Chapter Four: In The Lion's Cage

Colby couldn't quite remember what happened after he had read Lucas' note. He knew there'd been a lot of displaced rage and a lot of tossing and turning while he tried getting to sleep – worried about the whole "or else" in Lucas' note. But next thing he knew he was waking up to his alarm clock and facing another weekend shift at Pilferer's.

It was Sunday, and as Colby dressed, he figured that he better return the clothes Lucas leant him right away, so that by the same time next week he would have surely long forgotten the entire situation and already be on track to repairing his life.

Because as a University student, Colby just simply didn't have time to deal with the maniac anymore.

He'd been patient, and unreasonably accepting of what had happened. Instead of rape, Colby liked to think of the whole night as giant misunderstanding. Of course, if he was prone to becoming very slutty when he was drunk, it explained Lucas' video, and possibly his actions too.

And wasn't it Colby's responsibility to set the record straight? It wasn't as if he wanted Lucas to continue to believe there was some hope they'd get it on again. So, as he sat behind the dusty counter in the run-down shop, he whipped out his phone and texted the monster.

Hey, I have your clothes. Meet me at Hill Heights Mall 7.

Indeed, Colby thought he was a fucking genius. Someplace crowded like that was enough of a comfort to even think about looking into those unnaturally cold eyes again. If Lucas tried anything funny, Colby really could scream rape. The plan was simple; hand him the bag of clothes and proceed to the nearest security guard to ask for an escort out of the mall.

He ignored two text messages from Ashton before Lucas finally replied.

Sounds good. I'm bringing a friend.

Friend? Colby liked this very much. After all, wouldn't that make it much harder for those stares and touches to occur? Smiling to himself, Colby worked the rest of his shift. He was feeling very accomplished, choosing to not think about the prospect of seeing Lucas again and instead focusing on the mountain of homework he had to complete.

At 6:45, Colby ignored the buzzing of his phone and hopped into his car, heading towards the mall.

Once inside it didn't take long for Colby to find Lucas. It seemed like lately he was destined to find him very easily, and he pushed away the nagging feeling of fate when he saw the tall, dark and handsome man leaning casually against a pillar in the one of the entrances talking with an unfamiliar person next to him.

Almost as if he could sense Colby, Lucas' eyes shot up and caught him off guard.

Give him the bag, and walk away. That was the plan.

So Colby, filled with some confidence he was getting from God knows where, marched purposefully up to Lucas, hand extended with the bag of clothes.

"Here, fucker," he said, the words coming from him before he could stop them. Give him the bag, walk away. Where was the part in that plan where Colby insulted him?

The stranger turned at the words, and Colby was again, caught off guard.

How he hadn't noticed from the distance he'd been standing at before, Colby didn't know. The man beside Lucas was fucking huge. Not in a fat way, but in the way that he was both very tall and very muscular. Veins popped threateningly over the bulging biceps that weren't even flexed. Colby's mouth fell open and he stared openly at the stranger, willing himself to say or do something.

"'This 'im?" the guy asked, surprising Colby once more with a very crotchety British accent. The stranger was looking avidly at Lucas, who slowly nodded his head. If Colby hadn't been so distracted looking at the man in front of him, he would've noticed the very slight smirk playing on the Monster's lips. "He's not lookin' near bad, is he?"

"Who are you?" Colby asked, the words coming out yet again like vomit. His amber eyes swept the dark brown hair and the freckles dancing all over the man's very angled face.

"Name's Hoadley," the man replied, the thick accent very hard to sort through. It didn't help the fact that he talked so charismatically; Colby was feeling very awkward. It was easy to forget the plan when such an unusual person was in front of him.

"Odely?" Colby repeated, unsure of what he'd just heard.

"Hoadley. HOADLEY. Ah fuck meself, tell 'im Luke."

"This is Hoadley," Lucas said, gesturing to the mammoth of a man beside him. "We're good friends. Are these my clothes?"

And just like that, Colby's attention was turned from one to the other. The men were both so exotic they looked like they shouldn't have been standing in a run-down mall on a Sunday night in such a small town. Colby felt like he was suffering from some culture shock – all he could do was stare blankly at Lucas as his mind churned through the molasses of his thoughts. It was all suddenly very confusing. He only just realized his arm was still extended with the bag.

