Chapter 30 Over the Black Line


Today is the day. We're going to finally get out of this Navy infested place. The sooner we got out of here the safer my secret will be. Two days ago was a close call. I'm just glad Jane decided not to tell. I don't think I'm ready to see how my crew will react when they find out I'm a noble.

The crew and I are gathering our things to put back on the ship while Monty is doing the finishing touches on our ship. We don't have to wear our black cloaks anymore since we're leaving anyway. No more need to sneak around. That sounds nice. I'm pretty sure the rest of the crew would like to be a little freer.

Amidst the packing, I noticed Jasper leaning over the bar with a cheesy grin on his face talking to Jane. I knew that wouldn't last long. I was waiting to see if the twins would notice and find a way to pick on Jasper. That was always funny to watch. The twins seemed more like the mischievous younger brothers to poor old Jasper that fit the older brother part. That's probably why they like him so much!

Speaking of the devils, I didn't even notice the twins had suddenly apparated from behind me and started leaning against my shoulders like I was some sort of armrest.

"Is Jasper hitting on Jane again?" Nick asked with a sly smile.

"Yup," I nodded. "Gonna do something about it?"

"Of course," The twins said.

Just as I had suspected the twins sauntered over to Jasper to mess up his plans.

"You know I heard this sort of thing happened in a book once," Alex started.

"Oh not you two," Jasper grumbled. "Why don't you go bother someone else?"

"Well, alright," Nick said as if to back off.

"If you really want to destroy Jane's life with your malicious heart," Alex finished.

"What are you saying?" Jasper said. "I have no malice."

"Oh really?" Nick raised his eyebrow questionably.

"That's what the priest in the Scarlet Letter probably said to that woman before he led her to ridicule," Alex said.

"What does the Scarlet Letter have to do with me?" Jasper asked.

"Jane, do you know Jasper's whorish instincts?" Nick asked.

"Whorish?!" Jasper exclaimed.

"What, he's gay isn't he?" Jane replied.

Upon hearing that Jasper paled and seemed to turn into a statue.

"G…g…gay…?" It was like Jane had thrown a spear through his torso.

"Jasper, you do know she's married to Monty, right?" Alex asked.

"What? The old man?!" Jasper couldn't believe his ears and went into some form of shock when he looked down at Jane's left hand to see a golden wedding band.

"Sorry, T.H.," Nick said with a shrug.

"Just trying to save you from trouble," Alex added.

"Why…? Why…?" Jasper mumbled in a corner looking totally and utterly defeated. The twins win yet again.

"Good job," I whispered as they passed.

Nick gave me a high five.

"Thanks," the twins said.

Just then Monty came in through the door. He pulled the Velcro latches from his gloves and placed them by the door.

"Hey is our ship done? Can we finally set sail?" I asked excitedly.

"Not quite, there are a few things I need to discuss with you before you leave," Monty said taking a seat in the living room.

"Hey gang, everyone gather in here. There are some things Monty wants to tell us before we leave," I said gathering all my crew into the living room. The twins helped the still defeated Jasper to a seat.

We all had gathered and waited for Monty. I wonder what he has to discuss with us. Is there a problem with our ship? There better not be because sitting around this house of theirs has gotten me itchy to be on the move again. I need adventure! I need fun!

"Well, I've finished coating your ship and it's ready to go," Monty started. "You can leave anytime you feel but…"

"But?" Kody pressed.

"The Pirate passage has been closed off by some rubble caused by a fight between a pirate and a navy captain," Monty said.

"Closed off? Then how will we get out of here?" Alex asked.

"There is one other way but no one dares take it," Monty said. "It's far too dangerous and anyone who attempts to cross that way is never found on the other side."

"Why?" Miki asked.

"Because the route is over the volcano," Monty explained. "It's one thing to travel under it where you're only danger is the boiling hot geysers that bubble up from time to time but over the Volcano there is a white and gold beast that lurks up there. It's bigger than a building and more terrifying than anything you could ever imagine."

Miki's eyes grew wide with each word Monty uttered. By the end she was shaking. Jasper seemed to snap out of his defeated stupor and looked terrified from Monty's words.

"You can always go through the Navy passage but usually the results from that route aren't particularly favorable either," Monty added.

"Well, we were planning on going over it from the beginning," Kody said.

"What?!" Everyone shouted except me. I don't know why traveling over was such a bad thing. It seemed like fun to me.

"Are you crazy?!" Jasper shouted. "I thought the navigator was supposed to help us stay away from dangerous passages!"

