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Alexander's POV

"Cleo, baby, where are you?" I whisper as I wander along the dark, silent landing. I have just been doing a late shift at work, so as you can imagine I have only just arrived home and it's about one in the morning. I went into our bedroom but I couldn't find Cleo there, I even checked all the rooms but still no sign of her. Of course I've started panicking, especially after past events when things like this have happened. But luckily I soon hear her soft voice.

"In here," I hear her murmur with a hint of something in her voice. I smile to myself while walking towards the room she had off limits to me for weeks now, she keeps telling me she is designing a little surprise for me, for us, so now that I can finally look inside, well, as expected, I'm excited. I ease the door open where I find my beautiful wife sat on the bed in the most arousing position possible. The first thing I take in about the room is Cleo; she is sat there dressed in a very revealing outfit.

She is sat there wrapped in nothing but a red satin bow. She is literally wrapped up like a present, except the ribbon only covers her breasts and privates, but then at the back I can see the satin is spaghetti thin and I can see it acts like a thong. She looks stunning. I look up at her face to see that she has curled her hair, the loose curls bouncing around her shoulders. She has done a kind of red mist for eye shadow, her eye lashes are at their fullest, looking long and full of volume against her gorgeous blue eyes. She even has on light red lipstick which just makes her all the more alluring in my opinion. Once I have finished gazing at my stunning wife, I take in the bed she is sat on. It is a large King sized bed that has a satin black bedsheet from what I can see, but the covers and the pillowcases are satin red. She has painted the wall the headboard is pushed against back, and the rest of the walls are red. Red is a very alluring colour, and it is definitely one of my favourite colours.

Along the room I can see different sexual areas, I can see the swing we bought five years ago sat in here, I can see a shelf that is full of sex toys that we have bought over the years, there is a draw beside the bed where I shall assume our condoms are and there is a wardrobe off to the side. I bet that is where all the sexy outfits and lingerie we own are. There are even a couple more sex related enhances around the room, but the only one that interests me is my wife. The woman who has truly made my life.

"Happy birthday," She whispers in her sultry voice as I step towards her, Cleo stretching her legs out in front of her as I climb onto the bed, crawling over her body where I kiss her lips, holding them against mine. She runs her fingers through my hair as she deepens the kiss slowly.

"All this just for me?" I murmur as I finger the satin ribbon she is wearing.

"And so much more,"

"More?" I cock an eyebrow at her, Cleo playing with my tie.

"Yep, we bought you some presents as well. But this one is just for you, from me. Now unwrap your gift," She demands playfully, making me chuckle before I kiss her again.

"Maybe I should strip a bit first, make it even, you know," I point out, Cleo grinning as she assures me she will do it for me while slowly undoing my tie where she throws it to the side, her hands then making work of the buttons on my shirt where she slides the material down my arms before slinging that to the floor as well. I hurriedly strip away the rest of my clothes until I am in nothing more than my boxers, with that I gently grip her ribbon where I pull it, completely undoing her, the ribbon falling away from her body, leaving her completely bar to my gaze.

"I must admit this is a sight I enjoy very much," I tell her, pushing her back onto the bed gently before I kiss my way down her stomach towards her centre, but she soon halts my intentions.

"You're the birthday boy, let me pleasure you," She rolls us over, her hands tugging at my boxers until she has them discarded on the floor, my erection jumping out at her, Cleo giggling while she wraps her hand around my member, slowly beginning to stroke me.

"Are the kids asleep?" I just about manage to breathe out.

"Yep, they shouldn't wake up as long as we're quiet…" She kisses the tip of my cock before licking the pre-come. I groan while gripping her hair with my hands, her mouth soon enveloping my cock inch by inch, until she has me fully in her mouth.

Her tongue licking and caressing my cock as she slowly begins to bob her head up and down. I can already feel my excitement rising by the millisecond. At this rate she's going to have me coming in no time. I grip her hair a little tighter as I start to gently thrust up into her mouth, Cleo accepting the eager gesture as she starts to suck harder, one of her hands playing with my balls while the other one massages the base of my cock until I finally come into her mouth, Cleo swallowing it all up happily. When she's finished she kisses the tip of my cock before licking across her lips with a smirk on her face, this mischievous twinkle in her eyes.

