Questions and Answers with the Crew

Me: Hey guys! We're back to answer your questions!

Kody: Oh god. Here we go…

Me: It's not THAT bad.

Jasper: Easy for you to say! No one is asking you questions.

Pancake: Why are you guys freaking out so much? Are you afraid of questions?

Guys: Of course not!

Me: Well since you all are so pumped I'm going to lock you up in your own individual rooms with an interviewer. OH and you HAVE to answer all the questions or I will do something very torturous and evil to you. MWA HA HA HA

Crew members: O.O

Nick: Our author is insane.

Alex: Got that right.

Me: Now hurry! Get into your rooms and answer these people's questions!


Q: Jasper, Ever think about dyeing your hair to stop at least one thing people can pick on you about?

A: NEVER! If I were to dye my hair it would mean I had admit defeat and I will never let those brainless twins beat me! Plus my hair won't hold dye…

Q: How many recipes do you know and is your master a good cook? Cause if you came from her brain I would imagine she would.

A: I know an infinite amount of recipes! Well, I don't know an infinite amount but I do know a lot and I don't really keep track of how many. As for if my "master" is a good cook. HA! You'll have to be joking! She can't even make Mac n Cheese without turning it into soup!

Q: Ever had a firm relationship or will you have to always be saved by the twins from potentially hazardous partners...ohh wait this isn't a question after all you did end up in that crew which is probably more hazardous to your health.

A: You're telling me! In between Pancake and the demonic twins, I'll probably die before I'm 40! As for the firm relationship… people from my island are too hot for love to really keep a firm relationship… unless they're married.

Q: JASPER! You finally gave in to Tomato Head? GASPIES!

A: Calm your tits! It ain't that big a deal. The nickname ain't so bad. At least it's better than Globe Head or Homo guy.

Q:Jasper, Do you use any other kitchen utensils as weapons like...IDK, knives?!

A: GASP! Use knives?! I'm not such a barbarian! If I were to use the kitchen knives then they would get blood all over them! Then how will I chop vegetables or cut meat? It would be just diseases I tell you! DISEASES!


Q: Kody, ever get tired of serving in the crew and actually leading the crew technically or do you only stay for Pancake? That is my only question as its a tough one, Pancake is awesome...take your time.

A: There's no point serving a crew without its Captain.

Q: Kody! ...Do you like...PANCAKE? O.O

A: … Uh… I can't concentrate when your face looks like that… (blushes.)

Q: Kody, How many people ask if you're Sasuke Uchiha?

A: (Gives and evil glare) Who?
Q: (insert evil fangirl smirk) "So how do you REALLY feel about Pancake

and dont give some shit answer about her being stupid and a loud mouth either."



Q: Alex & Nick, Any new interesting moves in later books?

Nick: Why? (Cleaning giant blade)

Alex: Got a death wish? (Half of face is hidden in shadows and he has a crooked smile.)

Q: Which character in the crew would you most want to kill? Seems they are viable opponents.
Oh by the way, you would neither be cool or awesome without the other so appreciate it.

Both: We don't really want to kill anyone.

Alex: And we kill only to protect.

Nick: Plus if we killed one of our crew mates then we would be at a loss somehow.

Alex: Just think, if we decided to kill Kody, as mean and bossy he is, we wouldn't have a Navigator.

Nick: And if we decided to off Tomato head then we lost our best source of entertainment.

Alex: No one would even think about killing Pancake or Miki…

Nick: And you're right, if I chose to get rid of my brother or he get rid of me we wouldn't be so awesome anymore.

Alex: And it would be really lonely…

Q: TWINS! Which one is which again?

Both: Are we seriously going through this again?

Nick: I'm awesome and Alex is smart.

Alex: But I'm awesome too!

Nick: Only because you look like me.

Alex: But I'm cooler!

Nick: You're a worry wart!

Alex: At least I don't get lost following a straight line!

Nick:… SO!

Q: You guys do know the reason Jasper's hair is red is because it's dyed from the blood of his enemies, right? You should really think twice before messing with him. XD

Alex: Dyed?

Nick: From the blood of his enemies?

(Peaks into Jasper's interview room.)

Jasper: ... If I were to use the kitchen knives then they would get blood all over them! Then how will I chop vegetables or cut meat? It would be just diseases I tell you! DISEASES!

