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Almost two months later, Colby still hadn't adjusted to his new life.

This new life didn't have his old friends – at least, not entirely in the same way – but included a fancy apartment and a controlling boyfriend. All in all, Colby never expected to be living with him; it just sort of happened. When he thought about it, it was dumbfounding. After all, Ashton had offered countless times to help him get out of the dormitories. It was just too hard saying no to Lucas who moved to Red Valley specifically for the purpose of being closer.

Little did Colby know, this was just the beginning of an annoying – obsessive – habit of Lucas buying him things.

It started with the apartment; an obnoxious purchase on its own when considering Lucas didn't even bother to sell the one in Red Creek.

But then it just got worse.

A five hundred dollar spinning tooth brush that matched exactly the one that Lucas had. "Oral health is very important." Brand name, high end clothes. "What's wrong with a little style?" Until gradually every detail of Colby's life came back to Lucas in one way or another. He even started texturizing his hair with expensive wax just because Lucas liked it that way.

The most ridiculous part was how used to it he was becoming. There was no need to worry about grocery shopping, bills, clothes, or anything else. Lucas took care of these things, insisting Colby focus on school. They fell into an easy routine, and during their time together, he learned that Lucas was serious about his obsessive compulsive disorder. Colby had witnessed first-hand manic round-the-clock-cleaning; been sound asleep next to Lucas in bed as the man sprang out of it to do some obscure task. Colby had seen the impatient foot-tapping and hand-wringing that occurred when they were out somewhere and Lucas couldn't wait to just get home and mop a spotless floor.

For a man so desperate for control, it seemed to Colby that Lucas had very little.

But it was perfect – Colby had trouble finding any complaints. The doctor cooked, cleaned, worked hard and generally worshipped the ground he walked on – all of this leading to an incredible complex in the young male. Colby felt he had nothing to give back; the guilt grew stronger and stronger every day at the way Lucas spoiled him.

So when the matter of his birthday was brought up one evening, Colby exploded – something he hadn't done in a while, actually.

"Seriously, it's no big deal! I don't want anything!" he shouted defensively, answering some kind of probing question about presents. Colby heard the tone in his voice too late, and averted his gaze to his knees. There was no doubt those ice blue eyes turned on him were doubtful and questioning at his outburst.

Lucas stopped thumbing through his BlackBerry - setting it down on the side-table. "What's the big deal?" he asked, reaching out for him.

It was a gut reaction to slap the hand away, but Colby knew very well how his stubborn defense with Lucas usually panned out. As soon as he did it, he was filled with regret because sure enough the man was scrambling forwards desperately.

"Just – it's not a big deal," Colby continued. His chest began squeezing as Lucas' anxious eyes met his. "You do way too much already. I don't need anything else. I don't want anything else. So stop buying me stuff."

"You are special to me," Lucas explained. The doctor's voice was soft, but too tight, and his hands were sandwiching one of Colby's as he scooted impossibly closer; testing the boundaries little by little. "I want to celebrate your birthday properly with you…"

Fingers slid between Colby's in such a way that he went red in the face. It was less about being embarrassed, and more about the sharp reminder that Lucas usually played the mood like this. He even tried shaking out of the doctor's vice-like grip but only managed to get an arm wrapped around his shoulders instead.

"Let go of me," he muttered.

So Lucas did the complete opposite, pulling the younger male against his body in a tighter than necessary embrace.

"Hey, stop driving me crazy," the man warned in a tone just barely above a whisper. It sent chills along Colby's back – another terrible reminder at how out of control his body had become since meeting the obsessive weirdo… a hundred times more sensitive…

He knew better.

He knew by now that fighting Lucas off just made the man more insane. There were ways to handle him, but that required steady eye contact and communication which was, at the moment, completely lost on Colby. Besides, they didn't have time for any of this.

"Seriously, Ash is coming over in like five minutes," Colby informed with a strong shove to Lucas' body. With some distance between them, he could finally hold those ice blue eyes.


