You did nothing.

And he hates you.

To him, you are begging

You ask him to come to your rescue.

But he never comes

He only stands there, like a statue.

You say you are one of his victims

You say you love him, and he hasn't got a clue.

But I know the real story.

To most people your lies arent see-through

So of course you claim all the simpathy and glory

Now Its up to me, to tell what really happened, the real issue

At first, he was at your beconing call.

He was there to catch you

Whenever you decided to fall

In fact, who was there to give advice whenever you said "what should I do?"

Who was there to see you crying

And wipe your tears with a tissue?

He want the one idley standing

In fact, you were the one acting like a statue

And now he's vanished

All because you kept on wanting, waiting, wishing

He had been more polished (having better qualities)

Now I find myself wishing

For several things

I find myself wishing people will realize your wrongdoing

I wish for several things

That my children will not be living

Your type of life,

I find myself wishing

That they have his life

I hope my children will start acting

As he did, I hope they find self-respect,

Instead of living for the lying

I hope they will find values, and detect

When they have to start defending

Them, and their friends, from people like you.