Chapter 5

As I glided into her mind I felt a light shiver down my spine. It woke my whole body and took me by surprise. There really was something unique about Tnisha's mind but...what? Maybe it was just that she was strong. She was definitely stronger than most humans.

"Evelance is that you?" A pretty voice asked me.

I turned and saw Tnisha standing in front of me. Her smile was bright and her movements seemed easy. I had to remind myself that this was only the facade of her dream and that she was still sick. was so hard not to be fooled. She just looked so full of energy and light.

"Yes it is. Hello Tnisha."

She skipped towards me and gently squeezed her hand in mine. "Will you follow me there is something I want to show you?"

"Yes of course." I answered even though she was already taking me. "Where are we going?"

She looked at me with a sparkle in her eye "you will see".

I followed her blindly. It was a really strange experience for me not to have complete control of the situation and know what was going to happen.

Where she took me though was somewhere I could never even have imagined she would take me. The house. Only it was years ago. I didn't even think it was possible for the place to look new did. We were standing in front of it looking on. How? "How is this even possible?" She looked at me, winked and then skipped towards the great doors of the house. I followed her expecting it to all fade away as I approached but it didn't. No, in fact it looked even more permanent then at a distance. "What is this?" A dream just wasn't on the cards for me, not anymore.

I sighed and stepped through the doorway, not needing to be careful wasn't fragile anymore. It was "strong" I said that word almost proudly. This house wasn't mine and yet the thought of it having lasted so long made feel like I had built the house myself.

"Are you going to just stand there?" Tnisha had come back from wherever she had gone and didn't look quite as patient.

"Do you..."

"What? Know that this is the house?" I nodded still stunned. "Then yes I do. This is my dream after all."She proved herself to be special once again. How was it that a child so small could already have so much knowledge inside of her? "You're wondering about how I did it aren't you?" She giggled and suddenly looked her age again. "Come on there is still something I want to show you."

I gave in to her "I'm coming". She looked pleased by my answer and took hold of my hand once again.

We ascended up the grand and much less creaky stairs. She took me to the end of the house and towards a door I didn't remember. As she opened it a blur began to cover my eyes. I rubbed at them trying to get the haze to clear. "Tnisha can you see?"

I heard let out a confused giggle. "You're talking funny aga..." Her voice began to fade and all I could hear was a distant ringing. Was it the room that had this effect on me or was it the 'phase' again? Whichever one it was though it began to fade and as the blur lifted I saw that I was standing back in the hall again.

Tnisha was still holding onto my arm. She must have pulled me out of the room. "Evelance?" She looked worried.

I smiled to reassure her. "What was in that room?"

"A man. Didn't you see him?"

Clearly I hadn't if I was asking. "No I didn't. I'm not really sure what happened" because everything was just a blur. I leant against the wall of the corridor, as I was still feeling a little unbalanced. "Do you know who the man was?"

She went to nod her head and stopped herself "well not really. I just come to see him sometimes. He isn't very happy because the girl he likes is poorly." A typical child's analogy of a fiancé or something along the lines of that I thought to myself.

"Can we go back now?"

She looked puzzled "Back where we have only been here?"

"We weren't at the beginning."

"We were nowhere at the beginning."I thought about that for a moment and then my mind stopped concentrating on the dream. "Evelance where are you going?" A faint voice cried. "Please don't leave me."

It was too late I had already lost my grip on the dream and now her mind was rejecting me. I must have left it to long to properly leave and now her mind was doing it for me. My eyes began to create bright shapes and bursts of colours, which was not supposed to happen. It was somehow taking longer for me to leave. My whole body went heavy and my mind was whirling.

Finally her room began the blur into sight and my mind began to buzz again. As I stumbled around her room I wondered whether it was affecting her in some way, like I had been. When I was completely back I turned to watch her sleeping but...she wasn't there. "Tnisha?" I said out loud even though my voice would not be heard.

I went over to the door and tried to open it but it wouldn't open. "Strange." I looked at the handle but it just vanished and no matter how much I rubbed at my eyes it didn't reappear. There was only one other way for me to leave the room but I didn't like it, gliding. "Looks like I'm going to have to." I went to go through the wall the same way I always did but...I just couldn't. The wall was solid and instead of gliding I just bumped into the wall. Now that was strange. There was nothing that had ever stopped be before. If I put my mind to it then I could slide through concrete.

There was a sudden chill in the room and my whole body began to tingle. I turned to look around the room and realised that I was not alone. Oh no. There was a young girl (not Tnisha) sat on the bed. Her features were blurred and the only reason I knew she was a girl was because she was letting out soft dainty sobs. Her tears were falling onto the long drapes over her bed. They looked Elizabethan. "Hello." The girl didn't acknowledge my presence and continued to sob. "Are you ok?" She didn't react again and I tried to go near here but...I just couldn't. I was actually stuck on the patch of carpet I was standing on.

The girl began to speak but not to me, "mummy please get better. Daddy is sad now and he can't look after the baby as well as you can." She started to cry again and then my vision began to blur. This time colours spilt in from every corner and then my mind started to go blank. My mind was entering the phase and there was nothing I could do to stop it.