The disbelief was understandable considering this would be the third day in a row. Though, Lucas never tried very hard to hide how much he loathed Ashton Singleton.

"I can't do anything about it… he'll just show up no matter what I say."

Lucas groaned out loud with frustration, rubbing at his temples, successfully distracted from the birthday situation.

"For how long?"

"I don't know," Colby shrugged. "Until Hoadley gets off work…"

Lucas' tantrums were always awe inspiring. Colby never got tired of watching a grown man –usually so full of himself – break to pieces when things didn't go his way. Sure enough, at the affirmation of company, Lucas was already tugging on the roots of his black hair. His dark eyebrows pulled together and his icy blue eyes sparked dangerously.

"What's the matter with that kid? Always hanging around when he's not wanted… take the fucking hint already—"

Sure, Ashton was a fuck-up, and had caused way too many problems already – but lately… Colby couldn't help feeling something had ignited within his best friend. Something had changed.

"—and dating Hoadley? That rotten slippery weaselsnake—"

"What the fuck man?" Colby interrupted. "Go clean something and calm down." He waved a dismissive hand towards the kitchen and it didn't take anything more than planting the idea in his head to get Lucas to lift up off the couch and disappear.

The doctor was seriously disturbed… still totally against the idea of Ashton's existence that Colby wondered how much longer it would be before a fight broke out. Probably the only thing keeping Lucas back was the fact that Hoadley would be angry at him for touching his duckie – or whatever the hell that giant's pet name for Ashton was.

A few minutes later, at the obnoxiously loud knocking, Colby answered the door.

Ashton didn't wait to be invited before pushing his way inside—looking just like he owned the place because he usually walked like a pompous nuisance. Honey eyes lit up, totally excited. "Hey Colby, ready for some motherfucking CoD?!"

For a moment, Colby considered not saying anything. But it was time to make things clear. He stopped his friend in his tracks at the entrance and used a strong hold to lean in threateningly and mutter his next words.

"What the hell is this, dude?" he growled. "Third day in a row… man, like – we only just made up. You're pissing Lucas off and I gotta deal with it –"

Ashton's practiced look of hurt shock overcame his good-looking face. "What else am I supposed to do?" he shot back desperately. "I'm just waiting for James – no big deal right?"

"Why don't you fucking ask for a key to his place?"

"I have a key already," Ash huffed, digging in his pocket as if to brandish it as evidence.

This information was new, and even though Colby had reservations on how fast their relationship was going, he couldn't say anything. After all – he was living with a man he'd known less than two months… but Ashton had never been in any kind of relationship before. They were moving at supersonic speed, so it was nonetheless surprising.

"What?" Colby seethed. "Then go and wait for that freak-show over there!" He brandished his arm out the front door and into the hallway beyond.

"No way! I'll be so bored!" Ashton complained before launching into a loud rant. "I'm always waiting around! Like, at least this will distract me! Come on, Colby. You love CoD! I don't know what's up Lucas' ass but tell him to go eat a bag of dicks!"

"I'm right here," Lucas' voice interjected from the kitchen. "Don't forget you are a guest in my home."

Rolling his eyes, Colby finally released Ashton and led the way to the large living room and the sleek, modern couch across from the television. "Alright, alright," he allowed. "This is the last day… I swear to God if you come over tomorrow I'll kill you."

"But it's your birthday tomorrow!" Ash reminded eagerly with a large smile. Sitting down, he made as if just getting comfortable. "We have to get Trist over and have a party for old times' sake!"

"Don't even go there," Colby hissed, spitting pure venom over to his friend as he grabbed a few controllers and turned everything on. "The best birthday present you can give me is one fucking day away from you."

"Wow, someone's sensitive today," Ash countered with a mutter. "Did I interrupt something?"

"Yeah, my life."

