I need to stop seeking help from everyone else.

I need to realize that every such attempt fails.

I'm tired of being weak and begging for help.

I'm the one who's broken so I should fix myself.

And today I promise myself to keep all my other promises.

Today I promise to take on all my problems face to face.

I can see now that I'm strong only when I'm all alone.

I gotta do what I need to, and I need to be on my own.

The things that really hurt are the ones where I'm the one to blame.

I'm not gonna take my own recklessness anymore, I won't stay the same.

I need to change- I don't want anything from anyone anymore.

I need to look into myself to throw my problems out of the door.

And I promise this time I will be strong.

I promise I'll remember where I belong.