Ishida's Aid for the Church

Ishida went towards a temple which was converted into a church. But on his way there, he noticed a line heading toward the church. So, he went in front of the line, he had to cut to figure out what is going on. He approached the top of the hill and found the temple. The original structure was there but the statues of the gods were destroyed and at the center end was a large crucifix.

Ishida went toward the crucifix and went to pray. While he was doing so, the priest came to him. He was a young man in his 30s. He was wearing a brown robe, had blue eyes and white hair. He was average height, and he spoke with an Italian accent. Ishida turned around and noticed him.

"Hello there. I didn't noticed you." Ishida said. "Are you the new priest for this church?"

"I am." The priest replied. "I am Father Victor Mosconi."

"I am Daisuke Ishida. I'm wondering, what is with the line here?" He was pointing to the line.

"Those are people waiting to be baptized." He sighed. "It is out of fear that they want baptized not by faith. That has me worried." Then, an assistant ran to them.

"Father," the assistant said. "I regret having to bring horrible news."

"What is it?"

"The baptismal fountain. It's been stolen."

"What?" The priest was in shock. "But… who would do such a thing?"

"Father," Ishida said. "I will get the fountain back."

"Very well, then. Please bring the fountain back." Ishida ran off to find the thief.

Ishida ran looking around for the thief. He was determined not to let the thief run off with such a valuable item. He looked and saw a suspicious person carrying a small platform with a dip inside for water. On the side, he saw a gold emblem with two fish craved into it. Then, the guy noticed him.

"Wait, that's the…" Ishida said to him, and the guy was running off. Ishida began to chase him. In other words, he found the thief. As they chased, they passed a police vehicle; however, the vehicle didn't move. Ishida was confused about that. "Stop that thief."

The thief got onto a motorcycle and took off on it. Ishida knowing that he can't catch him without wheels grabbed a motorcycle and pursued him. The chase was on. Ishida picked up his pistol and launched a tracking device on the thief. It was a hit. The two did some dangerous and tricky turns throughout the streets of Tokyo City.

"KAP, it's me, Ishida." he said into a comlink.

"What's up?" KAP replied.

"The baptismal fountain is stolen. I have found the thief and I'm in pursuit."

"You know where you are?"

"Yes. I'm at…" The thief looked back still seeing Ishida. He pulled out a pistol and began to fire on Ishida. "I have put a tracking device on the thief, so you can ambush him."

"Let me focus on the area and… I'm locked on to the thief's location. Keep him busy while I send an anonymous tip to Father Victor."

"Got it." KAP went to the phone and sent Father Victor the tip. At the moment the thief lost focus and he wiped out and ended up throwing the baptismal fountain. It landed into a dirty, slimy, messy, stinky dumpster. It's not a nice place to put a fountain. The thief was fleeing without the fountain; however, Ishida was focused on the fountain. He went over to the dumpster and went to get it.

"KAP, I have the fountain, but it landed in a dumpster." Ishida said as he picked up a baptismal fountain covered in muck. "It's going to need cleaned and it stinks."

"Well, at least you got it back." KAP said in reply. "Clean it up. I'll let the priest know."

"Okay, you do that." Ishida cleaned up the fountain and it was cleaner than it was originally. He using the motorcycle delivered it back to the church.

"Thank you." Father Victor said. "I don't know how to thank you."

"You don't have to."

"But I must."

"Anyways, you can begin the ceremonies."

"But I fear for these people. and what the future holds. Like you said the police didn't help you. I'm not sure what will happen. But nevertheless, whatever God has in store will happen.


"Okay, time for the first three baptisms. Assistant, who are the first three families?"

"Akatsutsumi, Gotokuji, and Matsubara." the assistant said.

"Okay. Thanks bring them in."

"Yes, sir." The assistant went to the door and explained the situation to the civilians.

"I better get going now." Ishida said.

"Okay, take care." Victor replied. "May God be with you." Ishida left the church with a new friendship with the priest of the church. As he was walking, he noticed two men in uniform getting out of a car. They grabbed a full trash bag and tossed it into the dumpster. It took the two of them to get it in there. Then, they drove off.

Ishida was suspicious about the bag. He told KAP that he found a bag that two guys thrown away and he was bringing it back to base to see what was in it. It was indeed heavy for Ishida but using his great strength was able to carry it to the base.

"Okay, here it is." Ishida said as he put the bag on the table.

"Man, it stinks." Liu Xiang said. "Smells like something died in there."

"Well, let's open it up." Then, Liu Qiang cut open the top of the bag and Ishida looked inside.

"OH MY GOD!" Ishida shouted. He was struck with terror. He dumped the contents and the gruesome items came out. What came out was the bloody remains of a Japanese boy whom was hacked to pieces.

Liu Qiang
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Chinese
Blood Type: O
Age: 22

Favorite Food: Belgian Waffles
Favorite Hobby: Tai Chi, Martial Arts
Fighting Style: Various Martial Arts
Weapon: Dao Swords

Liu Xiang
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Chinese
Blood Type: O
Age: 22

Favorite Food: Belgian Waffles
Favorite Hobby: Robotics
Favorite Style: Northern Shaolin
Weapon: Gun (quarterstaff)

Liu Qiang is a long time friend of Ishida. He is from Beijing born to a Mandarin family (Chinese noble family). When he and his family crashed into the Sea of Japan, He and his twin brother, Liu Xiang escaped into the countryside. They met up with Daisuke Ishida and the three of them united to become the Hoshi Ning Him Freedom Fighters.