"You need to get laid," his friend continued knowingly. "I don't know how often you're doing it, but if it's not twice a day, you're missing out."

Colby felt a shiver race down his back; the feeling of dread filling him at the thought of getting it on that frequently. He'd probably die. "Shut up," he warned. "Don't give Lucas any ideas…"

"Just sayin'," Ashton shrugged. "Even that's not even enough. Like, I have to jerk off a couple times beforehand just so I can last while we do it. Otherwise I cum so much I pass out. My body's so sensitive now—"

This sounded strikingly familiar to Colby's own situation but he raised his stubborn guard instead. "Ew! Seriously I don't want to hear it from an addict like you," Colby groaned.

Despite this warning, Ashton continued in that open, unabashed way of his.

"I just wish James didn't work all the time; he won't quit his job – he won't work for me. He's totally fine leaving me hanging all day even though it's not normal…"

Focused on the game, Colby could only offer a loose reply as he sniped out a member of the enemy team. "Yeah it is normal, Ash. It's called a life. Most people have them… most people need jobs."

"Yeah but it's as if he gets off on keeping me sex-starved all day. Isn't that mean?"

"I don't want to hear anymore – alright? Play the fucking game already."

But it was Lucas who continued the conversation, appearing out of nowhere. Then again, sweeping the spot under the couch was pretty much Lucas' favorite thing.

"Look, if you miss Hoadley so bad and want him so much… do something about it. Nothing rocks my world harder than when Colby shows up at the hospital. Go to his office. Now."

Colby could not believe the advice he was giving. Despite being in the middle of a game, he had to bend his neck backwards to shoot his boyfriend a loathing look. "Lucas! You have no idea what you're doing. Ash's complaining over nothing. He should be able to go half a day without having sex."

Of course, Ashton just ignored him. "You did it at the hospital?! Never knew you were such an animal, Colby," he teased before getting serious. "But you know… I think it could work…"

That dreamy, starry-eyed look on Ashton's face was one that Colby knew too well. On top of that, looking back at Lucas, Colby was met with a smirk so arrogant he knew exactly what the man was doing to get rid of Ashton – and it wasn't nice. Instead of encouraging him to be so recklessly loose and immoral they needed to instill a consistent message of non-indulgence.

"Now I'm thinking about it… in his office…" Ash said – practically drooling and squirming in his seat. "I gotta go."

"What the fuck? I thought we were playing," Colby snapped, though it didn't help anything. In only a few seconds Ashton was back up on his feet and at the front door.

"Sorry Colby! I'll make it up to you tomorrow!"

Watching his friend fly away faster than he'd ever seen, Colby was left understandably shaken. He rounded on Lucas with hard eyes but the doctor had this satisfied look about him as if he'd just gotten rid of something gross and it was a time to celebrate.

"Even though I hate that rat's guts," Lucas started, "you could learn a thing or two from him."

"Excuse me?" Colby seethed. "You think I should rush off whenever I feel like it, interrupt your work and spread my ass just so I can get some?"

"I mean… I wouldn't say no –" Lucas continued gently, sharp enough to pick up on the dangerous tone Colby was employing. He was already inching forward as if preparing to have to wrestle him into a hug. "You could want me a little more. Need me – rely on me – depend on me…"

These were all the last things Colby wanted to hear, standing in an apartment full of Lucas' things.

"I'm already depending on you way too much!" he exploded once again. "Lucas, you're in every single inch of my life!"

"That's a bad thing?" Lucas' hands wrung together desperately.

It was a bad thing just an hour ago but somehow… saying that out loud to Lucas... "No but like – stop asking for more. Or comparing me to Ash – he's not fucking normal. Don't encourage him like that… this one time he got coked up–"

The horrible memory was interrupted with a kiss – a firm, passionate, and totally crazy kiss from Lucas' compulsive side. Icy eyes darkened considerably as the man pulled back to speak.

"Baby, all I want to do is take care of you. I'm sorry I made it seem like it wasn't enough. I'll take anything Colby – please – I love you."

