"Where the fuck am I?" Cat asked himself.

Cat had no idea where he was, one minute he was running across a road to try to steal a pie and next minute he's in one big white room.

"Ok", said cat. "This shit isn't funny so who ever the fuck is trying to prank me had better stop!"

So cat stood there and waited for someone to pop out from MTV and be all like 'You just got punked! How do you feel?'

"Don't worry fat ass you're going to be fine", said a voice.

"Holy shit!" screamed cat. "Is that you god!? It's me Margret!"

"No fat ass I'm not god and who the fuck is Margret?!" said the voice. "Turn around ass hole".

Cat turned around to face none other than Steve the fish. Cat was so scared he screamed the girlyest scream ever.

"I thought you were dead!" screamed Cat. "Mango stabbed you back at the house! Your dead fishy body is still floating on the surface of the water rotting and probably smells like ass hole!"

"First off ass hole, I am dead", began Steve with a look that just read 'You got to be fucking kidding me right now'. "By the way thanks for the update on my dead body cuz ya know that just makes me feel just amazing".

"So you are dead?" asked Cat, who just didn't quite understand what Steve had just said.

"Yes Cat … I'm dead", said Steve. "Hence the floating in mind air and not being in WATER!"


Then it hit Cat, he stopped running around in circles and stood there frozen. There was something he hadn't done before he died.

"Cat?" said Steve as he waved his fin in front of Cats blank face. "You Ok?"

"I never told Dog how I felt about him …" mumbled Cat.

"Huh?" said Steve.

"The last thing I ever told Dog was that he was an anorexic jack ass, and now I'm dead …" Cat said as he began to cry a bit. "He probably hates me, I'll never be able to take it back … I will never be able to tell him how much I care about him. How everything is just better when I'm with him, and how he always knows how to me make happy when I'm sad. And how even though he pisses me off all the time, I still care about him deeply. And how he totally fucked up our lives, it was all his idea to raise Mango. And now Mango will be executed all because he's a psycho pathic killer, because honestly I highly doubt Dog will have the brains to break him out! I just … I don't want to be dead! I want to be in Dogs anorexic arms!"

Cat burst into hysterical tears while Steve just floated there awkwardly thinking of what to say.

When cat finally calmed himself down, Steve began.

"Now I am almost positive that you're gay, there were sooo many things that you just said right there that just screamed gay", started Steve. "But that's not the point. The point is; I spent 5 years living with you, dog and that psycho bird, and no matter whatever happened. No matter what the fuck was said or how many times we had to lock ourselves in the bathroom because Mango went on a killing spree, we stuck together. We didn't let anything come between us. We were a family; heck we are a family and fucked up one at that! And even though I hated all the fighting and dealing with Mango, I can say I'm proud to have been a part of that when I was alive".

After a short moment of silence Cat finally absorbed what Steve had said and broke the silence.

"So you were ok with Mango stabbing you?" asked Cat.

"You didn't get any of that did you?" asked Steve with a blank expression.

"No, not really…" said Cat as he stared at Steve.

"Oh goody …" Steve said in a un amused tone. "Well I just wasted valuable time here".

"Wait, if I'm dead", thought Cat out loud. "Why the fuck are you here?"


"Come on Bulimic!" shouted Dog. "Can't you drive any faster!?"

"Dog!" shouted Bulimic right back. "I can only drive so fast, and anyways we need to stop off at the next gas station because we're almost out if fuel so will you just calm the fuck down!"

After Bulimic and Dog fighting like a married couple for about an hour, they finally made it to a gas station right on the edge of town, which was only 2 hours away.

"Aw shit", said Dog.

"What? Are you ok?" asked Bulimic.

"Ya I'm fine, just have to go take a shit…" said Dog. "I hate using gas station wash rooms, they're fuckin nasty".

"Well you go take your shit, and I'll fill the car up", Bulimic said as Dog then made his way to the washroom.

"eeewwww Ohhh my fuckin G" said Dog as he walked into the disgusting public washroom. "And to think I thought Cat and mine's house was fuckin disgusting".

Just as Dog shut the door to one of the stalls in the bathroom, he heard two people walk in who seemed to be in an argument.

"Oh come on!" said one of them in a voice that sounded like Nicki Minaj's. "If we get that cat from the hospital, we can get him to help us break that damn bird out!"

"Florence, what would make you think that damn cat would help us break Mango the psychotic bird out?" said the other one with a deep voice.

"Gary, that cat will help us!" said Florence the one with the Nicki Minaj voice. "All we have to do is tell the fat ass that if he doesn't help us we'll kill his little anorexic dog friend".

"Fine, we'll go get the cat!" Gary, the one with the deep voice said. "But if this ends badly, you can forget about waking up the next morning because I'll make sure you don't!"

And with that, the both stormed out of the washroom.

"Holy shit, I have to go get Bulimic!" Dog said as he rushed out of the washroom and to the car where Bulimic was waiting for him.

When Dog finally got to the car, Bulimic instantly knew something was wrong; she could see it all over Dog's face.

"What is it Dog!?" Bulimic asked him as they both jumped into the car.

"They're going to kidnap Cat!" Dog shouted as Bulimic stepped on the gas and heading once again down the road.

"Wouldn't it be 'Catnap cat'?" Bulimic said trying to be funny. "Get it? Catnap cuz he's a cat not a kid?"

"Bulimic", said Dog with a look on his face that just read 'are you fucking kidding me right now?'

"Sorry", Bulimic said red faced with embarrassment. "So who's this 'they'?"

"These two people came into the bathroom and were saying how they were going to kidnap Cat from the hospital so they could use him to get to Mango", Dog explained.

"What would they want with Mango?" Bulimic asked confused.

"Bulimic, Mango's a psycho pathic killer!" said Dog. "Why wouldn't they want him!"