Lines Written in Disgust at a Friend's Betrayal

Betrayal! Thou murderer of happiness!

Thou whirl up the calm milk of trust

Till it do yield the butter of shock

Which smothers trust and turns into rancid hatred.

Thou dost attempt to kindle the sparks of anger

And foster the flame of revenge

Till it grows into the inferno of vengeance

Which does not relent until it consumes all.

Thou kill kindness and drown hope

And like a bolt from the blue strikes down intelligence

Thou strangle the tongue and veil the eyes

With a shroud of red that mars the sight.

Thou attack in the dark and stab in the back

Thou deal in low blows and the poisoned cup.

Thou hast neither conscience nor any qualms

About causing pain or bringing about death.

Weakened by thy poison, hurt by thy stabs,

Pushed down by thy blows I am on my knees.

I turn around and see your face,

And then like Caesar stop resisting.

My eyes fool me, I say to myself

What I am seeing cannot be true.

I would rather suspect myself than suspect you;

My dearest friend, is it really you?

My shock wears away and my eyes do not own the lie

And I wonder why you are doing this-

Have I ever offended you, or missed a chance to reward you?

Hath my tongue disturbed you, or have my deeds angered you?

You answer not, and I think long and hard

And remember the times your friendly mask slipped,

Revealing the demon underneath. Now I understand

That you were never my friend-you pot of jealousy and spite!

Sycophant! You deceived me with your sickly sweet words.

And won your way into my confidence,

Pretending to be happy for my victories, while plotting

All the time to bring me down, you two faced fiend!

Alas for the trust I heaped on you!

I did not see that it was a leaking vessel that I had poured into.

Now I realize my folly; I let my guard slip-

Trust given blindly doth blind the giver!

Backstabber! How could you forget all the

Hard spots I helped you through?

The time and energy I wasted on you?

I am disgusted that I ever called such a beast my friend!

I look around and call to Kindness to

See her lying knocked out cold

By the cold hatred and evil

Emenating from Betrayal.

I call to Brute Strength but find him

A shadow of his former self-

The shock having jarred his bones,

And weakened his reflexes.

Courage, Pity, Logic, Eloquence-

All of them lie dead or bleeding!

I look around in increasing despair for an ally,

As your blade inches closer to my throat.

All have fallen-all but two-

Bright Forgiveness standing pale and still.

And mad Vengeance, with his tongue lolling,

With his lieutenants-Evil and Ruthlessness.

As your blade pierces my throat I cry for help-

"Which one of you can save me from this predicament?

For the love of God, come forward and help!"

There is no answer.