15 years prior Oblivion

There was a soft *click* as Mark snapped off the safety and swung his short barreled carbine up to his shoulder into firing position. He peeked out from behind his cover to take a glance down the long hallway and spotted a pair of uniformed guards heading slowly towards him down the hall; if they were able to sound any sort of alarm Mark would not be able to continue his mission, secrecy was absolutely essential to the task at hand. He would have to take them both out, and quickly at that. He took a quick glance towards the front of the shortened rifle to reassure himself that the suppressor was screwed in place at the end of the gun barrel as the echos of the guards footsteps grew louder; and when he judged that the guards were more or less directly adjacent from him at the wall he burst out from his cover carbine at the ready.

The carbine opened up and blew large holes in the bodies of the two guards, the suppressor lowering the volume of the gunshots to a muffled bark. Mark quickly stepped forwards to catch the bodies and silently lowered them to the floor before dragging them in to the side hallway where he had been hiding. With the bodies sufficiently hidden for now he moved quietly down the hallway keeping an eye out for movement. Seeing none he continued down the service hallway towards his destination until he reached a door marked "Reactor Complex : Do not enter without proper protection." Bingo.

Mission time is now 20:25 Operative, Command has sent through a query as to your current status and location. Initializing radio contact, please hold.

The communications console in Mark's helmet hummed and came to life and seconds later the mission coordinator got through to Mark.

"Mission time is now 20:26 Operative, please report your current status and location."

"Roger that command, I'm in position at the reactor as planned and am about to set the charges, over. Situation remains under control and mission is proceeding exactly as planned."

"And the enemy remains ignorant of your actions Operative?"

"Yes, I was forced to eliminate two guards, but they did not raise the alarm."

"Command acknowledges, please proceed as planned and report back upon completion. Command out."

There was a crackle of static and communications cut off from the other end.

"Alright then, back to the task at hand..." Mark whispered to himself.

He kicked in the door and rushed in, carbine at the ready...