Here is chapter one! I hope you like it! Again, comments appreciated!

"I squared my shoulders and walked forward to meet my fate, with my destiny solidly at my side."

The spine crackled as I slowly closed New Moon, the book I had just finished rereading. I smiled, remembering Bella, the main character, and her vampire-boyfriend, Edward. I sighed, wishing there was someone out there who could be my Edward, my perfect match. There is, I told myself, but he's not romantically interested in you.

I took a deep breath and readjusted my soft comforter around my body. I closed my eyes as my head rested on the pillow. It was 1:30, and I needed to get out of bed. I was starving, for one thing, and for another, I really, really, had to go to the bathroom.

I heaved myself up from the cozy mattress and my breath left me as my feet touched the floor. It was frigid. I walked on tiptoe to the thermostat and adjusted the temperature. Mom had left for work without turning it up to 70, like she was supposed to. It rested on the number 62. Wrapped in my cocoon of feather down and cotton, I hadn't noticed the icy air throughout the rest of the house.

I decided that I should take a shower and walked down the hall toward my room for a new towel. Mom had recently redecorated both of the bathrooms in our two-story house, so there were only brand-new towels in the closet. The bathroom upstairs – which was three doors down from my room until we remodeled and connected it to my room, doubling the size of my humble abode – was painted a sunny yellow by my mother. The shower curtain draped over the side of the tub, with blue flowers inching down a white trellis on the picture depicted on it. It was pretty, but not my style. I would've painted it sage green, and instead of blue, I would've put in purple. But my mom owns the house, so I don't get much say.

It felt so good. I sighed as the water turned cool, signaling that I'd been in for too long; I'd used up the hot water. Grudgingly, I got out and wrapped the soft towel around my shoulders.

I stepped outside of the bathroom and turned the heat up to 75. I went back into my room to find something to wear. It was almost two 'o' clock and I was supposed to go pick up my friend Darcy at 2:30.

I selected a thick pair of jeans, even though winters were warmer here in Oklahoma than they were in good old Chicago, and a soft pink cashmere sweater that looked good against my copper skin. My brown eyes shone; something that rarely happened. I pulled my hair into a wet ponytail and quickly put on some makeup. I poked myself in the eye with my mascara wand and blinked too hard; I had to start all over again. I washed my makeup off and hurriedly put on less.

I grabbed my keys and rushed outside after grabbing a jacket. The wind bit my cheeks as snowflakes fell to the ground. I threw myself into my little black '96 Mustang and waited for it to get warm. I shivered as I put it into gear and backed out of my driveway. It had taken nearly a year of saving and extra chores to have enough money to by this car, the one that I'd wanted for ages. I was working on earning enough to give it a sleek midnight blue paintjob now. I was nearly there.

After five minutes of listening to my favorite band, Rascal Flatts, on my ancient CD player, my car was warm and I was pulling in front of Darcy's house. She was leaning against her mailbox with her music in hand, even though I still had about five minutes before I was supposed to be there to pick her up.