i will surely supply this with a much better suited summary if i do decide to continue.

warning: some mild profanity.


A loud strangled gasp could be heard ringing off the stone walls.

My eyes popped open, on instinct, in panicked alarm. The action was pointless having no effect due to the rough fabric wrapped firmly over them, causing momentarily blindness—from what exactly, I didn't know. Feeling foolish for not realizing sooner I shut them tightly, finding little to none comfort in doing so.

Damn it! Again? How could I have let myself drift off for even a moment? Right now I tried desperately to calm down— my pulse rapidly increasing while my heart cried out hungrily for any lost traces of oxygen. In a matter of seconds my lungs began to burn. No, too soon. Calm down. I need to calm down. How much time has past? 20…30 seconds? It's halfway over. I groaned deep in my throat all too knowingly of the situation.

10 more seconds passed.

Footsteps pounded warningly on the floor, not bothering to squelch their pronounced arrival. They were coming closer and hell were they taking their damn ass time.

I struggled not to writhe any closer to the 'eating hole' and stilled to the inner most core once I heard them stop outside of it.

…5 more seconds.

I counted them in my head, storing in all the built up emotions of: rage, embarrassment, and loathing for when I finally see these sonsofbitc—

The door slid open abruptly letting ample gulfs of air rush in. I mentally slapped myself for almost forgetting to inhale any of it.

I took short sharp intakes of breaths too fast and raggedy for my own liking, but relished in the way the cool air slipped comfortably in-between my chapped lips, supplying my lungs for what it craved. It was moments like these were I despised myself the most. I was weak and because of it i foolishly let my guard down.

two days.

I've been woken up like this for two days already… yet still I fell for the same thing.

Breath. Slowly and reassuringly, Breath.

I bared my teeth and snarled. You'd think these bastards would curse at me to get up or even soak me trough with water but no, they had to go all out and suffocate me to get any conscious reaction. Hell I'd even take a few rocks getting thrown at my head than this. But if it ever occurred to them to ask I'd deny it. Doubt they would ask in the first place seeing as how their too amused with what they already do. Which made my will to escape fuel up even more as the days passed.

Two days.

I've wasted enough time already.

"Aww had a tough night, how was your sleep?" A male voice spoke with mock sarcasm so thick I was surprised he didn't choke on it sooner.

I ignored him just like the other few brief encounters we've had and continued on steadying my heart from bursting through my chest. These morning awakenings were getting very tiring and very old really fast.

He hadn't noted my uneasiness and confused it with me trying to be smug, which I would be if I could see these damn cowards in the face. Unlike me they could see me clearly—as clear as you can see someone trough a dark hole, that is— and for once I was actually glad I was blindfolded and they didn't catch my eyes swift from side to side in a thinking gesture I often did when I tried coming up with a plan.

at my unmistakable dismissive silence the man finally let out an inpatient growl and tossed(literally) my breakfast trough the 'eating hole' with an audible clatter that I picked up somewhere on my right. Considering how it initially came flying from my left it had been a purposeful hard throw. "There's your food, smut." clearly not enlightened by my reaction—or lack thereof— he stalked back down the corridor followed by other just as heavy, strong footsteps. As long as they left the rectangular opening open I didn't care whether they stayed to watch me eat or not. Though I was silently grateful they didn't, they probably had a ball and spat on it too. Heck I can't see for all I knew it was odorless dirt—either way it was still tasteless in my mouth.

The chains rattled as they lazily slid across the stone floor while I tried locating the tray of food. It wasn't that I was hungry, really. I just knew I needed the extra energy for when I initiated my plan, that is, and starving and depriving my body of any helpful nutrients wasn't going to cut it. I could be a rebel to my beliefs of how this should go and not eat and stray in a corner to where I'd begin threatening and cursing the life out of whoever happened to be on the other side listening—or I could work with what I got and remain alive.

or at least that was my half-ass try at comforting my self-illusion of having a plan when truthfully I had as much of a plan as i had anything left which wasn't much at all.

with both my wrists and ankles bounded down I could only wiggle and hope the damn tray wasn't far from my limited reach. It was really awkward to move, especially when my arms were behind me and I laid on the floor—since I had previously established the fact that sitting up was merely impossible with the ways the chains were most likely ideally placed to constrict any kind of advancing—having to thrust my hips forward to get anywhere. With ought much progress I wiggled from my remotely warm spot (destroying and beating down my body's inner last pleas to not leave said spot) further to the touch-less cold floor. A violent like shiver racked down my spine when the freezing cool kissed the exposed skin on my side, left vulnerable where my shirt curled up, because of the curt movements.

God-Damn it these fuking Restrainers! I will find that stupid tray even if—

my forehead landed on a straight edge (quiet painfully but I ignored it with the overflow of triumph) and with my chin I pulled it closer moving back to my former spot. I wanted to cry out in frustration when my old 'warm' spot was now cool from being abandoned of any body heat for too long.

Like an animal I swallowed down the mushy stuff and tried not to gag as beast as i could. after a while i had to shift a bit when my arms began to tingle and prick from the weight I had on them. Slurping down the liquid—I was faintly surprised there was any left, I figured it spilled from the impact but I got spared this time. It troubled me how I couldn't decipher it as anything specific—like some kind of dog. I began to reminisce how in the hell I got so low. Where did it all begin to crumble? And the worst: should I keep going? Is there anything to look forward to or are their more messed up lies?

Since I got here, or more precisely, since I became alert of my surroundings I used up the last bit of my energy to sense where I was and most importantly if there was any way out.

Six stone walls. The floor, ceiling, to my left, to my right, in front and in back. I was surrounded by it…trapped. The only opening was the rectangular door/window thingy I cleverly dubbed as the 'eating hole' which by now you know is where my "food" comes out of. It's also the only opening where my crucial supply of oxygen carries in from. Now that I think about it, it'd be more appropriate to call it the 'life hole'. Now that I'm constrained by the 'restrainers', sightless, and I barely have oxygen, plus to top it all off I'm drained dry of energy to spare an acid flame to warm me up.

useless. Not only was I weak I was also useless.

i contemplated banging my head against the floor but thought better of it. what was all the use in bearing any of this if i was going to end it so effortlessly?

With my cheek I nudge the tray as far away from me as I could, craning my neck painfully askew in the process. once the remains of my sloppy eating was far away enough for me not to be able to smell it, i carefully bent my knees in as close as possibly trying to remain warm, sighed and closed my eyes. I was suddenly very exhausted which really made no sense since I just woke up…

I yawned, my jaw bones and muscles constricting satisfyingly good.

I think the worst part of this was having completely enough time to just…think. Thinking isn't always good; they lead to forgotten memories and painful 'what-ifs'. Things you'd normally avoid thinking about. But when you have all the time in the world? It's just another factor to surviving.

So another tear ducting long yawn escaped my lips and soon enough I dreamt only of remembrance. How I let my guard down and made all these mistakes one after the other.

How I got here…

Acidic Flame?that is his power. i will explain in further detail if i do decide to continue with this.

Restrainers?there heavy metalic chain structured bracelet thins. usually they are worn around the wrists and ankles but in this case i had chains added on to them just for that special 'locked up and helpless' effect.

well thank you for reading.