"Well, if you remember, my father was in the Navy so I know only about Navy passages and a couple of alternate routes," Kody said trying to defend himself. "I don't know many pirate passages except a select few!"

"So what are we going to do?" Alex asked. "Just sail right into danger?"

"Yup," I said.

"What?!" Everyone exclaimed. Kody just stared at me in disbelief.

"It's not like we haven't been through danger before," I reasoned. "Plus the only other alternative is the navy passage which sounds more dangerous to me."

"You know for once Pancake has a point," Alex said.

"And I also want to see this beast!" I said excitedly. "Is it really just legend or is it real? Does it use magic?!"

"And… she reveals her real motive," Nick said.

"Well I guess that means we're going," Kody said with a small smile and picked up his bag full of maps.

"P-Pancake Ne-neesan, are you sure?" Miki asked still shaking.

"Yup, it'll be an adventure!" I smiled. "Don't worry little Miki. We'll be fine."

"What? We're really going?" Jasper said a bit frantic. "What about you two? You guys don't object? What if we die?"

"You heard the captain," Nick said. "It'll be an adventure."

"What about you Alex?" Jasper said turning to him. "Don't you have a bad feeling about all this?"

"Just a little," Alex admitted. "But I trust Pancake."

"C'mon Jasper! I need you and your giant frying pan!" I called as I made my way to the door. "And I need you to make me food when I'm hungry."

"I guess I have no choice…" Jasper said with a sigh and picked up his bag of food utensils and other equipment.

"You lot are one of the craziest bunch of pirates I've ever known," Monty said shaking his head.

"You said it. Not me," Jasper muttered.

Monty followed us out to our ship and gave us some advice before we departed.

"When you get to the volcano, you'll want to ride up the lava to get to the top and onto the other side," he said. "That is IF you make it to the other side."

"Don't worry, we'll be fine!" I called down to him from the ship.

"Before you go, tell me," Monty shouted. "Why are you willing to go to such lengths? Why do you want to cross the Black Line in the first place?"

"We're going to be the crew that finds Corey Roger's treasure!" I replied proudly.

Monty stared up at me for a minute speechless. Then he started laughing.

"Good luck then Miss," he said and waved to us as we departed. "And I hope you find what you're looking for!"

"Don't worry!" I called back. "We will! Or we'll die trying!"

"That's the worst sentence to hear right now," Jasper shuddered.

We finally started back on our quest to sail over the volcano. Docinderash was pretty close to the Black line but the Volcano was still a little bit away so we were pretty much hugging the black line looking for the passage up the volcano.

"Pancake neesan," Miki said after a few minutes of sailing.

"Yes, Pinky?" I said.

"I couldn't help but notice how everyone seems to trust you," She started. "And I was wondering; have you guys known each other long before you found me?"

"Oh! You want to know how we all met?" I asked. Since Miki was the last to join she didn't know how we were in the beginning.

Somehow it seemed exciting to recall our first memories together. The guys looked up from their places on the ship curiously. They probably were just as interested as me.

"Sure, I'll tell you!" I said excitedly.

Miki sat on the floor in front of me as if she was a little kid getting ready for Story time. Since we had some time before we'd make it to the Volcano I started our story.

"Well, the first ones I met were the twins. I only had a little motor boat then. I found the twins on this one island. I forgot what it's called."

"Blinder," the twins said. I looked over a bit surprised they were really listening. I hadn't noticed that they had taken a spot near Miki and was listening intently.

"Oh well, I met them on Blinder," I continued. "Nick was arrested for protecting a family against a government."

"Oh no!" Miki exclaimed. "How could they ever arrest such a prince?!"

"Well he did call Willy a… what was it again?" Alex asked Nick.

"A bitch to the navy because he'll never get laid with his head that far up his ass," Nick replied.

"You said that?" I laughed in disbelief. "No wonder he hates your guts so much!"

"Why not just cut him with your sword?" Miki asked.

"Well he said I would either go to jail for about three weeks or he'd burn down the inn," Nick said.

"So Nick did the noble thing and went to jail for them," I said. "I wanted to find the twins and add them to my crew because everyone knows that sword-wielding twins are the most badass addition to anyone's team. So, I went and visited Nick in jail. I had to pretend I was a Navy officer though and at first Nick thought I really was one. I couldn't rescue him at first because I had to come up with a plan. So that's when I met Alex. Alex and Nick didn't really like me at first. They were really mean actually…"

"That was only because we didn't know you!" Alex yelled.

"And you were freaking annoying!" Nick added.

