Chapter Five: Curiosity Kills the Cat

When Colby returned to his dorm room, he wasn't as surprised as he should have been to see Ashton spread across his bed waiting. The guy had done this several other times when Colby had decided to ignore him, or had been entirely too busy to deal with the spoiled brat. But right at that moment, Colby was a mess. A sloppy, horny, mess. Like it or not, Lucas had done a real number on him. It wasn't the time at all to deal with this dog.

"What the hell Colby! I texted you a million times!" Ashton looked pissed as he sat up, brandishing his phone for effect on his statement.

"And that's way too many times. I was busy."

Busy with Lucas' hands all over him.

Damnit. Colby didn't know where the thought had come from, but he stopped as he let the door shut behind him - suddenly hot with the memories of Lucas. That tongue sucking on his – Colby could still feel it scraping and filling his mouth, making him bend to Lucas' desires so easily. Just... what the hell had come over him?

"Hey, what's wrong with you?" Ashton asked, breaking into Colby's stupor as he climbed off the bed and advanced towards him. "You're all red. What happened?"

"Nothing, get lost!" Ugh, even though he knew he being oversensitive and cranky, Colby brushed past the honey-eyed friend towards his now empty bed. He sat very rigidly on the edge and instinctively went to reach for his phone forgetting that – shit – Lucas still had it. "Why are you here anyway?"

"Right… Tristan's got a show tonight, let's go!"

"We have classes tomorrow," Colby reminded. Besides that, he didn't really feel like going to a bar. Actually, he didn't really feel like going anywhere at all in his condition. Like any young man in his prime, Colby wanted to jerk off alone to that kiss and then try to never think of Lucas again. Besides, "And I still haven't forgiven you two for keeping that secret from me."

There were no words to describe how put-out Ashton looked, and it was rather pathetic when he dropped to his knees and put his hands together in a plea. "C'mon man. We're sorry about that!"

That wasn't good enough. "Because of you – " Colby began, seething, " – I almost got raped." It was entirely besides the point that Colby had indeed actually been sodomized. It was becoming more and more difficult to see it as rape as the events unfolded. Still, his ass wasn't feeling all that better.

There was a small silence as Ashton seemed to quietly reflect on these words. "Don't be mad, Colby. We're your friends. We just want you to have a good time and you usually do..."

"But I can't remember any of it so what's the point?" Colby said, amber eyes straining with emotion to knock some sense into the buffoon. He ran a hand through his hair. "Look, maybe another time when I'm not so angry, I'll go. But tonight I'm staying in, sleeping, getting up and going to class unlike some sex addicts I know."

Ashton's usually bright eyes darkened.

"Whatever Colby," he said, standing up off his knees like he hadn't just been on them. "Don't get down off your fucking throne for us, you fucking frigid princess."

Colby's jaw dropped. "Me?" he asked ferociously, taking a step forward and off the bed. Ashton stood perfectly still, letting the taller male approach him without so much as a bat of the eyelash. "You're the one strutting around like royalty." Ashton grabbed Colby, both hands circling around his arms to keep him at least some distance away. "Nothing can touch you, Mr. Singleton," he spat. "And when something doesn't go your way you go and bully me into it. You're the fucking asshole, get the fuck out of my place, now!"

The hands holding his arms back trembled. Colby could feel the way they shook as if slipping completely out of Ashton's control. It was several long moments before finally, his friend spoke lowly and quietly to the room. "You're a piece of shit. And you're going to be crawling back to us in just a couple of hours, you know it. When you do, call me."

Like fucking hell.

"Alright ladies and gentlemen, just make sure you hand in the assignment by midnight tonight and not a minute after. Yes, that means you Mr. Finley."

Colby paused in the middle of packing up his laptop. Admittedly, he was a bit of a procrastinator, but he was neither embarrassed nor upset about being called out in front of the rest of his peers. Slowly, he slung his messenger bag over his shoulder and resisted all urges to flip his professor off. The last thing he wanted to concentrate on was homework – especially when more important things required his attention. Like his fight with Ashton and just how he was going to get his phone back from Lucas.

