"Do you ever feel like your life is something out of a fairy tale…?"

"Wha-?" Cindy muttered, looking behind her back to see where the voice had come from. However, she couldn't seem to find where the voice had come from.

She rose up from her desk, where she had been studying at for hours up until this distraction had shown up. She often spent most of her time studying. Not that she actually liked studying, but it was all there really was for her to do besides eat, sleep, and do house chores. Even on a night like this where her awful step-mother and wretched step-sisters were out of the house. If she was caught using their computer or watching their television, they would kill her.

She wasn't even supposed to leave her room, but she her curiosity was peeked. She needed to find out just where that voice came from. It had come and gone so fast that she wasn't even sure if she had actually heard it. She couldn't remember almost anything about it. Did it come from a man or a woman's voice? Did it come from a child or an adult's voice? All she knew is that it definitely was directed at her.

Cindy walked over to her door and opened it. To her horror she heard a light ripping noise as she opened the door. Sure enough, when she walked out of her room, she saw a piece of blue tape that had been ripped in half. One half was attached to the frame of her door, the other half attached to the door itself. Her step-mother would occasionally put a piece of tape over her door, so that she would know when her Cindy left her room. And often times she would take the tape with her, so Cindy wouldn't be able to replace the ripped tape with a new strip of tape.

But now she had nothing stopping her from continuing her search for the mysterious voice. And when her step-mother and step-sisters arrived back at home she would just explain to them that she had to go to the bathroom. They would still be angry at her, but at least she would have a valid excuse.

"Do you feel like there is some place that you deserve to be…?"

Cindy definitely heard the voice that time. It sounded as if it belonged to a young boy, no older than ten. And instead of sounding as if it had come from down the hall, it sounded as if it was coming from above her. Like an angel's voice piercing through the heavens just to reach her.

"Yes!" She shouted, not caring that people in the floor above or below her might hear "I deserve to be at that ball! The one that my step-sisters got to go to!"

"A ball you say? Is there perhaps a prince waiting for you there…?"

"Well… Not really. There is a guy there that I've kind of had a crush on."

"Would his name happen to be… Charles?"

"Wh-wha… How did you know that?"

"He is your prince charming, of course I know his name."

"My… Prince Charming…? But he doesn't even know me. And there are plenty of girls who are madly in love with him. Girls who he would much rather have than me."

"Those girls may have looks and riches, but you have something better: Fate."


"Yes! Only you have the power to save him, Cinderella!"

"Wait! Save… You don't mean…"

"Yes… Tonight a terrible disaster will happen at that ball, and Charles will surely die. You are the only one capable of preventing his death…"

"And if I save him, he will become mine?"

"Yes! Step forward into the light and become Cinderella!"

Suddenly, everything around Cindy began to fade. Everything in front of her completely faded away into a blank, white abyss. However, everything behind her began to fade into a gray color, as if to say that she has the option to go back, but if she did everything would go back to being dull and miserable. Out of the white abyss a bright light shot out towards her. It revealed itself to be a trail made of light that shone out in a bright gold color. It was about the width of a sidewalk, but it was paper thin, and looked as if it went on forever.

Cindy step forward, taking her first step onto the ribbon-like pathway. Suddenly her right foot, the foot she had stepped onto the pathway with, became encased in a beautiful glass slipper. When she took her next step with her left foot, that foot too became encased in a glass slipper as it touched the golden pathway. She wasn't used to wearing shoes with heels, so she didn't really walk her next few steps as much as she stumbled them. However, after a few steps feet lifted off the ground, causing her to glide along the golden pathway.

She leaned forward, allowing her to glide along the path at a much faster pace. Her rugged, tattered clothing started to transform into a dress. Although it wasn't a standard dress, it was more like something an 18th century princess might wear. It was pink and had frilly borders along the sleeves, neck, and bottom.

Next, her dirty blond hair went from messy and unkept to long, straight, shiny blond hair. A golden tiara materialized on the top of her head. It had five point, two small points, two mid-sized points, and one large point directly at the center of the tiara. On the large point there was a large, circular, pink gem. And on the two mid-sized points were two smaller circular, pink gems. Then her eyes changed from being their standard green color to a bright pink to match her dress and the gems in her tiara.

