I had first published this a while back, and I noticed that I made a rather embarrassing mistake in my Author's note by repeating something. My point is that I have a new laptop and I copy & pasted it into Microsoft Word. Looking back over it, I think I may have deleted some of the beginning. I will try and seek out the original on my run-down old laptop, but my story looks a lot shorter.

I apologise for any inconvenience. I will try and understand the situation better. Thank you for your time.

Immortalis Terminus

Who am I; the forgiver of a murderer? There's simply nothing left to hold in my breaking and broken heart. Some say the truth does hurt; and others that it sets you free. In the end, no one truly knows, but me. Broken, empty promises are scattered on the floor. I can't reach them, I can't touch them. They're nothing to me anymore.

My heart cries out, bleeding weakly. You can't understand, but you never did try. All you've done to me is lie. I want to stay strong, and I refuse to give up. Yet for so long, you've taken so much. I did try. I have tried. You keep taking more and more. What am I supposed to do? Where do I go? It's so lonely, there's nothing left here for me anymore.

I'm captive, but with wings unfurling. My true essence is coming through. You can't hold me down, I have to move. Through your treacherous lies, and my wounds you've bled, there's nothing left here. Liar, lies, illusions and whispers. I should've seen, I should've heard. I should have known. You were always so evil deep inside.

You hold me your prisoner, bound by your lies. Whisper again and again and again. What happens when I see what you've done to me? Will you let me go; will you let me see the moon? The night, this night; it's coming undone.

You're the liar; but I'm living the lie. I'm running round in circles, but you're here. You're in front of me, and yet still I cannot, cannot see. What more can you take? I'm only half-sane already! Emptiness, depression, silence and more. Do you know? Or maybe you can see this endless emptiness you've created inside of me.

You're the liar

I'm the lie

Where will you go, when your mask begins to die?

Author's Note: Hello again. I've written a book called Dusk which will be proof-read and then published. I understand that this is a bit vague, and the grammar might be a bit weak... Or so I was told on AnimeLeague, of which you can actually read without being a member. It's called To Dusk & It's Ruins. Read it if you want to. You might get a fuller picture then. Anyway, it's a trilogy, and this is about book one, I thinkā€¦

Anyway, like I said, it's Dusk. Then it's A Hallowed Revolution. The last is Dusk to Night & Dawn. I'm working on the last right now! Then I'll have it proof read and edit it accordingly.

This was supposed to be a one-shot, but I have a full story planned. I just can't bear to say goodbye to those in Dusk yet... I'm a sentimental sap.