"Well, you still decided to join me anyway," I said with a shrug.

"Why did you decide to join her then?" Miki asked curiously. "What changed your mind about her?"

"She saved Nick from execution," Alex said.

"And she showed she could be a dependable person when you need her," Nick added.

I smiled inwardly. Nick thinks I'm dependable.

Miki looked over at me in some sort of awe. "Pancake neesan is amazing!"

"I'm not that great," I said modestly.

The twins rolled their eyes.

"Anyway, I met Jasper next," I said.

"Great, we can finally hear what happened with you on that island," Nick exclaimed.

"But weren't you already with her then?" Miki asked.

"We were until glutton there ran off to find food," Alex said.

"Well I'm sorry, we didn't have food for a day and I was starving!" I said. "I might have died if Jasper hadn't saved me."

"Really?" The twins looked over at Jasper incredulously. "But all Jasper does is hit on girls all the time."

"What was that?!" Jasper fumed from his place at the wheel. "You do know I can hear you!"

"Of course," The twins said.

"Gyah!" Jasper screamed and let go of the wheel to chase the twins down. By letting go of the wheel the ship started to pull to the right and taking us off course.

"HEY! WOULD YOU GUYS KNOCK IT OFF!" Kody shouted and took hold of the wheel Jasper let go to steer us back.

"But Jasper is actually pretty amazing," I said. That seemed to stop some of the commotion. The twins looked at me like I had gone insane but Jasper looked at me like I was God or something.

"I am?" Jasper asked with stars in his eyes.

"Yes! Working on a farm is freaking hard!" I exclaimed. "I don't know how you are able to do it! Chickens are evil and cows are scary! The crows are even jerks!"

"You made her work on a farm?" Alex asked Jasper.

"I had to get her to do something to get out of our hair!" Jasper said.

"Well the chickens attacked me and the cows wouldn't let me ride them," I said and the twins gave me a skeptical look. "But Jasper has a way with animals. It's like he didn't even have to try! Plus his cousin kept trying to get me to marry him and his mom is a bit psycho!"

"I think it's clear that you've somewhat traumatized her," Alex said placing a comforting hand on my shoulder and lightly patting the top of my head.

"So how did the red prince join?" Miki asked.

"Well she offered me freedom," Jasper said.

"And she dragged him on board," Nick added.

"So what were you two doing while Pancake was farming?" Miki asked the twins.

"Um well…" Alex started not sure how to say it.

"We were… uh helping a little girl," Nick finished.

"Yeah, we took her back to her parents," Alex added.

"That's so princely of you two!" Miki said with stars in her eyes. "I knew you were princes!"

"Uh, um sure," Alex said.

"Then I met Scatman!" I rejoiced. "Speaking of which, where is he?"

"Probably on your bed where stuffed animals are supposed to be," Nick said.

"He's not a stuffed animal!" I said.

"Prove it," The twins said.

"I shouldn't have to," I said. "You should just have faith in me that I am telling the truth."

"So how did you meet the wonderful black prince?" Miki asked.

"Well, an old lady told us the monster of the Winter Island would help us with our map problem," Nick said.

"Monster?" Miki asked.

"Yeah, he was a monster alright. He still is," Alex said.

"Oh not the black prince!" Miki wailed. "He's way too kind and decent to be a monster."

"Kind and decent? I think you're talking about the wrong guy," Jasper said.

"Oh, but it can't be true!"Miki wailed some more. "Black Prince, is it true that you were a monster?"

"Yes," Kody admitted.

"Oh?" Miki's eyes suddenly started to shine dangerously again. "Can it be that it's another beautiful classic tale of Beauty and the Beast?!"

"Oh God," Nick said.

"Here we go again," Alex said.

"Look!" While everyone was yelling at each other I spotted the passage up the volcano. "We're finally here!"

Everyone stopped and looked and sure enough there was a red lava path that led up the volcano.

"We're going up that?" Miki quivered.

"Yup! Isn't it exciting?" I said energetically.

"Question. How do we go upward?" Alex asked. "Isn't that defying all laws of physics or something?"

Kody turned the ship onto the lava path and warm air pushed us upwards. Slowly we started ascending up the volcano.

"There are hot air geysers that are strong enough to push our ship upward," Kody said.

"Kody, do you think you'll be okay?" Jasper asked.

"Yeah, why?" Kody wondered.

"Because you're from a Winter Island. Doesn't the heat bother you?" Jasper asked.

"No, I'm fine," Kody said.

"That's strange because when I went to a Winter Island for the first time the cold was hard to bear," Jasper said.

