How can you say that?

With no hesitation

No fear of rejection

Of retaliation

how can you do that?
without qualms

No restraint



How can you decide that?
with no thought

So recklessly done

Your decision

Countless times I've questioned you

Your motives

Your reasons

Your choices

Your actions

But I never got an answer

No matter how many times I ask

I cannot understand

Can't comprehend

What drove you

What compelled you

To act as you did

So, I have reached it

Reached my conclusion

And it is as following:

I cannot understand you,

A human with emotions

With feelings

With ulterior motives

I cannot understand you,

Not infallibly so

Not without failure

At least sometimes

You are a person

Something no book can explain

You keep secrets

You're alive

You're living right now

And I cannot comprehend that