs medical attention!"

"And why would that be? It's not like he's alive is it?" Alex asked sarcastically and looking at his distressed captain.

"Scatman is too alive!" She yelled at all of them now with a more firm tone in her voice.

Sensing his captain's stern voice Kody decided to take a look at the plushy. He stared at it while drowning out the ruckus that is Pancake and noticed there was just something about it.

"I believe her," Kody finally said with a straight and serious face. "We'll go to an island."

"WHAT?! KODY BELIEVES HER?!" The twins exclaimed not able to believe their ears.

Meanwhile Miki was crying over Scatman as she tried to pry him from Pancake's arms. Fearing that Miki would cause more damage to him if she didn't give him up decided to surrender Scatman to her.

"If Kody believes Pancake's story, should we?" Nick asked turning to his brother.

But with a swift slap to the back of Nick's head Alex yelled, "Of course not you idiot!

As the twins were distracted Jasper emerged from the kitchen with a look of death upon his face. He looked over at the twins with a death glare and then sneaks up behind them. He then leaned in close to Alex and said with a hiss, "We're out of food."

The twins look at each other shocked at Jasper's behavior and said simultaneously, "Is this our fault?"

Pancake with a look of despair screamed, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

Kody sighed as his patience was wearing thin and said loud enough over Pancake's scream "CALM THE HELL DOWN! We're gonna stop at an island anyway and get more food."

Pancake's mood instantly changed to a happier one and said "Okay."

"Let me go get the map." Kody stated and then walked over into his map room. He closed the door and few seconds later the crew heard a loud crash. Kody then burst through the door and pointed randomly, "THAT WAY!"

The twins looked at Kody skeptically and Nick asked," Does he know where he's going?"

Alex just shook his head and said, "Don't question the evil man with the map."

"Are you sure? I'm pretty sure I could just point where to go." Nick said confidently.

Alex just stared at him with a look of distress and said, "Shut up."

Nick looked at Alex with a fake look of hurt and whined," Hurtful."

"ARE YOU GUYS DONE LOLLIGAGGING?! LET'S MOVE THIS SHIP!" Kody said to the twins to get them to get a move on.

The boys jumped upon hearing Kody's voice then run to their stations yelling," Aye Aye Captain!"

Pancake looked around and said, "I thought I was the Captain?"

"It's okay Pancake they were talking to you." Kody said and patted Pancake on the head.

Miki's still holding Scatman tried to get his heartbeat. When she couldn't hear anything she screamed, "I CAN'T FIND HIS HEARTBEAT!"

"Of course not you loony he's a stuffed animal," Jasper said rolling his eyes.

"What did you say my Prince of Redness?" Miki asked with tear filled eyes.

"It's okay Miki just ignore scumbag Jasper. He doesn't understand," Pancake said as she patted Miki on the head and glared at Jasper.

Jasper's jaw dropped shocked and then asked, "Did you just call me a scumbag?"

The twins laughed from their posts at Jasper not noticing Miki's "Prince of Redness" remark and the fact that Pancake just called him a scumbag.

The craziness continued for a few hours until they landed on the Island that Kody had pointed toward.

"Okay, Pancake, Miki, and I are going to save the whale while you three idiots go get the food supplies," Kody ordered at the twins and Jasper when they finally stepped foot on the beach of the new island.

"Why are we idiots?" Alex asked.

"Because you are the imbecile trio," Kody said harshly.

"Well that sucks," Nick said folding his arms over his chest.

"Try to be a little more irritated when someone insults you!" Alex yelled at Nick and shaking his fist at him.

"Calm down, let's just go get the food supplies," Jasper said as he tugged on the back of the twin's collars.

The two groups walked off in two different directions and a few minutes later the imbecile trio arrived in town. On seeing a sword shop the twins veered off in a different direction leaving Jasper in the street alone spinning around and looking for them.

"Where'd they go?" Jasper asked looking confused. When he didn't catch site of them he gave up and walked over to a stand he saw tomatoes piled on.

Jasper leaned in front of the stand to check the quality and freshness when he feels something grab the back of his hair. "What the hell? Who's grabbing my hair?"

Hoping it's not a guy he looked up to see that it was actually the opposite. It was a beautiful raven haired girl and as he stared up at her, he instantly fell in love.

"Why does this tomato feel weird " the girl gasped, "What tomato did I just grab?"

