I wrote 'Crackling Fire' one and a half years ago. Hope you enjoy. Constructive criticism is welcome. :)

Crackling fire, she cries and consumes

All the terror of this mind's monsoons

Ease to deride, her richness bears right

Wrapped with the warmth of sensual delight

To cleave to her whose dye impedes not

Poisoning beauty: a heart forgot

Is to worship both this ruptured life

And to knowingly kneel beneath its knife

An unfinished rhyme I race on seaward

To stop her course; yet, my soul still leeward

Thrashes to thrive, its affections alighted:

Passion painted, love unrequited.

(C) 2009 paintingclouds

I'm a little new to publishing stories/ poetry here, so am quite unsure how to leave proper spaces in between my stanzas… Every four lines is supposed to be the start of a new stanza.