Not To Be Mentioned

By: Payton Nowling

There once was a boy

Who was never coy

He was very outgoing

And sometimes annoying

He was extremely funny

And sometimes sweet as honey

He was also cunning

And very stunning

He was tall and strong

And, of course, never wrong

But there was something about him

I never could quite pin

He was always in my thoughts

Even though we only fought

But in a weird way, I liked it

It was my own little secret

He picked at me and I at him

People asked "what's wrong with them"

But nothing was wrong, per se

That's how I got through the day

Arguing with him made me happy

I know, it sounds so sappy

But this is all true

There is no one else who

Could make me feel this way

So I just have to say

I love this boy

End of story

I love him all in one

This boy's name, I will not mention