"I can see I'm in for a ride,"

"Does that mean I get to ride you?" She whispers naughtily while climbing onto my waist, my cock now only mere inches away from her dripping wet pussy. I groan.

"If it means I can get my cock into you faster, then yeah,"

"Hmm, is there anything you would like to use to enhance your…" She leans forward, bringing her lips close to my ear. "Pleasure?" She whispers in her best sultry voice, I growl while gripping her hips, rocking her not so gently, a clear demand from my side that I want her on my cock now. She smiles at me before kissing me ever so softly, her fingers wrapping themselves in my hair as she lines my cock up with her entrance. I slowly kiss away from her lips and down her neck, just as she slides onto my dick, making me gasp before moaning. She is much wetter than I first anticipated.

"No condom?" I pull back to stare at her. We've been using condoms all the time now, not just for protection reasons, but simply because you can get some awesome pleasure enhances ones.

"I'm on the pill,"

"So that's why you've been so secretive this last month,"

"The doctor said I had to run a cycle before it could work properly, but now I'm all ready for you," She kisses me again, slowly beginning to rock against me.

I kiss each of her nipples softly while thrusting upwards, making sure to meet her thrust for thrust, just for the fact it sends me even deeper into her. I need to be deeper into her. After almost seven years of being together, love making is still new, fresh and utterly fucking fantastic every time.

"God I love early birthday presents, especially ones where I get to unwrap my naked wife," I breathe in her ear, Cleo moaning softly before I flip us around, allowing myself to thrust into her fast and hard and at a speed I know that we both enjoy.

"Knulla mig hårdare! Snälla!" Cleo begs through a loud scream, I kiss her in order to silence her.

"Shh, we don't want to wake the children," I remind her quietly, Cleo biting on her lower lip as she closes her eyes, trying her hardest to keep her moans to a minimum. She is losing control already and we haven't even begun, at least, in my books we haven't. She's made us a sex room for Christ's sakes, and we don't get much private time together, so I'm going to make the most of this, and let's face it, my beautiful wife won't have a single protest.

"Come, Cleo, come for me," I groan as I thrust deep and hard into her, Cleo arching her back as she cries out again, no longer caring for silence. I think we may have to invest in sound proofing this room or something, seeing as she plans on screaming her lungs off every second. Not that I'm complaining. I smirk at her before leaning down and kissing her again, balancing myself on one hand while I rub her swollen sensitive clit with the other, making her whimper into my mouth as I stroke her clit in time to each of my thrusts into her. It doesn't take long from then until I have her arching her back while screaming out my name, her juices coating my cock as I finally allow myself to release my load into her. I carry on to move in and out of her as we calm down, but once we have caught our breaths she rolls us over again so that she's straddling me, my cock still nicely nestled in her pussy.

"Please say we can keep going," She practically pleads. I grin at her while tracing the gorgeous outline of her perfect body, my eyes moving up and down her body before I finally settle with locking gazes with her. I smile.

"I wasn't planning on either of us finishing just yet,"

"Good, because I have many birthday surprises for you in this room,"

"Really?" I cock an eyebrow at her, moving my hips slightly so that my cock moves in her, Cleo gasping before moaning. I smirk again.

"Oh yes," She winks before leaning down and kissing me gently.

"Then surprise me, I want to see what you have in store," I encourage her, Cleo grinning as she jumps off of my cock and off of the bed, leaving me to sigh at the loss of contact between our sexes.

I watch as she goes towards the cabinet placed under the large television she has placed in here, from what I can see it's the one we used to have in our living room before we decided to buy a new one. She opens the cabinet before picking out a DVD that she shows to me.

"Can you remember this?" She probes; I sit up and stare at the name. Ship ahoy.

"I do indeed remember that," I chuckle, thinking back to our trip to Sweden. We bought so many things there to enhance our sex life, and I remember us roleplaying. She was dressed as a sexy sailor girl, although I did sink my ship into her water, and yes, we did both orgasm many times, but there wasn't much roleplaying. It was mostly just some amazing love making.

"Are there more DVDs in there?" I get up and head over to her where I peer into the draw. There are a fair few.