The girl looked down to see that she had grabbed someone's hair that was the exact same color as the tomatoes in question.

"Oh eww it's hair," The girl said as she let's go quickly.

Jasper just stood there rooted to the spot by her beauty.

"I'm sorry," she giggled. "My apologies, it wasn't my intention on grabbing your… hair."

She then tries to get a real tomato when her hand was suddenly jerked onto the chest of the person with the tomato like head. Her cheeks turned puffy pink and flustered she turned to glance at the tomato head's face.

"No Madam it is I that is sorry. If I had not been standing in the way you could have grabbed a real tomato, but please tell me your name." Jasper said as he is holding her hand still.

"Umm it's Saki." The raven haired girl said looking a bit creeped out.

"Sake?" Jasper's eyes sparkled as he mistakingly thought she had said she was a Japanese alcohol.

Just then the twins walked out of the weapons shop arguing about what type of sword was better when Nick spoted Jasper and the mysterious girl.

"Oh Great another Jasper episode." The twins groaned simultaneously.

"You wanna bug him?" Nick smiled mischievously at Alex.

"Heck yeah!" Alex agreed while bumping fists with Nick.

The twins both smiled evilly as they walked over to Jasper and sneaking up on him Alex asked "So...Jasper who's your friend?"

"No one that you need to know. Now shoo fly." Jasper said while making shooing motions.

"Fine then," The twins instead walked behind the raven haired girl and leaned in close to each of her ears.

"You know he wets his bed at night," Nick whispered maliciously.

"And eats his toe nails," Alex added using Nick's same malice.

"Wait! What are you telling her?!" Jasper asked sensing something was amiss and flailing his arms around in confusion and possibly embarrassment.

Ignoring Jasper's outburst the twins proceeded to back up a few steps and with jazz hands proclaimed "Not to mention he's a whore for women!"

The twins smiled at each other with a look of triumph. Jasper on the other hand was not smiling at all. He was actually in pure shock and embarrassment.

"THAT'S NOT TRUE! YOU GUYS ARE MEAN!" Jasper yelled as he started to bawl his eyes out running away and shouting, "I'LL FEED YOU MUSHROOM SOUP TONIGHT!"

The twin's stomachs start to become queasy at the mention of being fed mushrooms and wrapped their arms around their waste.

"Maybe we shouldn't have done that." Alex said.

"Not mushroom soup" Nick said mumbling about the unfairness of it all.

"What the hell just happened?" Saki asked out loud and looked in the direction that Jasper ran only to see a cloud of dust in its place. Then at the twins that were still there if not looking a little green.

"So what just happened really?" Saki asked as she eyed the twins.

"We were messing with him cause he was going into another episode of his that involves random girls from every island we visit." Alex explained and sighs.

"Really? He was kinda cute though." Saki said with a straight face.

"SERIOUSLY!" Alex and Nick yelled in surprise.

"What should we do now?" Nick asked Alex in a hushed voice.

"We've never had that reaction before…" Alex added.

After a few minutes of thought the twins spun around and faced Saki again. With an overly dramatic voice Alex said, "Then you must run to him, darling."

"Run? You mean now?" Saki wondered feeling a bit taken aback.

"Yes, run!" Nick urged. "Run to your new found love!"

"Love? What's this 'love' about? I just said I thought he was cute," Saki said.

"But if you think he's cute then you must feel the love in your heart for his wonderfully gorgeous appearance!" Nick exclaimed a little too much.

Saki just stared at him like he was crazy as did others passing by. Feeling unsettled Saki tried to play it off like she had no clue who they were and went back to picking tomatoes.

"What are you doing?" Alex asked.

"Don't you love him?" Nick added.

"Go away. I don't know you," Saki said staring hard at a tomato.

"OUCH!" Nick exclaimed.

"WE'VE BEEN REJECTED!" Alex cried with crocodile tears in his eyes.

Just then the shop keeper came running out yelling at the twins angrily with a broom. "You two! Get away from here! You're causing too much unwanted attention!"

The shop keeper looked over at Saki who is still staring at a tomato quite hard and asked her, "Are you with these hooligans?"

"Nope, never seen them in my life," Saki replied.

The twins stare dumb founded at her.

"We've been rejected twice," Nick muttered with tears in his eyes.

