So I woke up today. On my own bed, no lay, and no Jason beside me.

What you getting disappointed for? He doesn't care about you, why do you care about him?

The dick. That's what I care for.

Funny how the dick is the most important thing to you and yet you're still a virgin. Even that bitch Penelope surpassed you.

"So who's the father?" I asked Penelope.

"Dane Matthews." She answered dejectedly.

I laughed out loud.

Penny looked at me with sad eyes mixed with a bit of irritation in them.

"What?" I asked as I noticed her look at me.

"You make it seem like a bad thing. But it's not. I mean, if it weren't for the baby we would have been together for a long time." She crossed her arms over her chest and shifted her seat to look anywhere but me.

I laughed harder and said, "Yeah, 'cause you totally know when a guy is The One when he leaves you when you tell him you're preggo. That is totally a sign." I rolled my eyes at the last part and turned back to my lunch.

Penny and I are in the cafeteria eating our lunches, just the two of us on one big table while our other friends went out for lunch.

Penny didn't want to go because she knew that they'd be drinking booze if she went out and she knew that it wasn't good for the baby (if you really call it a baby. I mean I thought that it was only considered a life after sixteen weeks of it growing inside you). I didn't want to tag along simply because I was too tired to move my lazy ass to some cheap pub.

"He's a good person! You just never saw his good side." My pregnant best friend defended her fetus' sperm donor.

I scoffed, "Please enlighten me." Cue one more eye roll.

"He walks me to my door—."

"I would not be surprised if he doesn't stop at your bedroom door." I cut her off.

She glared at me but continued on.

"Like I was saying, he walks me home even though his house is a couple of blocks away."

"Big deal, my dead grandmother is underground, across the country and I can probably drag her body to my house." She once again glared at me and I threw my hands up in surrender, "Sorry, just making a comment."

Penny sighed and gave me a look but continued, "He calls every night to say goodnight—."

I cut her off once again, saying, "So does my mom, sweetie. And she even comes to my room to say it."

"He helps me with homework when I have troubles—."

"I'm not going to be surprised it's about the human body and how it works when two people—."

Now it was her turn to cut me off, "Okay if you keep butting in I won't be able to finish." She hissed.

"Who said I want you to finish?"

Penny growled at me and I apologized, "Sorry! Jeez, sorry crocodile. Continue."

She paused to see if I were going to say anything else, and when she was sure I was done she started talking again.

"On our first date, he sang to me. And guess what song?" She started acting all giddy and girly that I just had to do it.

"Let's Get Physical?"

Penny frowned deeply but corrected me anyways. See this is what I love about this girl. She puts up with my bitchyness 24/7. "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star."

"Oh that's just great! So sweet! I just love it when my boyfriend treats me like a four year old!" I tried to keep a straight face while acting sarcastic but at the end i just bursted out laughing.

Damn I'm good. I'm on a roll today.

"Meanie." Penelope muttered taking a bite of her peanutbutter and jelly sandwhich.

"You know you're not supposed to eat peanutbutter or anything with peanuts if you have a baby. The little sucker can get allergies." I said without thinking. After it was said, I bit my tongue to prevent anything else to come out.

Penny gasp and shoved her plate as far away as possible from her.

I rolled my eyes and took a drink from my juicebox. "It won't kill it Penny. The bitch will still live but it's just gonna come out puffed up like a tomato." Okay so I was lying. It's just so funny to see Penelope overreact. but about the peanut thing, that's true.

"Really?" She shreiked.


"Oh my god I have to clean my mouth! You poor thing! You much be blowing up in there!" She said to her stomach that wasn't even big enough for people to tell anyways.


"Sorry Ashley I have to go to the ladies for a little while."

"To what? Barf out the peanutbutter you ate?"

"That's a great idea! I'll see you later! Don't worry baby I'll save you from puffing up in mommy's tummy!" Penny quickly ran out of the caf and into the hallway.

I dropped my head into my hands and rubbed my face. Penny you are a fucking idiot.

I realized that there was this other girl in the caf that was with me, but she was about twenty tables away, in the far corner of the room.

"Hey loner! Get your ass over here!" I shouted over. There was nothing to harm my reputation if we were the only ones here. If I were alone with this girl in the caf, might as well make this interesting.

Her head shot up as if 'Loner' was her name and she looked right at me. After it registered to her mind that I was talking to her, she lowered her head and hid behind her hair.

I rolled my eyes and said, "if you don't fucking come over here I'm gonna pull your hair and drag you. Come here you bitch." I ordered. Okay so it was mean of me to do that, but if she's a loner, then I'm a loner. And I don't want to be a loner.

She gathered her things and headed right to me.

When she was in front of me, almost as if she was looming over me, she glared.

I scoffed and said, "Who do you think you are? Looking at me like that." She was old fashion, I could tell. She wore washed out jeans, a sweater that was obviously twenty times her size. Her hair was boring brown and I could tell that she had the same colour for her eyes. To shorten my description, she's a boring old fashioned nerd.

"Hey, you wanted me over here, and here I am." She plopped down on a chair that Penelope was in just a while ago and put her stuff on the table and started reading.

I looked at her weirdly and stabbed my fork into my bowl of salad.

"So what did you want from me?" Nerdy girl asked.

"Well I just wanted to talk to someone else other than Penny who ran out-"

"She's pregnant." The girl stated.

"Hey, that's none of your business." I snapped.

"You guys were so loud that it was hard not to listen." She shrugged.

"What's your name, bitch?" I asked. Hey at least I'm trying to be nice. If it was a bad day I would have just thrown my garbage at her and walk out of the caf. But I didn't, so tickle me pink would ya?

"Kimberly. Kim for short." She answered hiding behind her hair like she did when I called her.

"I'm Sexy Bitch From Hell. Ashley for short."

"I know." She said looking at me straight in the eye. "You dated my brother."

"Oh really? What's his name? Cuz you know, I don't really remember them as soon as I dump them." I chuckled.


"You'll just have to find out." Kim muttered.

I stood up to stop her, "Hey!-"

"Don't worry, I won't tell anyone that the Sexy Bitch from Hell talked to Kimberly from Nerdia. You don't have to worry." She said without even looking back.

There was something about that girl that just makes me want to rip her life apart.

This is it, The Bitch has got her new nerd to bully.

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