Finally, Cindy could see what looked like the place where the ball was being held. Although, it looked as if she was heading towards it from the sky. It was at that point that she realized that instead of 'gliding' she was actually falling towards the ball. As she began to near the ball, the last part of her transformation occurred. A cutlass appeared in her right hand. The hilt was gold and had intricate diamond shaped designs carved into it. The blade itself was a silver color, about two inches wide, and shiny enough for Cindy to be able to see her reflection in it.

"I'm coming, my prince." She whispered to herself.


Glass fell from the sky like rain. Gasps were heard all around the ballroom as everybody gazed up at their intruder. A girl in a marvelous pink dress, a dress much fancier than anything anyone at the ball was wearing. She descended to the ground slowly and gracefully, as if by magic.

As Cindy floated down towards the center of the ballroom, she could finally get a close look at everything that was in the ballroom. The entire room had various shades of blues and purples spread throughout it. The tiling of the floor was a light blue color while the walls were all dark blue. There were several large, tall, light blue pillars that circled around the entire ballroom, as if to keep the room from collapsing in on itself. In between each pillars were what looked like purple banners. All the women in the ballroom were wearing either blue or purple dresses to match with the colors of the room, which only made Cindy's dress stand out more. And each table had purple chairs with purple tablecloths. The building itself was shaped like a dome on the outside, with a large sun roof at the top made of glass which Cindy had came crashing through. On the inside, the building was just as dome-like, and seemed to be comprised only of a single room: The ballroom.

As her she descended to the center of the ballroom, everybody quickly darted out of the way. Whether it was to get out of her way, to avoid the falling glass, or a combination of the two, she would never know. She did have a sword in her hand after all, so one could presume that she was there with malicious intent. But who was to say that she didn't have a malicious intent? Her step-mother and step-sisters would be here, and now that she finally had power she could take them out. She could finally get revenge on the four of them for making her life so miserable.

When she finally landed in the center of the ballroom, she noticed Charles, sitting on what looked like a throne. He was dressed in a blue vest and blue dress pants, to fit with the color theme of the ballroom. And standing right next to the throne he was sitting in was Cindy's step-mother. She could also spot her three step-sisters not to far away.

People had already started to rush out of the ballroom in fear. But a good portion of the people stayed to watch Cindy. Transfixed by the image of her slowly floating down from the sky in her awe aspiring attire.

Now that Cindy was in the ballroom, where her Prince Charming was fated to die, she could finally protect him. She began to walk towards Charles, although stumbling a bit along the way as she was still adjusting to her glass slippers. Each step she took across the dance floor made a signature 'clink' sound, which seemed to drown out the shuffling of feet and whispers throughout the room.

"Cindy…? What do you think you are doing here?" Shouted Cindy's step-mother from across the room.

"I'm here to save my Prince Charming!" Cindy shouted as she continued to walk towards Charles and her step-mother.

"Prince Charming…? You don't mean me, do you?" Asked Charles.

"Yes, I do." Said Cindy.

"But, I don't even know you!" He exclaimed. "I'm not even in any danger!"

Suddenly, something strange started to happen to Cindy's step-mother's body. It began to convulse and writhe. Her gray hair that was expertly rolled into a bun came undone and changed to a dark black color. Her skin turned pale and her face became covered in a mysterious shadow. All that was visible on her face anymore was a large set of teeth, larger than any normal human's teeth, twisted into an evil smile. Her purple dress changed to a blood red color. And finally, her red nails grew to be about six inches long and became razor sharp.

"Wha-?" Cindy shouted in confusing.

The monster that her step-mother had become rose up into the air. It twirled around a complete three-hundred-sixty degrees to show off its new form to Cindy and everyone that had still not left the ballroom. At this point, the majority of the people who had stayed to see Cindy descend from the sky had decided that things had become too dangerous and started to flee.

"Oh Cindy, you don't think you have a chance with dear old Charles, do you?" Mocked the monster that once was Cindy's step-mother, although her voice was distorted, as if it was coming over a radio broadcast "One of my daughters would make a much better wife for Charles."

"Wh-what the hell is going on?" Shouted Charles, staring up at the monstrous strep-mother floating above him. He rose up from his seat and began to run.

"HALT!" Shouted the monster "You can't leave. Not until you marry one of my daughters! If you try to leave, I'll kill you…"

"Giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirls," Droned the monster, which echoed across the spherical walls of the ballroom "Do your mother a favor please, and kill Cindy for me!"