"Yeah. We did do a lot of… making," Cleo blushes, making me chuckle as I pull her to me and kiss her, gently prying the DVD out of her hand where I place it in the DVD player, never once letting my lips leave hers as I switch the television on. I pick her up then, my hands supporting her thighs while her legs wrap around my waist, her arms around my neck. With that I carry her over to the bed where I lay her down, I pull back reluctantly then, but only so that I can go and grab the handcuffs that I bring back to the bed with me.

"You want to tie me up, big boy?" She teases. I nod while gripping her wrists, but not tightly, where I tie them to the bed posts, Cleo's body now all exposed and vulnerable to my caresses and kisses. In the background the moans and groans begin while I run my finger up her slit, testing just how wet she is and whether she is horny enough for more love making. It's safe to say she is.

I gently grip her ankles where I move her legs so that each one is on one of my shoulders, she grins at me as I line myself up with her entrance; I offer her one cheeky wink before slamming into her, her back arching immediately, but I don't give her time to adjust as I start to thrust into her manically. Cleo whimpering, moaning, groaning, wiggling and doing everything ever so sexually that I can't help but feel even more excited.

"Oh, God…Fuck…" Cleo cries out, her breaths coming hard and fast as I angle my thrusts so that I am hitting her clit with every thrust into her. She rattles the handcuffs while whimpering, her legs wrapping around my waist tightly, a clear sign to me that she is close to her end, and I don't think the sound of us making love on the DVD is helping her, especially seeing as she can see the actual video from where she is. But, if anything, it is only causing her even more excitement and pleasure.

"God, Cleo…you're so wet," I groan in her ear, Cleo moaning as she begs me to be rough with her. I grip her thighs a bit tighter as I start to pound her pussy, Cleo crying out. I can hear how wet she is, my every thrust into her pussy reveals just how drenched she is. I soon manage to bring her to orgasm again, her womanly juices rushing out of her as I roar out her name, my come exploding inside of her. I soon end up collapsing down beside her, both of us panting, Cleo rattling the handcuffs with exhaustion. I reach up and undo them where Cleo tosses them carelessly to the floor before she falls back onto the bed; I grab the remote from the bedside table where I switch off the television, Cleo cuddling into my chest, her sweaty body pressing against mine.

"That was amazing, baby girl," I kiss her forehead, Cleo smiling softly as she snuggles closer to me, her eyes falling closed. I think I may have tired my poor Cleo out.

"I'm glad you enjoyed your birthday present,"

"I especially loved the wrapping,"


"Yes," I breathe while looking down at her, Cleo looking up at me with a twinkle in her eyes. "But I prefer my present with the wrapping off," I smirk, Cleo blushing a bright red as she giggles lightly.

"What time is it?" She yawns sleepily.

"Almost half three,"

"We've been at it for two hours?" She looks up at me with a cheerful smile.

"Yep, we have," I lean down and kiss her before murmuring to her to get some sleep; after all, the children are usually up by six. That doesn't exactly leave us with much time to sleep.

Cleo's POV

"Where's daddy?" Johan probes as I help him into his jumper. I still can't believe how much he has grown since he was born, after all, he was born premature, he was so tiny, and now he's one of the taller ones in his class. I pick him up where I balance him on my hip.

"Daddy's sleeping, he was awake most of the night, he's pretty tired," I tell him, Johan nodding his little head. I take my chance then to observe him and notice all the changes he has made since he was born, he has gotten taller, obviously, but he has made some other changes as well. His skin is no longer as sensitive as it was; his hair has darkened from blonde to brown now. Even his eyes have taken on a strong blue colour. It's so strange to see my little boy with brown hair like me; I always thought he would have blonde hair like his father.

"Mommy, orange not beckberry,"

"Blackberry, Sweetie," I giggle lightly as I pour some orange juice into a small cup for him. I pass him the cup after I have sat him down on the chair at the table. He smiles at me before taking a sip. Luckily it's Saturday so I don't have to worry about getting him ready for school.

"Where Rose?" He looks around, a small frown on his face.

"Rose is sleeping as well, Sweetie," I inform him as I pop some brown bread in the toaster. Rose is mine and Alexander's six month old baby girl; she is our precious little jewel. Our first and only little girl. As you can expect, she has blue eyes as well, but she takes after her father for her hair because she has the most gorgeous blonde her you can imagine.

