Here is just a preview of what is to come. I hope you like it! Comment appreciated!

The icy lump flew from his fingers and rushed toward me. I thought I'd have time to turn away, but his strength was more than I'd anticipated. The frozen ball of water collided with my cheek. Damn! I thought. I quickly bent to make a snowball to throw at him, but before I could realize what had happened, he was close to me, his arm around my shoulders, heat radiating from his form. He brought one hand up to my cheek, and turned my head so we were facing one another. My pulse raced. I wondered absently if he could hear my heart inside my chest. I could feel his warm breath on my cheek. His blue eyes pierced through my brown ones, seeing inside my soul. He moved forward slowly, and his lips met mine. If my pulse raced before, now it must have stopped. I'd never felt anything like the velvet that was his lips. Despite the freezing weather, I was burning inside. My lips felt on fire, singeing my very being. His fingers coiled in my hair. He pulled away, a smile touching the lips that mine never wanted to let go of. His hand slid from my hair. He turned, and began walking in the other direction, leaving me wondering what could have been. My eyes caressed his receding form, and suddenly, the frost that covered my skin didn't burn so much.