This, sadly, was inspired by my family, and my desire to get away from them.

I can't wait until I'm eighteen

I'll be out of here

You can't make me shake and scream

Can't make me shed a tear

I'll run until my feet ache

Won't consider looking back

Run from all the fear and hate

My soul bruised blue and black

We don't know how to love each other

No one in that house

Some of us loud and mean

Some scared, and no louder then a mouse

I tried my best to fight it off

Try my hardest to always smile

But all my bravery was not enough

And now you won't see me for awhile

I suppose even when I'm gone

The blood will still be shed

That has been our routine for far too long

I'm afraid it will never end

Where I'll go, I'm not yet sure

I haven't thought that far

I pray to God we'll all be cured

Our souls as black as tar

We're all fighting our own demons

But I'll do that far away

I don't care if a coward is how you see me

Leaving is the only way

So thanks for the love of hate

Thanks for the skill of lie

Thanks for my second nature of fear

Thanks for making it so easy to say goodbye

Yeah, I know some of it didn't rhyme, but I like it better this way.