Outside the Journal

I staggered over to my bedroom and flung myself on the bed. I laughed heartedly as I rolled around in my blood stained clothes. Hearing the squelching of the

blood saturated clothes seeping onto the bed was like music to my ears. I suddenly stopped though. I looked above me and saw a large mass on the ceiling. It was

a pulsating, red, organic, pod that clung to the ceiling. I stared in freight and saw it start to break open. The fleshy pink pod ripped open, and an arm thrust out.

Its hand was simply a sharp, fleshy hook. A second, pale muscled arm shot out, and it tore the pod apart, revealing its head and torso. The creature had deep

yellow, reptilian eyes, with its lower jaw missing, leaving sharp upper teeth and a long, hanging tongue that whipped around. It hooked its hands into the ceiling

and brought its legs from the pod; the feet having only three big toes, with long claws coming from each. I laid in silence, with my mouth wide open, gaping at the

unbelievable horror unveiling it before me. The creature fell from the ceiling, clamping my legs to the bed, piercing them with sharp claws feeling the blood squirt

out of my ankles. It lowered its head toward me and made a blood curdling, deep wail that filled every inch of my body, vibrating pure fear through my bones. It

brought down its sharp hooks and stuck through my shoulders into my torso, I felt my insides rip to shreds. It brought its whipping tongue close to my face,

breathing its heavy and foul breath onto me. In a panic, I reached over to my nightstand, grabbing my gun. I yelled loudly as I brought the gun to its face and

squeezed multiple shots through its mouth. The monster recoiled and began making a rattling, gurgling noise. It stopped moving above me as its cold yellow eyes

closed and dark blood dripped out of its mouth into mine. I didn't move, but I basked in the warmth of victory, feeling the dripping blood filling up my mouth, I

closed my eyes and accepted the warm taste of salty victory.

After the event

The paramedics moved throughout the house, picking up the chunks of butchered people, and cleaning the blood that was sprayed in nearly every room on the

house. "So, what happened to him? He was the best detective he had!" A police officer said to another. "I don't know, I got a report from the paramedic

supervisor, said that the guy must have gone crazy. He choked his wife with carbon monoxide then chopped her up and ate her. Then shot his daughter and ate

her. Then stabbed his son and ate him!" Both of them cringed at the thought. Their stomachs' churning with the very thought. "After all of that, who killed him?"

The first officer asked. The second replied "Well they said that he must have shot at the ceiling, and one of the bullets ricocheted off of a metal bar in the ceiling,

hitting him in the back of his throat; said he drowned in his own blood." They both stood in silence, pondering the strange death. "They also said…he died with a

smile on his face." He said, breaking the silence. The first officer shook his head at the strange events that had conspired. "Well, I'm on duty in another part of

town, so I'll see you back at the station." The first one said and walked off. The second officer stood, looking a the last paramedic leaving the house.

The officer walked slowly toward the house, as dusk descended upon the small town. He entered the door, hearing only silence. Eerie silence. The house was dark,

with the air thick to breathe. He looked around the kitchen and saw the blood stained table. He walked to the bedroom and saw the blood sprayed note on the floor

"I love you daddy!" He shook his head in disgust. He then turned around and froze in fear. Looking on the ground, he saw that the shadow he cast from the light

was different than normal. He stared at his shadow in fear, seeing a deformed human with gruesome hooks as hands.