Rose has never really been a big sleeper, but lately we have been lucky with her and she has been sleeping a lot more, especially in the mornings, it's more night times she doesn't like sleeping at. I know there is quite a big age difference between Johan and Rose, but after Johan we didn't want to rush into having any more children. Johan was such a handful as it was that we didn't want to overload ourselves, plus we wanted to save more money up before we even considered another baby. But we soon decided the time was right and here we are now, with our little girl. When she was first born Johan didn't take to her very well, but now he loves her more than anything, in fact, he's very protective of her. He's always bringing his friends over in the playground to come and see her. I find it all very sweet indeed.

"Where daddy's presents?"

"My, my, you are full of questions today," I laugh lightly as I take the toast out of the toaster where I butter it lightly before putting a thin layer of jam on. After all, I do know how my little man loves his toast. He likes it lightly browned with a thin layer of butter and a thin layer of jam.

"Daddy's presents are on the coffee table in the living room. Don't worry; you'll be able to give him yours soon. In fact, I'll go get Rose and then we can wake daddy up, yeah?"

"Yeah!" Johan yells excitedly. I giggle again before looking towards the door where I can see Alexander stood there already, looking as yummy as ever, with our little girl in his arms. He has that whole just rolled out of bed look. His hair is messy and all he has done is pulled on some pyjama bottoms from what I can see.

He gives me a lopsided grin while he walks into the kitchen, placing Rose in her highchair, where her lower lip starts wobbling. I quickly grab her toy bunny that I pass to her. She grabs it and cuddles it, feeling happy that I have given her the bunny, which is her favourite toy.

"What are you making?" Alexander probes while he stretches. I try my hardest not to look at him, but I still end up sneaking cheeky glances at his body as he flexes. His body is gorgeous. It's so toned and he has been going to the gym more, so he has managed to maintain that amazing body I love. He's even got a bit of a tan going. Good thing we've been having great weather lately.

"I've done toast for Johan, but I was going to make us omelettes," I could see that he was going to ask why Johan wasn't having omelettes until he remembered that Johan hates eggs.

"Sounds great, I'll feed Rose while you do it. Should I give her the cherry baby food she likes?"

"No, give her the bottle of breast milk in the fridge, just make sure you warm it up, and then give her the avocado baby food, that's the one they recommend for babies of her age," I tell him, Alexander chuckling as he comes up behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist where he kisses my neck softly. I smile.

"I love how maternal and knowledgeable you are,"

"I just love you,"

"And I love you," He spins me around where he kisses me. The only reason we pull apart is because Johan whines out a "eww". We both laugh before Alexander goes and gets Rose's breakfast sorted.

"Johan, don't you have something to say to daddy?"

"Oh, yeah, happy bertday, daddy!" I couldn't help laughing with Alexander. Our poor little boy still hasn't quite grasped that it's birthday not bertday, and no matter how much we tell him and get him to try, he still can't quite get it. But he's getting there.

"Thank you, little man," Alexander picks up Johan where he hugs him while he waits for Rose's bottle to warm up, as well as her food. She doesn't like her baby food cold, but she doesn't like it hot either. It has to be just right otherwise she won't touch it. I watch as Alexander kisses Johan's cheek before sitting him back down on the chair, Johan squealing with excitement as he runs out of the kitchen, only to return with Alexander's present in his hands.

"This for you, daddy!" He tells him excitedly while passing his daddy the present. Alexander smiles while gently taking it from Johan, he throws me a look. I smile. He opens it up to find that it's that new watch he has been after for a while now, but I kept stopping him from buying it. Alexander thanks Johan by giving him a hug.

"It's prefect, little man, thank you,"

"It from Rose, too,"

"Well, thank you, Rose, as well," Alexander walks over and kisses Rose's forehead.

"By the way, I have something special planned for tonight," I tell him.

"Is it anything like what happened this morning?"

"Not at first, no," I grin at him.

What the surprise actual is, is a surprise party that me and a few others have been planning for Alexander. We've even got all the invitation list sorted. I know that a few of Alexander's work friends are coming, Jonathon, Sebastian and Tommy are all coming and then all his family are, as are mine. We've all been planning this for weeks now.

