A stream-of-consciousness approach to an intriguing subject. The persona needs someone who transcends weakness to sustain her.

Happily Ever After

I thought I had found my Prince,

but I now know Emptiness instead.

He is a wonderful man, really;

his silence is soothing, enrapturing even

with one strong arm clutching my

fitful body as the wind,

dangerous, chopping,

pelters down on us both,

binding us closer and closer together.

We have nothing to grasp

but one another, and so I

eagerly smile up into those

melancholy eyes and stroke

that wispy hair in all

gentleness: careful, or

he too will go

and fade into the

oblivion which

my Prince entered once

happily ever after

was consumed by

The End.

(C) paintingclouds 29/05/11