Way too obsessive.

Fingers slid down Colby's body and sparked the first of many thrills. From there, it was all a matter of Lucas being seductive as fuck – swirling his tongue along up to his ear – playing dirty. The blood rush to Colby's cock made him weak once again; made him lose all fight. He'd long since given up a lot of that anyway. It felt so good being with Lucas…

"Let's not fight, okay?" the man breathed with his damn mouth too far away. "Don't let your dumb friend ruin your birthday."

"It's not my birthday," Colby corrected with an irritated mumble. It was taking everything he had not to sink his hands into Lucas' neck and pull him in.

"It basically is," Lucas argued. "And I have to give you the best sex of your life."

Colby's breath caught in his throat and he barely resisted lowering his eyes from those piercing blues. "Says who?"

"You baby – it's what you want right?" Lucas asked, running one of his hands south, spreading heat. With a skilled palm, he tested a squeeze against Colby's member, forcing a tiny noise out of him. "Yeah, seems like you want it really bad…"

It made the blood pound in his ears when Lucas glued his mouth to Colby's neck and started sweetly sucking and kissing – sending shivers racing along the young male's overly sensitive skin. Lucas stroked and teased the outline of Colby's member – now tenting his jeans—running his nose along Colby's throat and purring in his ear.

"You're sooo hot, Colby. I want to take care of this…"

The fact that his pelvis was already lifting slightly to encourage the touching wasn't even bothering Colby. He'd strangely become accustomed to Lucas' advances. Generally speaking, it was much easier to let the man do what he wanted instead of trying to stop him.

His breath hitched as Lucas slid his tongue into the crevice of his ear – his weakness – and easily forced a few beads of warm precum to drip out of his hard member.

"I get anything I want?" Colby asked softly, even though he knew – birthday or not – all he had to do was ask and Lucas would give him the world. The problem was that Colby wasn't very good at that despite all of Lucas' training.

"Yeah – anything. Just say it."

But damn, that was the hardest part. And that mouth working so gently on Colby's neck in all the right spots was making his head spin. All he could focus on was Lucas' tongue... Even though Colby's body was on fire – throbbing and reacting on its own – battling with his pride was never easy. Handing over all the control… all the power… it was scary…

"C'mon Colby. Say it babe," Lucas prompted with an impatient growl. He palmed so hard that Colby squeaked out an embarrassing noise and almost doubled over.

He was either going to cum in his pants from this terribly unsatisfying teasing, or…

"I want your mouth…"

Colby's cooperation was rewarded instantly. Lucas pulled his palm away and began working at the flaps of Colby's jeans, grinding hard against his leg.

"Mmmh – good boy Colby. It makes me so fucking hard when you want me…"

Colby felt the familiar feeling of suspension – as if hanging between two worlds. One where he was normal, and the other where he didn't quite know who he was anymore; a world where he'd been wrecked by this doctor too many times to count. He knew these sensations all too well now; anticipation – fear…

Lucas tugged on the belt loops of his jeans, pulling them down to collect at his feet.

"I looove sucking you off," he murmured, smoothing his hands over Colby's hard stomach. "Fucking delicious cock… best tasting cum… I could eat it all day."

God… even though he was usually eloquent and proper this man could say some fucking incredibly vulgar things. Colby simply chalked it up to the fact that Lucas was gay as hell, loved sex – loved cock – loved him. And like verbal magic, it always worked. It would take only a few choice words from Lucas to get Colby's blood pumping.

His heart was hammering – making him swoon as expert hands slid under the waistline of his underwear, revealing his condition; hard as fuck and dripping from the tip. Lucas usually made it a habit to admire every inch of Colby's body and today was no different.

"So gorgeous – beautiful – absolutely perfect…" he murmured, stroking way too gently at the base of Colby's shaft.

