The blood running through my veins,

But I only wish someone can see my pain,

It's not that easy to stop,

One more and I think it's going to pop,

Looking at the blood dripping down my arm,

Thinking, "What's the harm?"

There is no place in this world that is a safe place to be,

Do you even see what they've done to me?

You see, no one understands,

Why there's always blood on my hands,

It's not the same as a paper cut,

It's not good, but,

I just want to feel something stronger,

Something unbearable, something that lasts longer,

I just want to feel that I am not alone,

I don't want to be week like a tiny single bone,

You judge me because I am emo,

But I am just going to tell you what I know,

Not many people feel the same,

Not many people get the blame,

You just don't how I feel,

Whether I slip or heal,

It's just like body piercing,

Do you think I'm still bearing?

Your words are more painful than the cut,

You did not just hit me on my gut,

You see my heart is broken,

It will seem like I've never woken,

I'm still in this nightmare,

It's too much of what I can bear,

I cut myself because of you,

I just didn't know what else I could do,

You say, you command I should stop,

You don't know,

It's not as easy as holding an empty cup,

Those who seem like they care,

You're telling me to stop,

But you just watch and stare.

- ilovechickensandcows