"Not so bright, is he? Why? 'Coz you pick the daft ones Lukey. It's like I says before -"

But Colby had somehow found his voice as he all but tossed the bag of clothes at Lucas. "Nice meeting you, Hoadley. Or whatever your name is. But I'm out." As Hoadley began chuckling to himself, Lucas shot him a threatening glare. Colby just had one more thing to do, and that was to tell Lucas directly that he wasn't interested in him.

Big arms wrapped around his shoulders before he could even open his mouth again. "Takes the cake, dunnit? I'll proper cry me eyes out if this keeps on."

The gibberish Hoadley was speaking was confusing Colby. He instantly struggled as he was practically steered along the near deserted mall towards a sit-down restaurant. "Ow! Let me go! I don't know what you're saying, but I don't want any cake!"

"Nah, you got it all wrong, mate," Hoadley said, somehow his accent becoming a little clearer. "You take the cake. Fuck me, I like 'im Luke. Just your type i'nt he?"


"What's going on? Why are we here?" Colby was shouting now, too caught up in the horror of the situation to bother being embarrassed about the looks people were giving them from inside the restaurant. A server eyed all three of them curiously as she grabbed three menus.

"We're having a bite to eat, what does it look like?" Lucas said before gesturing that the server could lead the way to a small booth.

"I never agreed to this! I don't want to eat with you!"

"Ssh, mate." Hoadley steered Colby into one of the seats in a booth and then sat down beside him just as Lucas slipped very silently into the seat across. Colby rubbed his sore shoulder and cast wary glares around the table.

"What the fuck is going on?" he asked, unable to look too deep into Lucas' eyes. This man had not only seen him naked – and marked him up and down with hickies – but had also succeeded in kissing him. Even though he wasn't advancing just yet, Colby had to be prepared.

"I was going to have dinner with Hoadley," Lucas began, still staring a little too deeply at Colby. "It's only polite to invite guests. Isn't it, Hoadley?"

"Ah, right you are," Hoadley replied, nodding almost as menacingly as Lucas. Colby instantly felt very cold.

"Well, I'd rather die in a fire. So I'll be leaving then," Colby said making as if he was going to somehow squeeze himself out of the booth with the giant sitting beside him. "Seriously, don't you belong in a circus or something?"

Hoadley looked like he was even more amused, if that was possible. Colby didn't like the way he grabbed both of his cheeks and pinched them. "I'd also like to see 'ya squeal me name."

Colby shrank back immediately, hunching in the furthest corner of the booth as if the distance would take away the shivers the words had produced along his spine. He dared a quick glance at Lucas who was frowning unappreciatively towards Hoadley.

"Hey, don't scare him. That's my job." Hoadley shrugged, opening his menu and beginning to look at the variety of oversized meat while Lucas' eyes lined with Colby's. He looked as serious and cold as ever. "Don't take him seriously. He's straight. If you react like that, he's just going to tease you even more."

But only from Colby's angle could he see the wink Hoadley was giving him from behind his menu.

"He winked at me!" Colby shrieked, like a child to his mother.

There came a slight cough from the side of the table and all three looked up to see a rather well-endowed waitress standing expectantly – hip out and pen poised on a pad of paper. Her eyes scanned the table lazily, not really looking any of them in the eye as if she just didn't have any time to do that. "What can I get you?" she asked as someone called her from across the restaurant.

As Lucas and Hoadley ordered, she rested eyes on them for a few moments too long, something that Colby couldn't help but notice. Why was it that he was always surrounded by these charismatic, popular, and good-looking males? Even though the two men sitting in the booth weren't Tristan and Ashton, to Colby they might as well have been. He was tired of this plain-kid-tag-along game people played with him.

Consciously, Colby swept a hand through his hair in an uncontrolled habit to try and flatten it down as the girl snapped at him for his order. "Uh no, I won't be ordering anything," he said, amber eyes locked on the table to avoid the glare Lucas was giving him.

"He'll have the same as me." The soft sort of drawl pissed Colby off. When the waitress sighed and turned away, Colby found his stubborn confidence.

"What a douche move," he snarled. What part of 'I don't want to have dinner with you' did Lucas not understand? "I won't eat any of it."

