I Dream of Sea

Crystal clear and glimmering with life

Breaking and wombing against the sea carved coast

Trails of fairy dust flit across the surface

Breaking us down; but building us up

Forever indebted to the peace you give and take

Ancient roamers of life, with dark secrets within their depths

Mysteries and legends wrack you

Alluring and dream-like, you carry us to our destination

You hold us up, but hold great, unknown depths of your own

The secrets we long for, the knowledge we crave

The wonders held in each undersea cave

You're a new world entirely, with your own tales to tell

With respect, and good graces given, you treat us well

We wonder how much you hold from us down deep

Our guardian, our destroyer, malevolent and kind

Every day you give us the harvest we reap

Kind and gentle, fierce and wild

Giver of our life, and bringer of sudden death

We owe you much more than we pretend

Author's Note: Hello everyone! I'm in Lesvos, where the Wi-Fi is terrible. It keeps cutting on and off. Anyway, I'm not long back from the pool. When dad called me back, I thought 'I dream of sea'. Don't ask me why, I've never swam in the sea. I don't remember doing so. Anyway, I then thought of I Dream of Thee. Technically that means I'm kind of weird. So, here we go. I dream of Thee will come later. Hopefully today will be two uploads and I'll get back to Horror High soon enough. I'm bad at sticking to goals...

I hope you enjoyed!

(When people see me swim, they think I look like a mermaid)...