While the twins were freaking out Saki took her turn to escape from these weirdos. She left money on the stall for her tomatoes and walked down a path toward the beach. When she arrived she noticed a red blot in the corner of her eye. As she turned to look she realized the red blot was the tomato guy from earlier. She walked up behind him and with no dialogue prepared proceeded to shove a tomato towards his face. Confused Jasper looked up from the tomato at her and stared as her black raven hair blew in the wind.

"Sake?! You came back for me!" Jasper exclaimed overjoyed then instead of grabbing the tomato, wrapped his arms around her shoulders into an embrace.

"Let… go, if you want to continue being a man," Saki forced out.

"Okay!" Jasper said still cheerful even though he just got his manhood threatened. "Then can I hold your hand?"

"Is it sweaty?" She asked eyeing his hands curiously.

Jasper blinked surprised at her question and then smiled. "Nope, as far as I know."

"Fine, but ONLY my hands," She said with a slight blush.

"YAY!" He exclaimed as he captured her hand.

Saki just stares at him a bit weirded out at his sudden gesture.

"Umm, so now what?" She asked now that her hand was successfully captured.

"We could ki…" Jasper started to say but then Saki's fist came flying toward his face.

"Excuse me!? What was that?" She asked with a look of evil and her hand still buried in his face.

"N-nothing," Jasper muttered out painfully. "I meant maybe we can go out to eat… or something?"

"That's what I thought," She said with a slight smile.

Jasper thought to himself that not only is she the most beautiful person he's ever seen but that she has the wrath of a god when mad but is capable of still looking cute.

"She's a Goddess!" He whispered excitedly to himself.

"What was that?" Saki asked not quite being able to hear that.

"Oh nothing just thought we could have… grapes?" He said trying to play it off terribly.

Jasper stood there rubbing the back of his neck hoping she will buy his lame cover.

"Sure I know this great place in town to get some it's next to this fabric store." Saki said as she started to drag him along.

~About 30 Minutes Later~

"Kody! How much farther until we find someone who can fix Scatman?!" Pancake asked in a whiny voice.

"What?! How should I know I don't live on this island!" Kody yelled, "Gosh I swear you're on your…."

"Kody if you finish that sentence I will kill you." Pancake said with a serious look.

Fearing that she might turn into waffle, Kody kept his mouth shut and scanned the area. In the distance he could see a little blot of red and squinted to try to get a better look.

"Hey do you guys see that red blot up ahead?" Kody asked pointing.

upon hearing about a red blot, Miki suddenly jerked up and exclaimed, "IS IT MY PRINCE OF REDNESS?"

"It looks like he's with a.." Kody squinted to get a better view, "girl?"

"WHAT!?" Miki shrieked horrified and started running toward the red blot in a fluster. "THERE'S NO WAY! NO FEMALE HAS THE RIGHT TO BE BY THE RED PRINCE'S SIDE! ONLY ME!"

Back at the beach Saki heard a faint squealing noise in the distance and turned her head to look, "What the hell is that sound?"

"What sound?" Jasper looked over his shoulder to see a streak of pink running toward him and squealing. "Oh God."

"Red Prince-Sama! Tell me it isn't true!" Miki wailed still in a dead run toward him. "Tell me you haven't been snatched up by another female!"

"Jasper, what the hell is she talking about?" Saki demanded with a straight face. "And who is this Red Prince-Sama?"

"Oh nothing, my sweet Sake. She's just a deranged girl that's all," Jasper said in a rush to get Saki to stay with him.

"Deranged girl?" Saki repeated with a questionable look.

"Yes, yes of course," Jasper nodded happy that she might believe him.

"How dare you let any other female look upon you so lustfully!" Miki screamed now only ten feet away.

"Another female?" Saki said in shocking disgust.

"No, it's not what you think!" Jasper yelled. "She's just my crewmate!"

"So you're saying your crewmate is your girlfriend?" Saki said and swiftly slapped Jasper across the face leaving a pink hand print. "Good bye Jasper. I can't believe I almost fell for you."

Saki proceeded to walk away with a scowl and thinking of how much of a lowlife Jasper is.

"Wait Saki, come back!" Jasper yelled with his hand extended but Saki didn't come back…

When Saki was finally gone Jasper sighed mournfully and turned around only to find that Miki was ready to glomp him.

"Red Prince Sama!" She sang and jumped to his arms but only to have Jasper catch her by the face and hold her away at arms length.