"Yes you will," Lucas said, now opening a drink menu and scanning the items with Hoadley. His voice remained very soft, even through the next words. "Remember yesterday?" Underneath the table, Colby felt something rub against his leg.

Colby's heart began a very fast, hard rhythm in his chest. His blood literally boiled as it swept through him at double the regular speed. Of the many things he was currently feeling, Colby was foremost ashamed and angry. The young male couldn't deny the way he'd been forced to eat the crepe that had tragically fallen to the floor. He quickly came to the conclusion that Lucas was a sadist – into the heaviest S&M. It explained the rape, anyway.

"I need to take a piss," Colby said suddenly. More like he had to get up – and away – from the monster before he thought too much more about prior events.

Both Lucas and Hoadley eyed him suspiciously. "Bathroom's that way," Lucas said, pointing conveniently to a door behind the booth. Colby's colour drained from his face. "Don't get lost."

Hoadley, being the mammoth he was, got up slowly to allow Colby to head to the bathroom while simultaneously acting as a body guard to the exit of the restaurant. "Oi," he whispered, as Colby brushed past. "What you're sayin'... it don't make a man feel a man, y'know?"

Pissed. Colby definitely did not want to be lectured on how he treated people. A very large part of him wanted to shout for the entire restaurant to hear that it also didn't "make a man feel a man" by being raped up the ass.

Though, incredibly, all Colby could do was muster a disgusted and angry look and storm off towards the bathroom door – breathing a sigh of relief only when embracing the safety of the room.

Both hands dug into the granite countertop as he forced himself to make eye contact with his reflection. Only when his eyes were staring back at him did Colby feel relatively calm. There was no time for panic attacks or temper tantrums. If he wanted out of the situation he was really going to have to think about it.

His phone vibrated in his pocket just as he was in the middle of planning a very daring dash. It had to be Ashton. The guy hated when Colby ignored his text messages, but Colby wasn't willing to talk to his so called friend.


Suddenly Colby was struck with a better idea; a better plan to get the hell away from Lucas and his unacceptably large circus friend. He was going to get Ashton to help him. What the guy could do, Colby wasn't really sure. But at least it wouldn't be two and a half against one like it was currently.

He'd only just pulled out his phone when the door to the bathroom swung open, almost off its hinge, and Colby leapt backwards – startled by the sudden noise as he always seemed to be.

"What are you doing?"

Even though the voice was so low and familiar, Colby did not bring his eyes up to meet the man he knew was standing only a few feet from him. His fingers worked desperately to open up the new text to Ashton and send an S.O.S. "Get lost. Don't you know it's rude to walk in on someone like that?"

"It's a free country," Lucas replied. Colby was suddenly distracted. He glared up at Lucas as the man took another step toward him.

"Don't come any closer to –"

Either Colby had a very slow reaction time, or Lucas was inhumanely quick. Next thing Colby knew the phone had been snatched out of his hands and Lucas was staring at the screen. He cleared his throat and read aloud. "Ashton. Save me quick. That psycho from the night before forced me to have dinner with him and he even touched my leg under the table. I'm at – "

Colby knew that was where the text had ended, and he looked purposefully away from the harsh and critical eyes of Lucas who was now very, very close to him.

"You're very predictable, you know. Good thing I made it in time, right? Or else you would have sent this and our fun would be over."

The shivers began, leaving rock hard goosebumps all over his skin. "Give it back."

Even out of the corner of his eye, Colby could see Lucas slip the cell phone into the pocket of his jeans. "Come get it then."

Colby's temper was already very short. He was constantly swearing like a sailor and making terrible decisions when interacting with people. So even though he knew he shouldn't look at Lucas, or encourage him, he just really couldn't stop himself from what happened next.

He sprang from the counter, successful in pushing Lucas backwards. He slammed into a small beam separating the toilet stalls while Colby's hand struggled to dip into the pocket at such an awkward angle. Why the hell was it so hard? It was a fucking pocket for crying out loud!

"Mmm, yeah just like that Colby."

He knew Lucas was teasing, but it effectively stopped Colby from trying to get his phone back anymore.

This guy kept bringing out the worst in him.

"What, that's it?" Everything felt like it was going to burst forth any second. Colby's hands shook into fists as he mustered up a hard glare to Lucas, who was leaned casually back against the beam he'd been knocked into. He was looking down at Colby with a very curious and amused expression. "I'm disappointed."

