Her hair is wrapped into an elegant bun, spotted with glittering diamonds, winking in the soft glow of the grand chandelier. She glides gracefully across the ballroom floor in her expensive heels, her long midnight coloured dress embedded with tiny gems, shimmering and shifting in the soft light like stars. She is dazzling.

He clutches her waist and delicately holds her hand, smiling softly as he gazes deeply into her glittering eyes. He is dressed in a strapping tuxedo, handsome in the black and white attire. His hair is slicked back and styled accordingly for the event and the skin of his face is soft and clean shaven, but there is something mischievously unruly about the way he smiles at her. He gives her a charming grin as he looks adoringly into her almond shaped eyes, rimmed with thick dark eyelashes. She returns his loving gaze with a soft smile.

They move precisely in perfect time to the trilling of the orchestra, their feet gliding gracefully around the grand hall. The floor of the room is a rich mahogany and elegant white pillars lead up to the impossibly high ceiling where the large chandelier hangs, the light refracting off of intricately designed diamonds dangling from it.

Other couples move in time around them, dressed appropriately for the classy event, but no one seems to outshine the movements of the lovers.

Their steps don't falter as he pulls his hand from hers to gently stroke her face. He leans into her and she can feel the warmth of his body. He whispers in her ear with a deep smooth voice, "You are so beautiful."

Her cheeks burn with pleasure and he twirls her around the floor, the gems on her dress coming alight with the movement.

A cold wind cuts through the room, chilling the two to their cores. They pull each other close as the illusion fades, the high ceiling becoming a dark angry sky filled with heavy clouds, the soft trilling of the orchestra becoming the offbeat hissing of irritated cats and the rich mahogany floor becoming cold concrete. The couple continues to sway, stepping carefully with their worn tattered shoes, trying not to step on broken glass or garbage in the alleyway. Their rusty shopping cart that is missing a wheel leans tiredly against a brick wall covered with misspelled profanity in neon spray paint, holding their every possession.

Another gust of bone chilling wind cuts through their thin layers of tattered ripped clothing, bringing with it thick wet snowflakes.

He strokes her face, dirt smudged across her left cheek and long hair falling down her back in a tangled mess, and he speaks in a hushed voice once more, "You are so beautiful."

She presses his hand to her cheek and closes her eyes. When she openes them she gives him a light smile, snowflakes getting caught in her eyelashes.

Streetlights illuminate the empty road they are sheltered near, the light smothered by the oncoming storm. No one is around to see the beautiful waltzing of the couple.

An angry wind swirls around them as she threads her fingers through his and he puts his hand on her waist once more. The snow falls heavily around them as they dance back into the illusion, light smiles resting peacefully on their lips.