"Don't you dare touch me," Jasper growled with an angry glare.

"Red Prince-Sama, are you mad at me?" Miki asked taking a step back with tear filled eyes and then changed her expression to shock when she saw the red print on Jasper's face. "Jasper you're hurt!"

"Yes, I'm only hurt because YOU INTERFERRED!" Jasper yelled angrily.

Miki reacted by bursting into tears and wailing loudly. Pancake ran up behind Miki protectively to give her a hug and glared at Jasper.

"Don't yell at Pinky!" Pancake yelled.

"But she ruined everything!" Jasper yelled with tears in his eyes "My Sake has left me!"

The twins popped out of some bushes having witnessed the whole event and walked over toward Jasper and put their hands on his shoulder.

"W-were so sorry, pfft… for you." The twins said while trying to suppress their laughter and not succeeding well.

"You idiots did get the groceries, right?" Kody asked trying not to yell.

"No we got distracted." The twins answered nonchalantly as Jasper is getting yelled at by Pancake because he was picking on Pinky again.

"IDIOTS YOU HAD ONE TASK AND YOU CAN'T EVEN DO THAT!" Kody exploded flailing his arms around like a comical penguin, while the twins get smaller and smaller realizing their mistake.

"Well did you get Scatman fixed?!"Alex says just out of curiosity.

"Shut up." Kody said looking away from them. The twins noticed his reaction smiled like a Cheshire cat.

"So you couldn't even find anyone to sew up the stuffed animal that Pancake admires so much?" Both twins asked mockingly.

"Wait all you wanted to do was sew him up?" Miki asked innocently.

"Well duh, how else do you think you fix a stuffed animal? Sugar, spice and everything nice?" Jasper asked still thoroughly annoyed at his loss because of this pink haired girl.

"Well yeah, but if it's sewing…" Miki whipped out a needle and thread and stretched out getting an evil aura around her, "I can sew him right up cause I'm a surgeon."

Miki then goes and takes the whale from Pancake and sewed him up in 5 seconds flat leaving everyone speechless, except for Pancake.

"OH MY GOD! I LOVE YOU MIKI YOU FIXED HIM!" Pancake exclaimed while taking the whale and squeezing him in a bear hug.

"THAT'S ALL IT TOOK TO FIX THAT THING!" The guys looked at one another and yelled at the same time.

"That's it I'm leaving," Kody says as he stomped away in anger.

"No Kody we need a navigator!" Pancake yelled back as she runs after him.

"Come back my black prince!" Miki exclaimed and followed Pancake. "I can't live without you!"

"No, let him go," Alex said with a shrug.

"All he does is yell at us anyway," Nick added with the same shrug.

"You idiots! You do realize that if Kody is gone Pancake is the one that will have to lead us," Jasper said in a rushed voice.

The twins eyes grew wide with realization of how terrible that would be. She could drive the ship into a mountain, a glacier, and possibly a whirl pool.

"Let's catch him!" the twins yelled at the same time.

"leave me alone, I want to leave!" Kody said as he tried to run away. "I can't take you people anymore without losing my mind!"

"Kody I won't let you leave!" Pancake yelled only a couple feet away from him and Miki right on her heels. "Pinky hand me your hammer!"

"Aye aye!" Miki said as she proceeded to hand her the hammer.

Pancake took the hammer and found it a bit heavy but found a way to compensate for it. She wielded it in the air and let it come crashing down on Kody's head.

"Anesthesia!" She yelled with fire in her eyes. The hammer connected with Kody's head and he is down for the count. "I always wanted to do that."

"Pancake neesan, you might have given him a concussion," Miki said feeling his head for any damage.

"Well, serves him right," Pancake said grabbing his collar and dragging him unconscious to the ship. "No one runs away in my crew."

"I have a feeling we're going to be in this gig for life," Alex gulped. Jasper and Nick nodded pale in the face as they watch Pancake stomp away with Kody.

A/N: Hey guys! If you couldn't tell this is another bonus chapter for ya ;D sorry I'm not writing the next chapter quite as fast as I'd hoped but I'm kinda stuck SOOOO instead I had my friend Amber write this for me :) Isn't she good? I know it's different from the first person pov I normally write in but I like how she wrote it in 3rd person. Any way I hope you like it. I did. I thought it was delightfully funny :) so ENJOY! :D