(Twins close the door to Jasper's interview room and looks at each other.)

Both:…. Nah.

Q: If pancake said that she loves you what would you do?

Nick: Go and shove it in the other guys' face.

Alex: Obviously.

Guys (Nick, Alex, Kody, Jasper)

Q: (locks up the boys in a room together) Jasper, Nick, Alex, and Kody: what do you really think of Pancake-samma? And don't gimme some sort of sucky answer. YOU HAVE TO ANSWER TRUTHFULLY OR ELSE I'LL ... I'LL TELL THE AUTHOR TO DRESS YOU PEOPLE UP IN FRILLY GOWNS AND SING OPERA FOR MIKI!


Interviewer: Calm down and answer the question!

Jasper: Okay… (takes a deep breath) Pancake acts like a tom boy most of the time which makes it very hard to treat her like a woman but when she opens up her delicate flower side, she's just… so… CUTE!

Nick: You know dressing up and singing to Miki doesn't sound all that bad…

Alex: Are you kidding me?!

Nick: But if I had to say Pancake is all around awesome to be with. She makes everything fun and it seems that me and her can be on the same level of thinking.

Alex: That's because you both are morons.

Nick: I am not! Then tell me, what do YOU think of her?

Alex: She's very impulsive but she does seem to think the best of us. And… she does make the most dangerous and idiotic times more fun…

Interviewer: What about you Kody? You haven't said a word yet.

Kody: Sighs with a slight blush. Well I don't want to be forced into a dress and I've answered this question like three times now… I think Pancake is… pretty awesome for a girl.

Q: Did you know Pancake is engaged to this one rich ginger dude with freckles?

Jasper: GASP! When did this happen? Does he know how to treat a fair maiden!

Alex and Nick: (Sharpening swords) No one takes Captain-sama away from us…

Kody: (Cracks knuckles) Good thing Gingers have no souls.

Q: What would you guys do if Abe ended up drenching Pancake with water and she just happened to have on a white t shirt?

Jasper: O.O

Nick and Alex: O.O

Kody: Who wants to die?

Q: Pancake's birthday is coming up and they have to get her a present what would it be and why?

Jasper: I'd cook her birthday breakfast, birthday lunch, and birthday dinner! She always loves food.

Nick: I'd give her a party. Ain't no party like a pirate party!

Alex: I'd give her the book of adventures of Corey Rogers. She loves adventure.

Kody: I would get her a pistol or a bow and arrow. Something to protect her better than a little sling shot.

Q: If Pancake were to have all her clothes ruined and or missing and she had to borrow the guys stuff because Miki's is too small.. who would the winner be?

Jasper: Me of course.

Nick: In your dreams!

Alex: besides your clothes would be way too big because you're so freaking tall!

Jasper: And you think she'd borrow yours?!

Alex: Why not?

Nick: We're closer to her age.

Jasper: But Kody is closer to her height…

Alex: And she's borrowed his clothes before…

Kody: What are you three going on about?

Nick: Shoot… Kody wins.

Jasper, Nick, and Alex: Pouts.

Kody: I win what?!

Q: If you accidently walked in when Pancake was changing clothes what would your reaction be including Pancake.

Jasper: Pancake… is… wearing…. Girl… underwear… (turns red in the face and has a nose bleed.)

Nick and Alex: O.O

Kody: Immediately close the door and pretend nothing has happened of course…. It's not like I would stand there stupidly and stare at her…

Pancake: I have to answer this question? Well if I was naked I would probably throw something at the perverts until they leave and then give them evil glares all day until they apologize.


Q: Miki, Where do you think your affixation on Princes first came about? After all you were raised by a single man.

A: Well it was because of Doctor Riku. He saved my life like a Prince valiantly saves a princess! Plus his golden blond hair makes him fit the part!

Q: Where did you find your giant hammer and learn to wield it?

A: It all started when Doctor-sama decided to make me his apprentice. On the first day he handed me a hammer and said I had to be the one to give the patients Anesthesia. At first I couldn't even lift it but Doctor-sama said I couldn't learn how to be a doctor if I couldn't even give patients anesthesia properly so with enough preservation I guess I just got stronger.

Q: Mikki! XD I want to SQUEEZE you to death! Figuratively! You're just so darn adorable!

A: Neesan! I scared! DX

Q: Miki, When are you going to back off of Pancake's men? You know that they don't like you... (Evil laugh) They love Pancake... Nobody else! Boo-hoo!


