Note! This is a story i wrote similar to a creepypasta. I assure you 100% of this was written by me (but some other sources gave inspiration) Enjoy! Next chapter in a few days or so.

My Journal.


It was just after midnight when I decided to go to bed after a long day of working on my graphic design project. I took off my glasses and rubbed my eyes sleepily as

I turned off my computer and laid down in my bed. I knew that the comforting embrace of my bed kept me safe from the ritualistic haunts creeping in the darkness

around me. The spirits that have been with us ever since we were young, always in the darkness, yet so afraid of light and one's bed sheets. I thought about the

human mind and its strange, twisted connections in a desperate attempt to make sense of the unknown blackness lurking beyond our perception. I drifted slowly to

sleep, but then had a strange dream. I was in my room. The walls were a black color instead of their pale blue hue that normally is, I stood up in the darkness,

looking around for the windows that were, but no longer are. My attention suddenly focused on the whirring hum of the computer in the corner starting up. I walked

to my computer, trying to make sense of the strange flashes of black and white on the screen. Suddenly a loud screeching crack emanated from the computer,

knocking me on my back. I sat up in my bed, struck with terror; sweating profusely and breathing heavily. I looked at the curtained window to see pale sunlight

casting its safe glow into my room. I walked to the window and open the curtains, revealing the bright dawn into the room. I finally calmed down as I looked into the

sun-bathed woods outside. I continued through my day as normal.