Cindy turned around to notice that her three step-sisters were standing side by side, next to each other. There was Angelica, the oldest and tallest one with dark brown hair. Next to her was the youngest of the three sisters (Although she was slightly older than Cindy), Esmeralda, who had blond hair just like Cindy. And finally was the middle child, Gretchen with dull black hair and pale white skin. Each of them looked at what was once their mother in horror.

"B-but, mother!" Stammered Angelica "You can't make us kill someone!"

"ENOUGH TALK!" Screeched the monster, holding out her left hand. Three dark orbs of aura formed in front of her hand and shot out at the three daughters. Each of the dark orbs latched onto the face of one of the three siblings. And just like their mother, all that was visible was an oversized se of teeth twisted into an evil smile.

"Cindyyyy~" Jeered Angelica.

"What is wrong with youuu~!" Laughed Gretchen.

"The prince is ours~!" Mocked Esmeralda.

The three of them began to walk over towards Cindy. But not at a normal walking pace, instead with a very fast pace. When they got to the center of the room, each of them bent over and grabbed a large shard of glass and held it up in the air like a Michael Meyers with his knife. Cindy was horrified at what she was seeing. When she first came to the ball, she thought of killing her step-sisters and step-mother, but now it seemed like she would have no choice but to do so.

"I can't take this!" Shouted Charles in a panic. He began to sprint across the ballroom, trying desperately to escape the madness. However, as he was running across the room, one of the three possessed girls lunged at him, knocking him to the ground.

"MARRY ME!" Shouted the girl who had tackled Charles, who turned out to be Esmeralda.

"No! I don't want you!" Shouted Charles, struggling to escape Esmeralda's grip.

"THEN DIE!" Shouted Esmeralda, pulling her shard of glass up to Charles' neck.

"No! No! NO!"


Blood trickled out onto the blue dance floor, leaking from Charles' slit neck. Cindy gasped in horror, not believing what she was seeing. Hoping that everything that she had just seen was all a nightmare. Even though she hated life before this event, she would gladly go back to her life before going to the ball than staying in this twisted, nightmarish room.

Cindy became paralyzed in fear as the three girls resumed pursuing her. All she could do was watch as they stumbled towards her. They would probably kill her just as they had Charles. Finally, Angelica got up to Cindy and swung her hand with the shard of glass in it back, to stab her.

All of the sudden, out of the corner of her left eye, Cindy saw a flash of red. And then there was a loud crashing sound, like that of a gunshot. Right after the sound, Angelica fell to the ground with blood leaking out of both sides of her head, as if she had been shot. The shadow that once covered her face was now gone, and her teeth were back to their normal size.

Cindy glanced over to her left to see another girl. She was wearing a bright red cloak that concealed her face. Under the cloak she wore black dress clothes with large, thick stripes of red. In her right hand, which was held out in front of her, she held an ivory gun. It was very glossy looking, and on the side of it there was a small carving of a rose that was actually colored red and green. Smoke was still being emitted from the barrel of the gun after being shot.

At first the cloak concealing her face made Cindy think it was another person being possessed by whatever had possessed her step-mother. But the mysterious, red hooded girl had no twisted, demonic smile like the others did. And she actually saved Cindy instead of attacking her like the others had.

"Wh-who are you…?" Stuttered Cindy.

"I'll save introductions for later, first we need to take out the source." Said the red hooded girl.


"The source!" She said pointing at Cindy's step-mother, who was still floating in the air.

The red hooded girl gracefully leaped up into the air in front of the giant monster that once was Cindy's step-mother. She pulled out her ivory pistol once again and aimed it at the monster's hellish face. She pulled the trigger three times, causing three shots to be fired out of the barrel of the gun. Afterwards, the girl fell down to Earth, landing on both of her two feet with little issue. Cindy's step-mother came crashing towards the ground, the shadow no longer on her face. Instead there were three bullet holes across various parts of her face.

"What about the others?" Asked Cindy, turning around to see her other three step-sisters. The shadows on their faces were gone as well, however they had fallen to the ground, lifelessly.

"Don't worry, they're not dead. They probably just fainted after being possessed," Explained the red hooded girl "But we'd better get out of here quickly, I have a hide out of sorts we can go to."