Alexander's POV

"You look great," Cleo grins at me from her place leaning against the door frame to our bedroom, I grin at her. All I have done is pulled on my black tailored trousers and pulled on my dark blue button up shirt, but I have left the first couple of buttons undone. I have even pulled on my smart shoes. She told me to dress up smartly, but comfortably, and I'm not one to rebel against what I've been told, after all, she is the one with all the information about this little surprise, not me.

"You look even better," I retort while allowing my eyes to skim over her. She is dressed in a sexy black dress that goes to half way down her thighs. There is a thick pink belt that is fastened around her waist, but at the same time it emphasises her amazing breasts. The skirt part of her dress is also puffy, but not too puffy, just right if you ask me. She has paired the dress off with a pair of her black heels. She has even curled her soft brown hair and done her make-up so that she looks even more beautiful. Not that that was even possible. She was already the most beautiful being in this world.

"Stop flattering me, you're not getting into my panties just yet,"

"Are you even wearing panties?" I retort with a wink and a smirk. She grins at me before gently easing the back of her dress up as she walks out of the room, revealing to me that she is only wearing a skimpy little thong that I could easily tear off. I groan while following after her down the stairs where I find her, Rose and Johan already stood there waiting. She even has Johan dressed in black jeans and a checkered blue shirt that has an open colour. He looks smart as well. I look over at Cleo next who is stood there holding our little girl, the same little girl who looks cute in her little outfit. Cleo has Rose dressed in a sleeveless black dress that has different coloured and styled hearts all over the three layers of the dress, there is even a red little belt that has white polka-dots all over it that ties into a small bow at the side of her body.

"We must be going somewhere special if you're all dressed up," I note thoughtfully, Cleo nodding happily as she opens the doors before walking out with Rose balanced on one arm, and Johan's hand in her spare one. I follow after them where I lock up the house before climbing into the passenger's side of the car while Cleo straps in the children before taking her place behind the stirring wheel.

"Do you have Rose's pushchair and the changing bag?"

"They're in the boot," She assures me before starting the car and placing it in gear where she drives off the driveway and down the road. The journey doesn't take that long and I soon find us parking up in the car park of what looks to be a bar. While Cleo gets Rose, I get Johan before we lock up the car and all head inside, the lights suddenly switching on and everyone yelling out surprise.

I laugh just as Jonathon and my other old roomies jump on me, wishing me a happy birthday. I look over at Cleo where I can see her trying to soothe Rose; she must have been frightened by the yelling. I watch as Johan runs over to his mummy, leaving me to talk to my friends.

"Twenty-five, man, twenty-five years old and look at ya, ya still look like that eighteen year old boy. It's like you haven't aged a bit," Jonathon pats my shoulder, making me laugh.

"Is this coming from the boy who still barely looks sixteen?" I joke, Jonathon punching my arm playfully before we all head over to the bar. We order our drinks and while we wait for them I look around the room, seeing who has come to this little surprise party. I must admit the place has been decorated amazingly, there are blue and silver streamers everywhere and there is a banner saying Happy Birthday, Alexander on it as well.

"Where's Kerry?" I probe while looking around the room; it's unusual to see Jonathon here, but not Kerry. Since they got married last year they have been inseparable, they literally are love birds.

"She's sat in the booth over there, where Cleo is stood," Jonathon points to the area he means, I look over there where I can finally see her. She's talking to Cleo.

"How's the pregnancy going?"

"She's as hormonal as ever, and she's been fretting about the weight gain,"

"Just tell her she looks beautiful and sexy every day, that's what I did with Cleo,"

"That's what I've been trying to do, I hate seeing her so self-conscious,"

"Is it a boy or a girl, do ya know?" Tommy pipes up. I nod in agreement. He's been keeping the gender a secret for months now and she's due to give birth in about two months.

"It's a boy,"

"Got any names in mind?" Sebastian probes, Jonathon shrugs his shoulders.

"Not really, we've chosen two of our favourite names, but we don't know which one to use,"

"What's the choice?" I ask.

"Logan or Randle,"

"Randle?" Tommy tries not to laugh. I hit his arm.