Scatman. (yup even he got questions XD)

Q:Scatman, how does it feel to be hugged so often by Pancake? (Weird question I know)

A: :D

Q: Also do you like Miki playing with you all the time or does it get annoying?

A: :D

Brook-Charles. (not a crew member but still gets questions cuz he's cool like that.)

Q: Brooke Charles, What do you think of Johnny Lynn's admirers? We all know you have incest thoughts about your little sister...

A: I-i-i-i-i-i-INCEST!? Of course not! I must protect her from lechers that want to claim her hand! I shall whip those that oppose me! (Cracks rose whip)

Q: Let's say one of your men told you that your sister was a pirate and her crew are all men older than her.

A: My baby sister alone with filthy old men? (Takes out whip) Someone shall pay!

Q: What would you do and how much would you freak if a guy made a joke about how hot your sister is?

A: If he has balls enough to talk so dangerously about my sister he better have the strength to back it up because he's going to have to fight me first before he can even look at her.

Pancake. (the one everyone has been waiting for.)

Q: Pancake, How is Scatman since his emergency operation?

A: He's GREAT! Thanks for asking

Q: How good of a relationship do you have with your brother? Do you like him more than your parents?

A: haha… oh him…. Well he was great growing up I guess… You'd have to meet him to understand. I like everyone better than my parents. Except Bryce Everwater. Hate him with a passion.

Q: Pancake...Do you take Kody to be you lawfully made crush? O.o

A: How many times do I have to tell people! I don't wanna get married!

Q: How many times are you going to mug people for weapons...and by people, I sort of mean Jerry?

A: Who? (Troll face).

Q: if you had a kid, would his name be French Toast? XD

A: (Finds a song from Youtube.) Do you like waffles~ Yeah we like Waffles~ Do you like Pancakes~ yeah we like pancakes~ do you like FRENCH TOAST~ Yeah we like FRENCH TOAST~ Do do do do Can't wait to get a mouth ful~

Q: Pancake, Do you miss Brooke Charles? We all know you love him...

A: He… can be a bit over bearing sometimes… And of course I love him. He's my bro.

Q: What do you think of your male crew members, Alex, Nick, Kody, and Jasper? Specific, please!

A: Well… hmm… Alex is really smart and responsible but he worries a lot. He's very sweet and caring though. Nick is awesome and great at pumping me up for a new adventure. He has a terrible sense of direction but that just makes him funny. He's very courageous which makes him a great addition to the team. Plus Nick and Alex together makes it amazing because twin swordsmen are EPIC. AND I love it when they play jokes on Jasper.

Which leads me to say that I really like Jasper. He cooks me food and he has this really funny country accent. His red hair is great too! I've never seen hair that red! It makes it easier to spot him in a crowd.

Kody is very dependable. Without him I would really literally be lost. There's something else about him too that I can't quite explain. Even though he acts mean and yells a lot he's actually really nice and caring. Plus his fighting style is pretty freaking amazing! I wish I could just touch someone and they'd get all paralyzed and stuff…

Q: Pancake, What would you do if Bryce Everwater came back and asked you to marry him?

A: I'd punch him right in his stupid face and say "When I say no it f #&ing means NO!"

Q: Pancake, "How do you feel about Kody and could you see yourself falling in love with him?"

A: On the contrary I think he's trying to steal my job. -.-

(Kody from the other side of the door yelling): You dimwits! Can't you listen to a single word I say!

Girls (Miki and Pancake).

Q: Valentines day is coming what are they planning to do and why? Who do you plan to give chocolates too and is it friendship chocolate, more than friend chocolate, etc?

A: Girls look at each other and smirk. Miki starts giggling.

Pancake: We'd give them too ourselves. The guys don't deserve our homemade chocolates anyway.

Miki: And we really like chocolate although I'd rather give chocolates to all the princes. They're all just so… dazzling… (Puts hands together and start day dreaming about "princes".)

Pancake: AND I'm not very good at cooking so no one would want my chocolates anyway. (Dramatically puts her fist to her heart and sheds a tear.)

Miki: Pancake-neesan, I'd eat your chocolates!

Pancake: You would? (wipes away tear)

Miki: Of course because anything neesan makes is beautiful and delicious!

