Stuck In a Brain Slum…

By: Payton

Hmmm… Hummm… Dum de bum…

Fee, fi, fo, fum… tweedle dee, tweedle dum

Lying on the floor, sucking my thumb

Feeling as though my brain is numb

No, never… that's dumb

Looking for inspiration… what's that? Ew scum!

Maybe I should chew some gum

I haven't even changed clothes… lazy bum.

Math could be interesting… um…

How did I get that sum?

This is ridiculous. Why won't it come?

That's what she said! Ha! That's for my chum

Oh look I dropped a crum…

Just shove it aside and don't tell mum…

Maybe I should try some rum…

I really want a drum

I'm no good at things you strum

Where did that come from?

I'm stuck in a glum

Maybe if I hum…

Ooo or eat a plum!

No I don't have some

What about a banana?... yum!

Maybe I could use a shrum

Now I'm just succumb

What have I become?

And I'm an alum!

I shouldn't have yelled. I hurt my eardrum

Oh wait!... Look, I'm done!