All of this was making the young male squirm. Thanks to this teasing, Colby felt like he was going to cum any second. His body – in Lucas' hands – became totally useless.

"J-just… hurry up," he said, slightly panicked. He definitely didn't want to cum from a bit of touching when the promise of Lucas' mouth was waiting for him.

Dropping to his knees immediately, Lucas pulled Colby in by the hips – mouth stretching to engulf his dick in seconds.

Even the sight was too much. The doctor looked so hot spreading lips over his cock. Noises streamed from Colby's lips as his balls ached in that intense way only Lucas seemed capable of forcing so quickly. The man's mouth was so warm – so wet – and when he hollowed his cheeks—so smooth. Knowing he'd blow his load way too soon, Colby set the pace by sliding his fingers through dark locks and adjusting so he could thrust his length between wet lips as slow as possible.

"Lucas… I'm gonna–hh… cum…"

Colby couldn't look at anything except the man in front of him. Those blue eyes were anchored to his, watching as each slow suck made him shiver and gasp. He felt the warmth rush to his cheeks as an all-body heat overcame him; balls squeezing, veins pumping. The pleasure hit him so powerfully it made his mind blank and throat tighten.

This was the best part by far – what made everything worth it; enduring Lucas' OCD, his gifts…

He released inside Lucas' mouth without any inhibition – still shuddering as the man's tongue flicked and swirled along his spasming cock. Lucas made a really sexy show of collecting all the cum on his flexible tongue and opening his mouth for Colby to see before he swallowed it all back.

Colby was still trying to catch his breath as his impatient boyfriend pulled him to the ground and smothered him in a tight embrace.

"Oh fuck – Colby – was that nice? Mmm… baby… I want to cum too…"

Colby's mind was still useless; still blank and numb as he was manoeuvered to his hands and knees with his ass up in the air.

He had no intent to fight. He trusted Lucas. After all, this wasn't the first time he wanted to drown in pleasure, even though letting go of everything and allowing the sensations to wash over him sometimes felt like death itself. Loss of motor control, speech — the multiple orgasms were so incredible that it could take hours for Colby to use his limbs again.

But what Lucas did next wasn't something he was exactly used to.

The man was spreading his cheeks, revealing a softer-by-the-day ring that had been thoroughly explored, before he bent over with his tongue stretched.

"Wait!" Colby panicked, realizing too late that all the strength had left his body. He knew he had to say a certain magic word to get this man to listen, but he still wasn't sure what he wanted. "St—op – that's… hhaa – not—!"

It was unlike anything he'd ever experienced. Colby had felt the heat of Lucas' cock… the slickness of wet fingers… but never before had Lucas spread him open and tongued his ass. Probably because Colby would have never let him. But punch drunk and head swimming with post-orgasm highs, he was definitely being taken advantage of.

And the worst part was how amazing it was feeling. His sensitive body was prickling all over as Lucas' tongue breached his entrance and dug in. He whined into the cold, lemon-scented hardwood floor as Lucas took his sweet time thrusting the wet muscle in and out of his hole until Colby relaxed completely.

The experience intensified with the wet slurping noises and warm saliva dripping down to his balls. It was enough to start sparking insane little thoughts on his blank canvas of a mind. Thoughts of it not being deep enough – there was a spot deep inside him that Colby was now all too familiar and this tongue was nowhere near it.

Lucas was completely absorbed. The man's long fingers were gripping and massaging the spread cheeks as he feasted like some kind of animal. It took Colby several attempts to catch his attention with such a weak voice.

"Lu—cass!" he gasped. "Come on…"

If there was one thing Lucas loved more than anything, it was Colby asking for it. The young male had been forced to do so too many times to count, and he knew this man would sit here and eat his ass out all day unless he said something.

Sure enough Lucas was ecstatic. He pulled his mouth away, and dug into his pockets to pull out the lube packets he carried everywhere. They had been having way too much sex by Colby's standards – even in public – simply because the doctor had unnecessary access to as many conveniently packaged lubricants as he wanted.

