I am mad.
Raving mad.

Why do I go on, when tomorrow is just another tomorrow?
Day or night, there is no difference to me
In the morning, all is black, at night, the darkness closes in
The sadness comes from within, away from the two lanterns worlds away that can light my path

Nobody knows who I am, or who I will be.
Every day is the same.
I do not belong here.

My life feels wrong, like it was made for someone else.
The memories I see are not my own.
Faceless figures haunt my dreams.
I am no longer myself, but a lonely soul trapped in a stranger's body
How can I possibly break this curse?
I have lived with it all these years

Steven has died.
He is no more.
I am Steven, but not he.
I am two people, two minds, two beings

I cannot bear this silence anymore

I want to find a path to the lights, but as I move toward one, the other is brighter.
And the near one dims.
I am torn between two hopes, two dreams.
But all in all, my fate is the same.

I must surrender, to forever live between the lanterns, the ones I love far apart.
They will not come near me.
One refuses to come, the other I have banished from me.
How can I reach either one, if one does not want me, and the other I long for, but cannot have?
One is far off, the other so close it is painful

I am at war with myself also.

I have many enemies.
Every day they try to smite my spirit, blot me out
They try to reach me, to defeat me.
But as they advance, the lanterns defend me, their great flames between me and my foes.

But I reach out.
The lantern does not flicker.
I am engulfed in flames, yet I feel no pain.
I draw my hand out, and the lantern is a sword, shining with a light that no mortal can fathom.
It glimmers in the light, and with it I strike down my foes.

I reach for the other lantern, but it flees my grasp, hiding itself
I do not dare go after it, for They are now upon me
I try to swing my blade, but it moves on its own, with its own will.
It turns on me, slicing my throat, an almost fatal wound.
I hold it with two hands.
I will not lose it for anything.
It is my Epfa, keeping me from the brink of death.

The blade turns to my soul, piercing five of the seven layers
My secrets burst forth, entwining the blade in shining cobalt
Then They rise against me, trying to overcome me, and I am barely able to survive.
Then my heart goes out of me.
I am lifeless, unmoving.

Silence falls.

Something pierces my mind.
The sword is a Lantern, a being of flames, reaching into my soul, revealing my darkest fears.

But They arrive.
To strike us down.
To finish what They started.
Now the battle is Ours alone, and We will fight to Neekorum.