However, the latter part of his worries was addressed immediately as he stepped out of his classroom and a crystal, cold voice sounded behind him.

"Hello, Colby."

It was rather alarming how quickly the hair on the back of Colby's neck rose. The sensation tingled uncomfortably all the way down his back as he first paused – wondering how far he would get if he broke into a full sprint – then turned as he remembered Lucas had something of his.

Making eye contact was very hard, especially with the sneer being given to him. And as if it helped anything, Lucas looked as sharp as ever and was drawing a lot of unnecessary glances from other students exiting the classroom. The Doctor radiated an aura that Colby didn't like; an aura that made him nervous and anxious. Blue eyes were set and serious as Lucas stepped away from the wall he'd been leaning against and closed the distance between them with a few long strides.

"Isn't this considered stalking now? How do you know my class schedule?" Colby asked, folding arms over his body in a reactionary defense.

"I spoke to Administration and told them I wanted to return something to you." The sneer was still plastered on Lucas' face as the man winked.

Ugh, it just pissed Colby off.

"Uh huh. I'm sure. I bet you know where I live, too," Colby accused scathingly.

"Of course I do," Lucas replied promptly. "That information is on your file at the hospital."

Colby wasn't the least bit surprised. He gave the man a look of absolute loathing, his hand beckoning Lucas to hurry up as the other reached into his pocket and withdrew the cell phone. Upon having it extended to him, Colby was suddenly wary.

"Take it, brat. I have better things to do you know."

Colby wasn't sure which offended him more; being called a brat or being implied he was a nuisance. Immediately he snatched the phone out of Lucas' hand with a little too much force. "Go fuck yourself," he hissed.

"Would that I could," Lucas replied wistfully. "Without a doubt I'd be a better lay than you."

There was a moment where Colby seriously considered taking Lucas on. Sure the man was a few heads taller than him – and stronger to boot – but maybe... maybe if he angled his fist just right...

Then amazingly, he managed to calm down. Being a bad lay when it came to gay sex didn't matter did it? "Well why don't you see how it works out for you. Have fun with your loose hole, old man," Colby said, turning away completely now. "I'm just happy I'll never have to see you again!" Triumphantly the young male strode down the hall. He was so elated from the thought of finally being rid of Lucas, that Colby didn't even think to glance back.

That is, until he hit the doors to the parking lot and sensed the presence behind him. Looking over his shoulder, his suspicions were confirmed. "Why are you still following me?" Colby snapped.

The relentlessly cold eyes darkened a tiny bit.

"Because I parked out here, fool."

"FOOL?!" Colby screeched.

"Quiet. You do know you're making a scene, don't you?" Lucas commented dryly as Colby noticed, in fact, several heads of nearby students were turning to stare at the two of them.

"I don't care," Colby declared, though his voice lowered substantially. "Seriously, where do you get off? Calling me a fool?" Colby likened himself a rather smart individual – compared to Ashton and Tristan at least. But Lucas didn't even know him!

Lucas finally smiled and it made Colby even more uncomfortable than he already was. What was this uneasy feeling? He didn't like it.

"Where do I get off, huh?" Lucas repeated, leaning a little too close to whisper the next words. "Wouldn't you know all about that, Colby? Besides –" he waved a long-fingered hand in the air to slay Colby's unspoken protests – "You don't have to worry about that anymore, because you'll never see me again, right?" Lucas strolled past Colby's trembling form and made his way towards his car.

To be honest, Colby was completely torn. There was a part of him he could barely control that wanted to chase after Lucas – get in his face, cause a reaction – do something. But another part was reminding Colby that indeed, he was getting what he finally wanted. Peace and quiet.