Colby twisted his neck slightly to watch his boyfriend rip one of them open and spread the sticky fluid all over his rock hard cock with a tight fist. It was an electric sight – one that made Colby squirm in spot. Once upon a time he'd been afraid of this very same dick, but now Colby would get incredibly hot just seeing it…

His world flipped upside down as soon as Lucas opened another packet and briefly worked two fingers into his hole. Colby knew it wouldn't be that much longer before Lucas entered him and he couldn't manage to quiet a desperate moan at the thought.

"That's right sweetheart… I love you so much…"

Colby was helpless to these words. He didn't know why his heart squeezed so hard every time he heard them. Even though Lucas was crazy obsessive – worse than Ashton in most ways – he truly meant what he said and it always made Colby's head light.

Those fingers twisted inside him tenderly because Lucas always made sure it hurt as little as possible. The man spread soft kisses along his back as he made sure, in the most loving way, that Colby was ready for him.

"P-please Lucas…" Colby managed. Words usually escaped without much thought behind them – it was another effect Lucas had on him. "I'm ready…"

It worked though.

In a matter of moments Lucas had the tip of his cock lined up and he pressed in with barely any resistance. Colby felt he would never get used to the feeling of thick heat entering him. It was a combination of a thousand indescribable sensations that made him melt. He was just in the middle of relaxing so he could accept the whole stiff length when Lucas spun him around and forced him onto his back.

"I want to see – that fucking gorgeous face," the man explained from above. He lifted Colby's legs and held his knees to his chest, sliding his cock in and out, over and over in a familiar rhythm of sex.

But it was so much more than sex. They were connected to each other in more ways than just their bodies. Colby couldn't believe the way just looking up into hooded blue eyes made his skin prickle.

Lucas drove his cock inside at just the right angle to hit Colby's prostate, and he lost a bit of his focus. The image of the man above him became slightly blurred as the man fucked in long, steady thrusts – exactly how he wanted it; needed it.

Colby was thankful Lucas was holding his legs against his chest. He felt like they would be flying everywhere at the suddenly hard sex they were having. Lucas seemed to be losing a little of his control – as he usually did in the heat of the moment – but it wasn't anything Colby couldn't handle. He was simply too caught up in things as well, anyway.

It felt like his mind was cracking – breaking into pieces as Lucas slammed against his g-spot over and over. Colby's cock twitched against his stomach, threatening to release again any second, and nothing made sense anymore. The world seemed to spin – his voice echoed around the room but it was incoherent. Even Lucas was groaning like an animal, thrusting in until his entire length sunk into Colby.

Through everything, Lucas' voice was clear as day. "Damn – taking my cock… so good Colby – I'm going to cum…"

The affirmation triggered Colby's own climax. He could feel Lucas' member pulsing inside him, spreading electric heat through his body. His release made the breath catch in his throat, made his vision swim and fill with stars. Lucas' hand ran through his hair mid-orgasm, eyes holding his. They were simply two lovers taking pleasure from each other in the most primal way and it was the most satisfying, all-consuming high of all.

Colby's legs were released shortly after Lucas drained himself, but the two lay panting against one another for what seemed like an eternity. Finally the strength left Lucas' body and he pulled out, rolling onto the floor beside Colby and pulling him in. He began to gently coax him out of subspace, muttering soft, loving words.

Finally Colby came around. Even though his climax had done a number on him, he was able to focus on the hand smoothing through his hair and when he finally locked eyes with Lucas again, the man was beaming down at him, looking as if it was his birthday.

Then, as the thought occurred, Colby narrowed his eyes in warning.

"I don't want any presents," he said as firmly and clearly as he could manage. "And if you bought me something, I'm going to murder you."

Lucas frowned at the homicidal threat, but instead of launching into an obsessive anxiety, he remained level-headed. "I really hope you don't mean that, because I bought you a new car."

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