I'm With the Band

Chapter One

"Gahh! Gotta hurry! Gotta hurry!" I cried as I panicked.

I ran around my new room like a chicken with its head cut off. I was trying to find everything that I needed for school and, once I found something, I would stuff it roughly into my messenger bag without any sympathy towards my poor items. Why should I care at that moment? I was going to be late for my first day of school! Of course, I didn't care about meager things!

Once I rechecked everything in my bag, I was finally ready to head out. I raced out of my new home, not without grabbing a bagel, and jumped heavily into my old truck. I immediately revved the engine, before accelerating out of my drive way and down the road toward my new school.

Fortunately, I made it into the school's parking lot with no accidents! Score one for me! I also wasn't late for school! Double score!

Anyways, the parking lot was almost full and there were only a handful of parking spaces left. I strained hard to try and find a good parking spot and instantly found one that was close to the school.

Using my awesome (not) driving skills, I was able to cut off a beautiful red sports car before it could pull into the empty space. I cheered happily in my seat and silently taunted the loser who thought that he or she was going to get the spot. However, I saw the driver of the sports car had also gotten out and was skulking towards me with a dangerous purpose. Copying his actions, I took my time looking the guy over.

The loser was actually a very, very hot loser. He had perfectly messy ash blond hair that fell perfectly into his perfectly steel grey eyes. He was tall, toned, and…hella preppy. The guy just oozed rich popular preppy guy. I mean seriously! He was wearing a pale pink buttoned up shirt, designer jeans, and doc martins! He had flawless tanned skin and perfect hair and…dare I say it…his nails looked pretty perfect. Also the look on his face showed much disgusted rage for the likes of me. This will be like 6th grade all over again…oh boy.

I couldn't help but notice that there were people watching Pretty Boy's decent upon me with intense praise and anticipation. Huh. These people seems like they worship this guy. And I angered him. Well there goes the thought of having a normal school year.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" he yelled angrily.

Huh…he's pretty tall…probably 6'2. I stared up at him calmly and lifted my shoulder in a lazy shrug.

"Parking," I replied calmly.

"That is my parking space," he snapped angrily. "No one is to park there, but me."

One of my eyebrows rose in bemusement. Is this guy for real? I exaggeratingly twisted my body so that I could search the pavement under my truck.

"I don't see your name anywhere, so…" I turned back to look at him and folded my arms across my chest. "No can do. I got this spot fair and square."

This only made him even more angered. "Do not tempt me. I can get you expelled from this school," he threatened.

My raised eyebrow rose even higher in amusement as I let out a snort. "Let me get this straight. You think that threatening me will make me bend to your every little whim?" I tilted my head slightly to the side. "Besides, how are you going to get me expelled? I'm new here and my record has been clean, I'm also a very passive aggressive person. It's hard to anger me and I'm not a 'follow-my-instinct' kinda person. So good luck with that."

I could see him floundering for a comeback so I decided to end this little dispute. Pulling out my brightest smile, I gave him a two finger salute. "Now! If you'll excuse me, I must be off to the Principal's office! I need my schedule! So, ta-ta!" I chirped before sauntering off to the entrance of the school.


This school is confusing. I am serious.

There are two buildings that make up West Hollywood High and three floors in each. What the hell? This is perfect for a clumsy girl like me who could easily get lost after taking two steps in the right direction.

I'm being completely serious. Two years ago – I was 15 – my dad and I went to the mall to scope out some new clothes and a new band that was playing at the mall that day. While we were searching the clothes racks, I got lost. I had started panicking at that thought when, in actuality; he was on the other side of the aisle right in my line of view. I am horrible at directions, so I was surprised that I could actually find my way to school.

Actually I think my problem is why my dad got us a house right across from the school. I know, I know! If I live right across from my school then why did I take my truck? That is a simple answer which might not make many people happy. I'm too lazy to do any exercise. Dancing I will do, but anything else? No thank you.

Anyways, I was hurrying in a blind panic down one of the many hallways of the school while trying to find my first class of the day. The map just looked like chicken scratch to me every time I stare at it and that only makes me panic more. I shouldn't even be surprised, since this happens almost everyday.

I was too caught up in the chicken scratch map that I didn't even notice the person who was coming towards me until it was too late. My butt hit the floor and I let out a series of muttered curses at the pain in my behind.

"I am so sorry," a deep, worry filled voice said from above me. "I wasn't watching where I was going."

At the sound of his voice, my head jerked up and I found myself staring into beautiful, topaz brown eyes. Oh my Buddha, this guy was simply delectable. He had beautiful, flawless, chocolate brown skin, which led me to believe that he was African American, and a short, curly, chocolate brown afro. His features were mature yet they were warm and welcoming. His lips were full, his jaw was strong and his topaz eyes were soft and open. His build filled out his light blue v-neck sweater and his long, strong legs filled out his loose dark wash jeans perfectly.

Woo boy! Is it hot in here or is that just me?

"I-it's okay!" I stammered in embarrassment. "I'm to blame in this, also! I was too busy panicking to watch where I was going."

His brown eyes watched me with disbelieving concern. "Are you sure? You fell down pretty hard there," he commented slowly.

The man was a gentleman and held out his hand to help me to my feet, and I graciously took his outstretched hand. I flashed a bright smile towards him.

"The only things bruised are my pride and my ass and both tend to get bruised the most every day," I assured him and made a peace sign with my fingers.

The guy let out a deep laugh that was just too infectious for me not to join in.

"Alright, I see your point," he chuckled. I flashed him a toothy grin. "Now, why were you panicking?"

I laughed sheepishly and raked my fingers through the longer portion of my hair.

"Well, I'm new," I told him with a shrug. "It's my first day here. I'm lost which is a regular occurance for me. It also makes me panic."

An amused smile graced his face as he chuckled. "I think I might be able to help you," he told me sweetly. "May I see your schedule?"

The fan girl in me swooned at his polite personality as I handed my schedule over to his awaiting hands. His keen eyes skimmed over the piece of paper quickly before nodding his head and handing my schedule back to me.

"It's a good thing you found me because I was just heading in that direction," he told me with an amused smile. My eyes widened in surprise at this thought.

"Really?" I asked slowly.

"Actually, it's right there." He pointed over to a classroom door behind me to my left and I blanched.

"Oh…" I breathed out. After a couple seconds, I felt a blush wash over my cheeks. "I knew that."

The guy let out a loud laugh and I pouted at him in embarrassment. "Mmmn…shut up!" I whined pathetically.

"Sorry, sorry," he sobered up though a boyish grin stayed on his face. He reached out one of his large hands to me. "Let me formally introduce myself, I am Emery Jones."

I eyed him warily before taking his large hand in my own small one as a grin pulled at my lips. "Cerise Wilson, but you can call me Ceri," I told him. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Emery Jones."

"The pleasure is all mine, Ceri Wilson," he replied. "Now you should probably head to your first class unless you want to be any later than you already are?"

"I guess I should," I grumbled with an overdramatic sigh. "Thanks again."

"You are quite welcome, Ceri," he told me as he started to move past me. "I believe we might see each other again sometime soon."

And with that, Emery disappeared around the corner.