Forever Lit

By: Andi Chey


A woman descends the stairs of her throne. She is dressed in old fashion dress, only royalty could wear. It was made of some kind of cloth that no one knew, and it made it extra velvety and sleek. The dress was red . . . almost the color of blood. Underneath it was a white fabric, that clearly felt it was made of cotton. It was long sleeved and as it went down her body it got bigger, sort of like a princesses in an old fairy tale, and had strange markings in gold cloth. Her face was sharp and strangely perfect, with her high cheek bones and full lips. Her head was held high, like she had some kind of authority. As she walked down the stairs she walked with elegance and grace.

She went to her garden. Her garden was full of beautiful life. She had many flowers and other plants that made her garden feel comforting and calming. She stroked one of her roses as she smiled in thought. A few moments later, a boy appeared.

"Mother," He nodded.

"Son," She gave a short nod back.

"You requested my presence?"

"Mm . . . Am I not allowed to spend time with my son?" Her voice soft and delicate.

A cruel smile appeared on his lips, "Mother, I think we both no you better than that."

A small smile crossed her cold lips and she cocked her head to the side, "Oh do we?"

"Mother," He sighed bored, " can we please just get to the point."

His mother examined him. He looked exactly like her, well except male of course. His hair was as dark as night and his eyes were icy. He had a nice build on him, and was actually tall to a certain point. Of course, he had his fathers nose, the bastard. Unlike her though, her son was not dressed formally, he was dressed in a pair of black cargo's, with the pockets stuffed full of gos only knows what, and he had on a plain black t-shirt. He had on black All-Star converses as well with a pure silver cross necklace hanging down from his neck.

She eyed it carefully, "Son, why must you wear that necklace?"

"I have my reasons, mother," He said very annoyed now, "Can we please get to the point now?"

"Yes, I suppose we can." She smiled gently at her son.


"So, I have a job for you."

"Obviously, otherwise you wouldn't have called me, you would have called Danny." Danny was his little sister who he absolutely hated. She stole all the attention from him. She was mommy and daddy's 'little girl'. She got everything she wanted and never had to lift a finger, she mad everything a competition, and she always won. So, he did all the hard work, why she sat back and laughed at him.

"Oh hush, boy. Be nice to your little sister. She is terribly sweet and she looks up to you."

"Right . . ."

"Anyways, I have need of you. This is a job that can only be done by you. No one must know, not even you father."

He nodded, "Of course mother."

"I want the four from the prophecy. Bring them to me."

"Yes mother."

"Now leave me. I wish to be alone."

Her son nodded, and left her sight. Meanwhile she continued to walk through her garden. She stopped a smelled a few of the flowers her and there, smiling as if nothing was wrong and she was the happiest person in the world.

"Your highness," A voice said suddenly from behind her.

A cold smile crossed her face and she turned and faced the man behind her. He took of his hat and bowed, kissing her hand. He was dressed in regular dark jeans with a gray shirt and a brown overcoat, a dark brown hat made of leather, and black leather boots. In his overcoat was various weapons. On his back he had a bow and some arrows, some made of wood and others made of steel.

"Hunter," The lady smiled.

"I hear you have use of me."


"I am at your serves, my lady." He bowed once more.

"Thank you, Hunter." She smiled kindly at him. "I need you to get a hold of the four girls from the prophecy."

"You mean the-"

"Yes," She cut him off, "Them. But, I warn you, I sent my son after them to. You must not let him know you are working for me. You must get them to me before my son does, he is to weak."

"Of course, your majesty."

"Now, leave. You have a job to do."

"One question, your highness. Do you want them back dead . . . or alive?"

A very cold smile appeared across her face, "Alive."

"Yes, your highness."

"Now leave me be at once." She dismissed him.

He bowed once more and left the garden.

The lady continued to stroll around her garden, smiling happily. No one would suspect a thing.

Everything is going as planned . . . And with any luck, they will all destroy each other . . .