"Why are you pushing it this much? I obviously don't like you, so leave me alone!"

There it was - just a small piece of the swelling rage that had catapulted itself right out of Colby's mouth. He watched the piece change Lucas' teasing expression.

"You say you don't like me, but you sure as hell didn't act like it the other night," Lucas said, voice low and calm and somehow pissing Colby off even more.

"I told you! That wasn't me. That's just how I get when I'm drunk. When I'm sober, and not under the influence of alcohol, I wouldn't touch you with a ten foot pole!"

Lucas' eyes narrowed. "Really? Well I have a hard time believing that. Should I show you the video again? Or maybe," Lucas paused, a twinkle in his evil, cold eyes. "Should I show Ashton this video? I don't really care for the idea that he thinks I am a psycho. Of all things."

Colby suddenly felt very frozen. He knew it was possible since Lucas had his phone. But, he wouldn't. Would he? "Y-you're not going to do that."

There was a long pause as Colby's heart beat wildly in his chest. He tried to remain composed, but the thought – the idea – of Ashton ever seeing that video...

"Look, how about a kiss. Five minutes and if you really don't like it then I'll call it quits."

"NO!" Colby shouted, and he would've shouted more had Lucas not pressed his hand across his mouth to shut him up. There was a hard force on his arm as he was pulled into the stall to their right. Colby felt so frozen, yet he squirmed as Lucas' weight pinned him against the back of the stall door. His teeth scraped at the palm covering his mouth, trying to gather the flesh between them so he could bite his offender off.

Yet he stopped struggling at once as the door to the bathroom opened again. Chills ran along the very core to his body. "Is everything all right in here?" He muffled into the hand, begging for the stranger to save him.

"Yes," Lucas answered calmly. The blue eyes were concentrated on him as the door to the bathroom closed. "Be. Quiet."

"Lucas you fucking jerk!" Colby hissed, rubbing his mouth as Lucas removed his hand. He'd actually used quite a bit of force to keep him quiet. Colby found himself wondering how was it the man was so strong.

"Don't say my name like that, it just makes me crazier," Lucas murmured wickedly. Colby caught a half glimpse of the excited eyes before lips were pressed to his.

Weak. Colby had never felt so weak in his entire life. He liked to think he was relatively strong. After all, he was tall and had those thin, wiry muscles that swimmer's usually acquired. But Lucas was just a whole different ballgame and it was as if his body just didn't want to listen to his commands. He told himself to fight and run and scream and squirm. Yet all he could do was twist his body to the echoes of these commands as Lucas wrapped hands around him.

So many things just weren't right about the way Lucas pressed their bodies together. Colby's head swirled to the soft tingling of his lips as they were slid open by Lucas' tongue. The kiss was hot and wet, and soon Colby was possessed by a very strange desire; a desire for more more more.

How long had it been since he'd made out with someone? Someone he remembered, anyway.

At least two months.

Maybe that's why Lucas' tongue was feeling really good against his.

"So. Fucking. Sexy. Damn. Colby."

Lucas uttered these words slowly, as if each were their own sentence because they were spaced out so erratically. They made Colby's skin crawl in a really good way he wasn't used to. Really? Did Lucas really think he was sexy?

His heart jumped nervously as a hand swept his side, pulling his shirt up. "N-no, stop Lucas."

"Come on." The words were being spoken into his ear, the usually low voice magnified by a thousand times and causing Colby to visibly shiver at the way the warm breathe was setting him on fire. He was very confused. What was going on? Why was he allowing this to happen? Why wasn't he fighting?

Somehow it was very hard with the warmth of the body pressed to him. It was feeling really good, despite knowing the man in front of him was a monster. A sadistic sack of evil.

But – here Colby had to suppress a moan because the wicked tongue was being stuck in his ear – Lucas wasn't really acting evil. He was being, nice? Was that the right word? In any case he wasn't acting like he was forcing Colby at all.

So when the tongue returned to his mouth, Colby stopped fighting. He was in a different world altogether as his fingers dug in his need for more right into Lucas' neck.

"Shit, now you want it."

Lucas was rubbing his hard on against Colby's leg with no shame at all. And all Colby could think about was, "Oh God. Oh God. Oh fucking God why is this happening?" Why was he making these uncontrolled noises? Surely he had more pride than that.

