This is for you Belle. Don't ever let them change you, or break you, or make you think your worthless. Please don't ever be like me.

Your the strongest girl I know

So much stronger then me

I gave up so long ago

You still try to believe

You let them scream at you

Let them say bad things

You let her beat you black and blue

Let them do most anything

I tell you to fight back

You say she'll hit you harder

They think your too scared to attack

But its because your so much smarter

I say, "I wish she'd die."

"I don't want that," you say

Your too young to have to cry

And you face another day

And still you shine liking the brightest gold

You don't let them change you heart

Your the greatest story ever told

Your the truest work of art

While my wings are tainted dark

Yours are shining bright

You make me want to find my part

You make me want to fight

When I think of what's right in the world

I always think of you

Because your the strongest girl

And you will make it through

You don't deserve it Belle.

Don't ever believe you do. Your name means beautiful for reason. Don't ever let them make you think otherwise.