Chapter 0- Prologue

"Life, the very essence of human mortality. Some say that life is like a coin, you can spend it any way you wish, but you only spend it once."

A young man with silver white hair is strolling his way home. It was night. He passes by the cemetary, and stares closely to the tombstones where you could feel a cold ghastly feeling just by looking at it.

"Heh..." He closed his eyes and pockets both of his hands.

He continued his walk. He turned right at the end of the next street. The cemetary is huge, he is still strolling his way at side of the cemetary, following the dark steel fences. There were no people around, except for the two adults sitting on the aisle of the street walk. The young man passes by the two bystanders. But just before he reached them, one of them called his.

"Hey kid, give us your money or else..." one of the bystanders stood up and blocked his way.

The young man's eyes widened. He turned around to see the other bystander.

"Now, be nice and quiet and just give us yer cash!"

"I don't have any money..." the young man muttered.

"Now listen here kid, you wanna do this the hard way or the easy way?"

"How about you guys leave me alone and move outta my way." He smirked.

"So that's how it is..." One of the guy reached for his pocket and grabs a knife. He pointed the knife at the white haired boy.

"Is that supposed to threathen me? I'm telling you, it's not working." The young man fixed his hair.

"We don't want to do this kid, but you leave us no choice..." the guy charges to him and stabbed the young man's chest.

"Kids these days are too reckless..." the other guy blurted.

"If you just handed over yer money in the first place, this wouldn't happen." The man turn around and was shocked at what he saw.

"Woah! W-what the-"

The white haired boy smirked.

"I already told you..." he speaks slowly. "THAT I DON'T HAVE ANY MONEY!" he screamed in anger and grabbed the guys forehead.

"W-wh-what are you!"

"H-he's a monster!" the other guy screamed and fled away.

"H-hey wai-don't leave me!" the guy struggled.

"D-DAMN YOU!" The white haired boy said and lifts the guy, only holding his head then tosses him off the ground.

He stumbled and staggers backwards, away from the boy. The white haired boy slowly walks towards him, giving him a furious glare.

"W-W-WAAAHH! HEEEEELLLPPP!" the guy quickly stands up, and ran away.

The young man started to calm down. He wipes off his shirt and grabs the knife that is stabbed on his chest.

"Life is like a coin, you can spend it any way you wish."

He pulled it out of his chest and drops it on the ground.

"...but you only spend it once."

He stared at the knife, covered with bloodstains.

"But once that you're an undead, you can spend it as many times as you want..."

He continues to walk, under the light of the bright full moon and the nothingness of the vast sky covered in darkness.