He was breathing deeply, supplying oxygen to his blood cells that seemed to only collect in his groin. Lucas' hands moved to his ass, squeezing and groping like a High Schooler. "Do you really think I'm sexy?" Colby asked as Lucas trailed the kiss down his neck.

He didn't reply quickly, too concentrated on sucking Colby's collar bone. "Yea," he said finally. "Really, sexy." He emphasized the last word with another none-too-gentle squeeze.

Colby tilted his head as far back as it would go, wondering just why he was letting this man touch him at all. He was crazy. This guy had – "Nnn-OW!" Lucas had taken a chomp out of him and judging by the way he continued to kiss and suck at very sensitive parts of his neck, Colby knew he wasn't going to stop. He was getting aggressive even though Colby thought he was being fairly co-operative.

The door to the bathroom burst open once more. It seemed that just as Colby jumped, the hand was placed back on his mouth. There was the sound of footsteps, the drop of a fly and then Lucas was back to spreading more kisses around his body.

This behavior really didn't surprise Colby since he'd woken up covered in purple hickies just yesterday morning. Lucas seemed very passionate for someone so evil.

And he was just getting into the soft tongue rolling, sucking and biting along his shoulder when two things happened. A urinal flushed and Lucas' hand began rubbing the bulge in his jeans. Colby wasn't sure which was more of a shock considering sudden noises seemed to be his downfall. However, he was immediately thrust back to that day in the closet with Ashton and how real it all suddenly became. Was he really going to get off in the bathroom stall like that? The panic rose in his chest and suddenly the voice to "fight-fight-fight" overpowered the "more-more-more".

His hands pressed against Lucas' chest in an effort to push the man off him. But Lucas didn't seem to like this game. Growling low, he removed the hand from Colby's mouth and took one pressed against his chest – leaving only one hand pushing him away and effectively cutting the force in half.

As a sort of punishment, Lucas pressed his palm firmly against the hard on that was now actually aching. Just because of a kiss? Colby was partly mortified.

"See? It's not so bad."

Colby was sure it was shock that was numbing his vocal chords. It just didn't seem possible to scream and yell even though Lucas was most definitely forcing something to happen. But it did feel good. The warm palm pressed against his jeans; it hadn't been that long since his last girlfriend had touched him, but it was definitely long enough that these reactions were happening.

The palm removed itself. Colby felt the stall swirling around him; he was dizzy and confused and time seemed to be going much faster than usual. He struggled to stay focused – to remember he had to find a way out.

And the hand – so warm before – turned cold as it slid under Colby's shirt and began to dip below the waistline of his jeans.

It was just the shock he needed.

Unexpectedly – because there was no other way he could pull it off – Colby's knee collided full force into Lucas' package. He did not have time to think. He had no time to second-guess if it had worked. He only had time to run, and run fast; the daring escape he'd half-heartedly planned was now on.

Colby literally catapulted himself from the washroom. He streaked past a sleepy-eyed Hoadley and continued the sprint to the front of the restaurant, footsteps pounding impossibly close behind him.

"Sir! Your bill?"

The footsteps stopped. An irate Hoadley began a flurry of English curses, but Colby did not bother to try make out the gibberish. He ran so hard his thighs cramped, but nothing in the world would stop him until he reached the safety of his car.

And there it was, in all its gleaming crap-bucket glory. He panted, breathless from nerves, shock and the sudden workout. Just as his key slid into the lock, the front doors of the mall slid open and Lucas appeared, just as breathless.

Colby's heart – racing and wild – stopped.

He was going to die. That was what Lucas' look told him.

"COLBY!" Lucas shouted. "WAIT!"

No. Way. In. Hell.

Terrified, Colby threw himself into his car and immediately locked all of the doors. His hands shook from the unreasonable fear as he tried to force keys into the ignition. When he successfully started the car, Colby looked up only to be startled even more.

Lucas was peering through his passenger window. "Just wait a second!" he shouted through the glass.

"Leave me alone!"

"But I have your – "


Colby did not hear the end of the sentence. He raced out of the empty parking lot, nervously looking through his mirror at the shrinking figure. It was only when he was off the highway when his brain began working.

Lucas still had his cell phone.

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