Everyone except Miki. (it's strange question sorry XD)

Q: What does the crew think of Miki? Why do they feel that way?

Pancake: We love Miki because she's awesome and has a giant hammer and pink hair!

Nick: Miki is short and cute. Sometimes she's a bit funny too. Plus she looks like a badass wielding that giant hammer of hers.

Alex: She's a bit nutty and unpredictable most of the time. But I think she's alright I guess.

Jasper: She's so young but cute. And she's also annoying and really crazy.

Kody: She's kind of a stalker. She hides behind things and watches me from a far. I don't think she knows that I notice her though. She's not bad though. Just kind of creepy.

Pancakegirl (yes even I got questions XD)

Q: Let's say the crew gets stuck in a land much like adventure time which characters would they be and what would be the first adventure?

A: Well Pancake would be finn of course because she's the adventurer. Miki would be princess bubblegum just because she has pink hair and idk who else she would be. Jasper can be peppermint butler just because I want him too. The twins can both be Jake. Pancake would just have two dogs haha. And Kody can be… the Ice King because he's mean lol. Their first adventure would be to save Miki from Kody because he decided to boil her in hot fudge because she kept stalking him XD haha.

Q: Okay in college which crew member would be good at what classes and if they were to sit in the others classes how would they react?

Okay! Kody would be great in Physical geography because he's a navigator. Pancake would be good in none of her classes because she doesn't pay attention or have any real talent lol. Jasper would be good in biology because he knows a lot about life by living on a farm. Miki would be good in Chemistry because she's does medicines and other doctor stuff. Nick would be good in art I guess cuz he painted the ship's flag and Alex is good in math and a lot of other classes cuz he's freaking smart.

This question is really long and hard to think of so I'll just let you know how Pancake would be in Kody's class because Pancake's personality is close to mine and I actually had a geography class last semester. She would be bored out of her mind in that class and wonder why the heck Kody is so freaking smart!

Q: Say the crew found an ipad or something equivalent who would be the first to figure it out and who would end up breaking it?

Actually Pancake would be the one to fix it because she grew up a noble that had all that technology. The twins would probably be the one to break it just because they're the reckless type XD

Q: Pancakegirl, if you had to think in terms of anime shows which shows would EACH character be and from those shows which character would they most represent?

Pancake would be Luffy from One Piece cuz duh she's based off of him. The twins would be from Ouran High school host club as the twins lol XD. Kody would probably be Sasuke from Naruto just because he has the hairdo LOL you probably thought that would be my answer XD haha. Actually I made him up when I was watching Katekyo hitman reborn and the character I thought of him as was Hibari cuz of his attitude ;b. Miki, would be from the anime The melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and she'd be the time traveler chick Mikuru because of her personality. Jasper would probably be from One piece also as Sanji just because he's a cook and loves women XD

Q: Since it's New Years, what and how would the crew spend it?

The Crew would steal Jerry's rockets and set them off as fireworks and watch as they destroy Jerry's ship.

Q: If the crew were to go on a trip and had to be stuck in a van together who would drive and the time they would spend in the car is about 16 plus hours :3

Jasper would be the driver because he's always the driver. Kody would be in the passenger seat with the map of the roads. The twins would be in the back seat trying to entertain Pancake until they fall asleep. When the twins fall asleep Pancake draws all over their faces.

Q: What would the crew's reaction be if Melawe made an appearance and then proclaimed she was joining the crew?

They'd probably all look at you and say "hell no." Just cuz they don't know you XD sorry.

A/N: Thank you all for sticking around and reading my story You all gave me great encouragement to keep writing. Happy New years btw ;b Watch any fireworks or destroy someone's ship for entertainment? I can't believe how many questions you guys asked! Thank you all for participating This was really fun! I think I'll do this again at the end of book 2 ;P they'll be more crew members by then so I expect more questions. I don't have the first chapter written for book two yet. I know you guys will be asking me when I'll post it. Just give me a bit. I have LOTS of planning to do before I post it. Maybe soon though because I've been working on it like a boss! So just keep checking for it.

Also did ya'll notice I fixed the title picture for book 1. It looks a whole lot better than the last one I had. Mostly because I used something besides MSPaint. I have the title for book 2 already made. You can check it out on my deviantart. Here's the link: gallery/39451220#/d5ppwzn

Anyway, I love you guys! Thanks again! :D