"Ashley?" Alan, my latest boyfriend tapped my shoulder as I was texting Penelope leaning against my locker.

"Yes?" I glared as he just interrupted me while I was trying to convince Penny that she's still looks pathetic no matter how much gunk she puts on her fugly face.

"I have to tell you something." Alan fingered the hem of his shirt, probably scared to meet my icy blue eyes.

"What?" I snapped. He interrupted me while I was obviously texting, now he gets it.

Don't get me wrong, Alan's great. I mean he has a swimmer's body, who wouldn't want that? He's sweet, funny and fun to be around with. But it's only a matter of time when you get tired of cuddling and just staring at each other with pleasure. Not even touching each other.

The texts and the midnight calls also get a bit annoying after a while. I mean how am I supposed to get my beauty sleep when I'm constantly playing the 'No you hang up first' game? I mean I'll look hideous in the morning if I kept it up!

"I just…" He trailed off and finally looked at me in the eye.

His grey eyes capturing my own, but then I would be a fool if I said I was fazed by it.

Of course I wouldn't get all giddy about it. I'm a girl, yes, sure it's normal if your boyfriend gives you butterflies in the stomach, but I'm Ashley Coppins. I shouldn't be exposed to those feelings. I don't care about most things, and boyfriends aren't any different or any more special than the grades I get.

Which is zero to none, by the way.

"You what? You can't just trail off like that. I'm—." My rant was cut off with his lips on mine.

Soon he was pinning me against the lockers with his arms tightly around my waist.

When he was done sucking my face (that dude sure knows how to make a girl wobble on her knees), he took a strand of dyed blonde hair behind my ears and looked at me lovingly.

Bleh. This love crap again.

Alan keeps trying to get me to profess my real feelings about him. Seriously? I'm a fake blonde, with a natural C-cup, great body, rich parents, and snotty attitude, and he wants me to talk about feelings. I would like to show him how much I feel like doing, but I'm not really a fan of PDA, no matter how much I enjoy it.

Before we head on with this I would like to say something, no matter how much blonde colouring I force on my hair, I am a natural brunette. Now, in my school, brunettes don't matter. Blondes do. Because apparently they should have the money, the fame, and the dudes. Apparently, blondes are supposed to be shallow, stupid, and bitchy. To be perfectly honest, I don't think you have seen the real person behind all that make-up and hairspray.

Back to my love life!

"Ash, I have been wanting to tell you this for quite a while now," In what amount of time? We've only been dating for two months, buddy. Alan paused for dramatic effect.

Ah my little actor.

"I love you."

I was sure my smile that I had on before was surely gone and replaced with an unflattering scowl.

"What?" I screeched.

"I know you're just gonna say that I'm crazy. And I know that it's only been two months, but in those two months I have realized that maybe you're not the dumb blonde that I thought you were at first. You're much more than that Ash. More. You're smart, even though you act dumb just for show; you're kind, I know you go to the elderly home to volunteer every weekend; you're beautiful, even without all your make-up on; you're hard-working, you don't depend on your parents' money for anything, you work for yourself. I love everything about you Ashley. Absolutely everything. And I know that you might think that—."

"Shut up!" I screamed, covering my ears.

"What? What do you mean—."

"I meant what I said. Shut. Up." I hissed pushing him away from him.

"I love—."

I cut him off with my laugh.

"Ha! Do you really think that I would really believe you when you say that?" I looked around to find an audience watching a couple, the girl being the most sought out girl of the campus and the boy being the secret crush of every girl.

"Well yeah—."

What is with me and cutting him off?

I scoffed and poked his chest, "You, mister, are wrong. You do not love me. You're only saying that to get me in bed. I know I know." I threw my hands up as if to say 'I surrender' "that I'm irresistible but couldn't you have waited a tad bit longer? I mean I'm sure I would have put out if you given it time." I laughed.

The truth is, is that I don't exactly put out as much as the rumours say I do. I actually wait until, probably the ninth month till I'm actually gonna show all of me. I'm not as easy as they all say.

"What? That's not what—."

"Shh. I know, you need to get a good lay. But sorry buddy, I'm not the toy for you." I smirked.

"I can be your rebound Ashley!" Someone shouted from the background.

"I'm gonna hold you down with that! Literally!" I responded with a chuckle.

I faced Alan, who was…hmm how can I say this? Mad? Angry? Hurt? Well why not fuel the fire shall we?

"Well if you really wanted me that bad Alan dear, say it again. Say that you love me." I whispered in his ear, making sure that my voice sounded raspy and out of breathe.

I heard his take a breath in and let it out loudly.

"You can't love Ashley. Your heartless." He hissed brushing past me.

I watched as his retreating self walk down the halls.

I scoffed and shouted, "You're right I'm a heartless bitch!" I laughed and turned around to face my locker.

Idiot. 'Heartless'? Really? Like I haven't heard that one before. And there you have it folks, break-up number 24, damn maybe I'll get lucky with boyfriend number 25. Maybe.

DISCLAIMER : Throughout this story I own the plot, the characters, and some of the places that I make up. Things that are familiar to you are not mine.