"That's because you're a pussy," Nick said.

"Excuse me?!" Jasper yelled outraged.

"Well, you are," Alex agreed.

"Why you!" Jasper and the twins started attacking each other again.

Even though Kody said he was fine a minute later I saw him wiping at his face and then looking at his hand confused.

"Why is my face leaking?" Kody asked.

The twins burst out laughing when they realized what Kody was talking about.

"That's called sweat," Jasper said triumphantly.

"Sweat?" Kody still seemed puzzled.

"It's what your body does to cool it down when it gets too hot," Alex explained.

"That's weird," Kody said.

"You've never sweat before?" Nick asked.

"Well I guess there would be no reason too on a Winter Island where it's cold all the time," Kody said.

"Still think you're fine?" Jasper asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine!" Kody said irritated.

I looked over the ship and watched fascinated at how our wooden ship glided over the lava without burning. It was pretty amazing.

"Pancake neesan," Miki tapped on my shoulder and I turned around to see her with her hands fidgeting behind her back. "Umm, well you told me about how everyone else was before our adventures but… who were you before you became Captain Pancake?"

There it was. The question I was trying to avoid since I met this awesome bunch. Was it time I told them? What will they say? Will they still accept me as their captain?

I looked up from Miki and saw that the rest of the crew had stopped what they were doing, even Kody and were just staring at me. Was my past life really that interesting? Did they already suspect…?

"W-well," I said and started scratching the back of my head nervously. "I was-"

I was about to tell them. I really was but a roar pierced through the air. Instantly everyone had forgotten about Miki's question and was looking up at the skies to find the owner of that roar.

"What the hell was that?" Jasper asked.

Another roar answered him and a giant white and golden dragon flew passed our ship spitting fire down at us.

"Woah!" Jasper batted away the fire ball with his frying pan.

"I think we found the beast!" Nick said.

"You think?" Alex retorted.

The dragon circled back to us and hovered next to our ship. It was HUGE! Maybe bigger than our ship! I was not expecting this. I thought Dragons were only myths! I did notice it had a long white scarf wrapped around it. Did someone tame it before? It didn't seem so tame now.

It roared again and lunged its claws at us. We jumped out of the way and the twins unsheathed their swords. They went to attack it with their famous sword hurricane but the dragon whipped them with its tail. They hit into the crow's nest and blacked out.

"Alex! Nick!" I yelled. I can't believe they were taken out so easily!

The dragon lunged its claws back at the twins to take them out for good but Jasper hit it with his frying pan.

"Over here you big lizard!" Jasper yelled.

The Dragon turned its attention to Jasper and instead raked its claws at him. His cheek and left leg started bleeding and the momentum knocked him into the ship. He also blacked out.

"Jasper!" I yelled and started making my way to Jasper but the dragon stopped me by placing its tail right in front of me. I looked back at the dragon and it was about to blow fire at me. I didn't know what to do at that moment and froze.

I was about to become barbeque if Miki hadn't smashed it with her hammer. The dragon growled angrily and back-clawed her knocking her hammer out of her hand. The hammer came back down on her head and she was also down.

"Miki!" I cried.

"Don't worry Captain," Kody said but he didn't look so good. "I'll protect you."

Kody looked like he could hardly stand. He must be getting a heat stroke.

"Kody, don't," I said.

He couldn't even attempt to attack the dragon. He just fainted right in front of me. He was sweating like crazy! I kneeled down and tried dabbing the sweat off of his face.

"Kody, stay with me," I said. "We just need to get down from the volcano."

I looked up to see that the dragon was about ready to attack again.

"I won't let you just hurt my friends," I said standing up and getting my sling shot ready with a blue cannon. "If you want to eat us you'll have to kill me first."

The dragon growled and stared at me for a second. He looked like he was building up fire before he would spit it at me. I took my sling shot and prepared to fire at the beast but then it seemed to change. It stopped growling and the fire build up stopped. It didn't seem angry anymore but just stared at me curiously. I wasn't about to let it get my guard down so I shot at it anyway but the dragon dodged it and flew away but not before hitting the ship with its tail. I hadn't noticed that we had made it to the top of the volcano because when its tail hit the back it hit our ship way passed over the volcano. We were just falling in the air!

"No!" I screamed as our ship tipped over and all of my crew members and I were falling with nothing beneath us. Scatman even fell out.

We were scrambled everywhere in the air. I tried to reach out to gather us so we could fall together but a board that broke off of the ship flew by and hit me in the face. I blacked out after that.

To Be Continued.

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