Author's Note: I know not where this comes from, except for the fact that I wanted a vampy girl who wasn't really a seductress. Totally a drabble. Enjoy.

I, Trinity Caldwell, hereby recognize that I am one of the most clichéd people to grace this good Earth.

It's not like I'm trying to be, it just kind of happened. You know how it is. You meet someone who miraculously breaks the monotony of your entire life, someone so special. And there's no control over it. The mesmerizing looks that your dream boy tosses you, the lovely words that he says, they're all leading up to your utter surrender of self in favor of him. Maybe he doesn't even know it.

Or maybe he does, because suddenly you're going out. You know he's something other than normal. He laughs the idea off. He tells you that you're special instead.

Before long, all semblance of having an average relationship is stripped away, to the utter horror of both parties. It is discovered that this isn't normal. This is what many dream of and many fear. The vampire falls in love with the human. Suddenly, all secrets are open. You have breached the heart of your love, and he has breached your heart as well.

You want to make the next move, don't you? I know I do, it's something I've been struggling with. Would you throw away every value and every law for love? Would he do the same? It's only natural that the bite takes place. Not a bite, not a little nibble, a little blood exchange. That's way past. We're totally cool with it. I guess it's our equivalent of oral.

This is real. This is marriage and sex and rebirth. Why am I so scared? Why am I so reluctant?

He's stunning and charming, he will never leave me. And I wouldn't dream of leaving him. It's not that, no, not that at all.

Maybe it's the fact that my mother always wanted me to be a good girl. Maybe this is bad. Do I want to be the kind of creature who would bite a human being and end their life?

Who knows? Maybe I'm just getting cold feet. A fear of commitment.

But something in me doesn't want to make this ultimate move, and it's probably my smart side. But my body is just aching to be with him forever. He's my first real love… and I know in my heart that he's my only.

He's walking into the room right now. We've talked about this before. He's all for it, of course. Jeez, guy hormones. So predictable. Even if he uses his brain and not his body, he doesn't get my reluctance. Who doesn't want to be young and beautiful forever? he says. Don't worry, Trini, everything will be fine. I want to believe it, but doesn't he understand what I'd be doing?

I really want to do this. It's right. So wrong, but right (didn't I warn you I was clichéd?).

He sees me, which was inevitable. We're the only people here, and its night. It sort of has to be. He walks over to me, lands a kiss right on my rosy lips. "Trini," he says, pulling back and smiling.

"Hi James," I say, stuttering a little bit.

He catches it. Of course he does. "Is something up?"

I take a deep breath. It quivers, hanging in the air. "I'm going to go through with it. Really this time."

He studies me. "Are you really ready?"

"Of course I am!" I say indignantly. "Are you?"

He rolls his eyes.

Neither of us want to do it immediately. We both want to be surprised when the pain hits. We proceed into kissing, a little bit heavier than kissing maybe. Not like I can tell. I'm nervous. I know I'm not coming out of this heated make-out session the same.

I'm pretty sure I won't be as changed as he'll be, though.

I open my mouth and let my fangs sink into him. This is forever, for better or worse.