A.N. -I have neglected this account for far too long. I have a huge backlog of poetry to post, and now that formatting issues here seem to be gone, I'm happy to post what I've written in the last three years. Anyway, this poem's prompt was a long distant relationship. The poem is a string of four tankas (5-7-5-7-7).

Across a Bridge, Waiting

You won't cross over,
won't take those hesitant steps
to reunite us,
to close this gaping expanse -
you'd rather jump off the edge,

weather the landing
the uncertainty it brings
than stay here with me,
trying to cross rotted planks
waiting to break underfoot.

I would be willing
to plunge into the unknown
but for one reason -
you've shown you won't take those steps,
you're afraid of the results.

We're at a crossroads:
you at your end, I at mine,
bridge swaying between.
What use is spanning this gulf
when it will get us nowhere?