Ok, So here is chapter 3. Im going to try to post, maybe, a chapter a week. Becuz school is starting this week and with homework and clubs and stuf, i wont have enough time to write as much as I want to.

So, bare with me. K you may go on-ward now and read my "epical" story.

*Juliet's POV*


I woke up at 9, and went down stairs. Tyler was watching T.V. in the den, and Iris and mom were in the kitchen talking about last night.

I went to the fridge and grabbed out the orange juice and poured myself a glass, before sitting with them.

"Morning." I smiled and listened to the rest of their conversation.

"We were dancing the whole time." I think she was talking about Jayson, her boyfriend. " I had so much fun, i really like him." My mom smiled. "He soundsm uch nicer than your other boyfriend. "He is."

I stopped paying attention after that. I couldn't stop thinking about last night. I never expected him to actually kiss me. ME. And we have only known each other for like a week and a half. "I wonder if he texted me." I thought to myself.

I placed my glass on the table, and went back upstairs to change and check my phone.

I went to my dresser and picked out some normal clothes to wear, since I had nothing to really do today.


I walked over my bed, and grabbed my phone from under my pillow. I turned the screen on and went to my messages. No new messages. I sighed and put my phone in my back pocket.

Iris walked in. "So, have fun last night?" She asked as she changed into her clothes. "Yeah, I had a lot of fun actually."

"Good, but you didnt even dance. No fun unless ya dance." She smiled. "I dont like dancing. It feels weird when your around all those people." I stated.

"But you do ballet and hip-hop. That's dancing. And your recitals and crap are in front of like 200 people."

"Okay, maybe I do. But with the lighting you can barely see the audience. And I danced once." She was digging in the closet for some shoes and said. "Oh, well, still it would have been more fun if you danced more. Thats all." She smiled and walked out the door."

I pulled my phone out of my pocket and started typing a message.

~Hey! I had alot of fun last night. Do you wanna hang out or something? Im really bored. ~

I sent the text to Justin, and put my phone back.

I went into the den and sat with Tyler and watched T.V. for about an hour or so. At 12pm, mom said she had some grocery shopping to do.

"Anyone wanna come with, and help?" She asked.

We all looked at her, like "really, you have to ask?"

She took that as a "no." and said she'll be back by 2pm.

~time lapse~


I fell back into my bed and sighed. No answer from Justin. Maybe his phone died or something.

"Something wrong?" Iris asked as she climbed into her bed. I turned my head towards her and said, "Nah, just thinking." I looked back towards the water newly painted white ceiling.

Iris reached under her bed and pulled out a smalle shoebox, filled with some of our CD's. "Music?" She asked. She pulled out a Secondhand Serenade CD and waved it around in the air. "I love him, Sure!" I said.

She got up and walked to the small stereo on top of her dresser, and inserted the CD.

She walked back over to her bed and plopped down. " A Twist In My Story, thats my favorite album from him."

The first song started.

Like A Knife.

We sat there and listening to it. The next song started playing and I started falling asleep.

~Tonight will be the night that I will fall for you. Over again. Dont make me change my mind~

And I only remember sleeping after that.


I woke up to Iris, who was screaming. I rolled out of my bed, and stood up like I was ready for action.
I looked around. She was screaming downstairs. I ran down the stairs and into the kitchen. "Whats the matter?" I looked around checking for something wrong.

"Spider!" She yelled pointing at the counter in front of her. I looked at it. It wasnt even that big. I found a napkin and smushed it. Tyler came down the stairs. Rubbing his eyes, he said, "Ok, who died?"

I laughed. "No one, just a spider." I looked towards Iris who was rinsing her cup in the sink. "Why did you have to scream like that anyway? It was just a spider."

She turned around. "I hate bugs, they are gross and they make those weird buzzing sounds."

Tyler laughed and walked over to the couch in the den. He layed down. "Technically," He started. "It's an arachnid, not a bug."

"Yep, and spiders dont even make any noise." I walked over to the table, and sat down. I crossed my arms and layed my head down. "Where's mom? Its like 10."

"Doctor." Iris stated. " She has to get a physical before she goes back to work."

"Oh, do we have anything to do today?" I asked. She probably knew, she is always up bright and early talking to mom. "No, I dont think so. Unless,you have any homework for the weekend." She smirked.

"Nope." I got up and pushed my chair in. "Im going back to bed." As I started walking back upstairs.
"Me too." I heard Tyler say behind me.

I layed back down, and checked me phone. No new messages. Is he ignoring me? I asked myself.

I fell back to sleep.

I got up at 6 and ate dinner. Mom told us that she starts work tomorow. She is going back to work as a nurse, at the hospital int he next town over.

It was a normal school night. I watched a little bit of TV, then went to bed.

Ok, so this is chapter 3. I guess I wrote this, just to give you an example of Juliets average weekend. ANd Chapter 4 is gunna be based on Monday, and taking to Justin and yada yada yada...