Unknown Forces by ff_b

There are some things that it is better not to read, such as the Republican Party Platform or the forbidden Necronomicon of the mad Arab Abdul Alhazred. The old wolf, however, had been known to have been a great student of magic in his day, better even than David Copperfield or Cris Angel. Legend had it that the wolf could raise or quell storms at sea according to his whim. The wolf could gaze at another fur and give them a distinct feeling of exchanged personality, as if the subject were placed momentarily in the wolf's body and able to stare across the room at their real body, whose eyes blazed with a lupine expression. The wolf made claims about the nature of consciousness and its independence from the physical frame...or at least the life-processes of the physical frame. Indeed, the wolf was able with his dark powers to crowd someone out of their body and leave the other soul marooned in his own failing shell while he temporarily used their body for his own purposes. Such journeys were not enough, however, for the wolf wanted to live forever. With the formulas in the Necronomicon, he appeared ready to be able to do just that..

And so it was when Little Red Riding Hood went calling at her Grandmother's house, the old wolf had already dispatched Grandma, and assumed her garments when the young naive girl appeared by what she thought was her grandmother's bedside. It was then that the telepathic wave of the wolf's mental force swept over Red Riding Hood, twisting her face almost unrecognizably for a moment. A shivering motion passed through Red Riding Hood's body, as if all of the bones, organs, muscles, and glands were adjusting themselves to a radically different configuration and personality. The eyes of Red Riding Hood blazed forth, a pleased wolfish expression on her countenance. In the body of the wolf, the feeble consciousness of Red Riding Hood struggled, dispossessed and panic-stricken. It was then that the stalwart woodsman burst through the door of Grandmother's cabin, and gasped at the sight of the wolf in the bed. He raised the gleaming head of the heavy ax that he carried, and struck with it at the wolf with all of his might. Once, twice, three times did hard blows of the ax fall upon the body of the wolf, which was decapitated by the force of the impacts.

"I'm enormously grateful, brave Sir, for your most timely assistance," enthused the physical embodiment of Little Red Riding Hood to the woodsman, appreciative indeed for the new lease on life that had been given him. The parents of Red Riding Hood didn't know what to make, however, of their daughter's newly-acquired habit of eating meat raw, and apparently snarling at times as she dismembered rabbits with her teeth. In school, she would frighten her classmates with leers and winks of an inexlicable kind. It would be remarked by others that she had the glaring eyes of the devil himself. This life would be different, thought the wolf in the girl's body, but every bit as good as his previous one...he found that he could extract an obscenely zestful irony from his present situation while looking forward to others yet to come...

(With thanks to H.P. Lovecraft, who knew that "there are horrors beyond life's edge that we do not suspect.")