"Her dad was called Randle, and as you know he died when she was fifteen,"

"Why don't you call him Logan and then use Randle as a middle name? Or vice versa, you know, up to you," I suggest, Jonathon agreeing that that is a great idea. He grabs his beer and an orange juice before rushing off to see his wife. I shake my head with a smile as I grab the tray that has my beer on, Cleo's orange juice and a small glass of cola for Johan.

I head over to the table Cleo has seated herself at with the children.

"Are you okay?" I probe as I sit down beside her, Cleo nodding as she rocks the pushchair, I can see she is trying to settle Rose.

"What's up with her?" I look between my two girls.

"She's just a bit grumpy, she'll be fine soon, don't worry," Cleo assure me.

"Where Tay Tay?" Johan yells out, his little head skimming around the room, trying to spot his cousin. Tay Tay, as he calls her, is Jayden and Ivy's little girl.

"Tayah will be here soon, Sweetie," Cleo assures our son, Johan frowning as he pouts. Tayah is only three years old, but Johan and her are like best friends, they have been close since day one. Tayah was born out of wedlock and her parents still aren't married, but Ivy and Jayden decided that they didn't need to have a piece of paper to tell people they are forever. Cleo found it such a romantic gesture, but she still thinks Ivy does want to get married, even if she won't admit it.

Almost as if they could sense we were talking about them, they walk in, Johan running over where him and Tayah run towards the dance floor. We all share a laugh as Jayden and Ivy sit down with us.

"How's my favourite niece?" Jayden probes while stroking Rose's cheek. She scrunches her face up but soon relaxes as she closes her eyes, finally beginning to settle down. I look up to see Ivy staring at the dance floor, keeping a close eye on her little girl; I look at Cleo to see that she is doing the same thing, but with our son.

"She's grumpy," I laugh, Jayden laughing as well.

"Where's your brother? Derek is it?" He probes.

"I'm right here," Derek hollers, causing me to turn and look at him. I get up and give him a man hug where we pat each other's backs through a half hug.

"Where's dad and the rest of you?"

"At the bar getting the drinks in. Happy birthday, bro, by the way. Have a good one and don't get too drunk,"

"I don't plan on getting drunk at all. I have two children to look after," I remind him plainly.

"Look who's here," Cleo whispers quietly with a grin on her face, I turn around just in time to catch Annika as she jumps into my arms, hugging me tightly. I grin.

"Hallå där, du. Hur mår du?" I ask her, Annika smiling broadly as she smooths out the red dress she is wearing.

"Good. And you?" She probes, making me smile. Her English really has come along since she got adopted by Cleo's parents.

Originally, Cleo and I were considering adopting Annika, but after we had Johan we didn't think we would be able to cope, but Cleo's mum had been missing the presence of a child in her home, in fact, she told us she missed being a mum. A proper mum. As in spends every second of her day tending to the needs of her child, and when Annika was staying with her over our wedding period, they really bonded and would you know it, Annika has a new mum and dad. A new family. Cleo and I still like to think of her as being ours in a way, even though she isn't. We care for her, and she feels like a younger sister to us, another daughter in some ways, but she is right where she belongs.

"Mum said that I should give you this," Annika pulls out a small present that she passes to me. I thank her before opening it where I find that they have gotten me some new cologne.

With that Annika jumps off of my lap where she runs onto the dance floor where Tayah and Johan are. Together they all do what children do best, pretend they know how to dance but really all they do is jump up and down while swinging their arms about. I hear a small sob, causing me to look up where I see Cleo sobbing lightly. I reach over to her, wiping away one of her tears with my thumb.

"Hey, what's up?"

"I'm sorry, it's just…she calls her mum, it means the world to me. She really is a part of our family, just like we've always wanted,"

"We have a pretty awesome family,"

"Just look around us, Alexander, there is family everywhere. Nieces and nephews, cousins, brothers, sisters, parents, heck, even Jonathon, Sebastian and Tommy are family in a way," Cleo points out, I nod while taking her hand in mine where I pull her up out of her seat and onto my lap where I hold her, her head resting on my chest.

"One big family," I repeat quietly to myself as I stroke through Cleo's hair, my eyes moving around the room where I take in my sleeping daughter, my hyperactive son and then everyone else. She's right. There is family all around me, and while I have them, I know that no matter what, I will always be supported. As will they by the rest of us.

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