They Miss Her

They miss the girl with the smiling face,

Who used to laugh and make them laugh.

They miss the times when she was truly alive,

How her eyes would light up the moment she saw them.

They used to cry and hope for her,

But she was already too far gone.

They could see the difference in her soul,

Growing dimmer day after day.

They knew she was no longer trying,

And she let herself fall with no regrets.

They knew she purposely wasn't healing,

Because that's the kind of girl she was.

'Was.' The word brought tears to their eyes

As they wondered how and why it happened.

Why her? She always seemed so free, so spirited.

How could she do this to herself?

In the summer they remember her.

How she'd sneeze around pollen, yet admire the flowers.

How she'd call them up and ask

"Wanna go for a walk with me?"

In the fall they remember her.

How she'd run around and try to catch the falling leaves.

How she'd spend an hour raking leaves,

Only to jump in the pile and send them scattering.

In the winter they remember her.

How she'd pull on their sleeves and ask

If anyone wanted to slide on the ice with her.

How she'd catch snowflakes and compare them to theirs.

In the spring they remember her.

How she called it "The season of new beginnings."

How she got excited when the flowers in her garden bloomed,

And she'd take a million pictures.

Every day they remember her and puzzle over

Why it had to be her and her alone.

She'd never let any pain show, for they would worry.

How they could not have seen it.

But they knew her well and had known all along

That she meant for them not to see.

It didn't ease their guilt however,

Or make her memory less painful.

They came to see her buried.

There were flowers in her hair.

Her skin was pale, her heart was still.

She didn't look like herself.

Each of them cried for her

As she was lowered to the ground.

But nothing they could say or do

Could ever bring her back.

At home they stared at the stars

And cast their memory to her last days.

She hadn't talked or smiled at all;

There'd been no sign of life.

She'd been faded and her eyes were dull,

Just like the lifeless body they'd cried over.

They realized with frightened eyes

They couldn't tell the difference.