As Lucas drove away, Colby was confused at the loneliness he felt. Sure, he was happy that he wasn't going to be fucked in the ass anytime soon – but perhaps it was the recent fallout with Ashton that caused Colby to feel like he really didn't have anyone, anymore.

Except Tristan.

Colby knocked on his friend's apartment door at eleven o'clock that night, laptop shoved under one arm and a bag full of junk food in the other. As the door creaked open, the red-haired male gave him a firm look and then opened his door the rest of the way.

"I heard about the fight," he commented as Colby stepped in and took off his shoes, not waiting to be invited as one normally would.

"Really," Colby spat. "What did he tell you?"

Tristan smiled. "No way, Colby. Just go talk to him. You know Ash, he gets upset and says shit he doesn't mean. How many times has he done that before?"

Too many to count. It was part of Ashton's personality. But this time...

"He said I had to get off my throne and that I was a frigid princess! He's just so selfish."

"Yea, but so are you..." Tristan said.

"Me?" Colby asked, simply floored by the suggestion. "No – " he denied firmly.

"Right," Tristan began, gesturing his presence. "So you can't come to my show last night because you are mad at me, but you come over and get me to help you with your assignment..."

Colby was dumbfounded, but he couldn't lose track of the issue at hand. "I'm the one with the right to be mad at you two anyway. After all these years you guys were tricking me!" Colby slumped on the floor in the small living room and turned on his laptop, feeling as frustrated as he sounded with these two. Even worse was a new gnawing guilt at Tristan's suggestion that he was selfish. Yea, a selfish jerk if he included how he treated Lucas earlier.

"Well, it's nothing new that you're a lightweight..."

Head turning, Colby glared daggers at his friend. "How dare you." Each word was covered in venom. Being a lightweight wasn't the problem. Having these - these so-called friends was the big issue.

Tristan laughed easily, spreading out on the floor beside his friend and throwing an arm over his shoulder. "Oh Colby. Just try not to let it bother you. We both know exactly how it'll turn out anyway. Ash can't stand when you don't talk to him. Give him some time to cool down and then he'll be grovelling for the princess' forgiveness."

"Don't call me that," he managed to mutter.

"Anyway, what did you need help with?"

"This," Colby said, double clicking a Word document on his desktop which was his assignment. "Can you check it over? It has to be in by midnight tonight..."

"Sure but – only if you tell me what's wrong."

Colby had no idea what Tristan was referring to. "Excuse me?"

"I said tell me what's wrong. You don't usually look so lonely. Did something happen? What's the matter?"

The sudden flurry of questions caught Colby off guard. He tried rocking the hand across his back off himself. "N-nothing," Colby murmured. Although - this nasty feeling that he'd really pissed Lucas off was clearly not going away and instead, took the chance to arrange itself all over Colby's face.

"Is it about Ashton? Are you really that upset about the fight?"

"No! Like I care about him," Colby scoffed off-handedly. Then after a long, silent prompt from Tristan - "There's ... something else..."

Tristan looked concerned at once. "What is it?" Before Colby could even try to think of how to word his situation, Tristan spoke again. "Did you get laid?" Colby looked down, unable to see Tristan's expression on purpose. It was sure to be a horrific look. "That guy who took you home?"

"Stop guessing everything!" Colby snapped, frustrated at his worst fucking nightmare coming true. "God you're annoying. You really should be a detective or something, for fuck's sake." Hands squeezed both of his shoulders as Tristan directed Colby to look straight into his eyes.

"I'm fucking serious, Colby. Did some guy take you home and fuck you?"

Having it said out loud like that... Colby felt so hot he was sure he'd die of shame right there. "Yes," he confirmed, shaking off Tristan's grasp as his answer surprised him. Then suddenly, Colby confessed it all in a string of nearly insensible words. "Yea okay? He's stalking me too, because apparently I liked it." It felt absolutely disgusting to admit this out loud, but absurdly enough, Colby found it rather refreshing too.

"What?" Tristan asked skeptically. "How do you know? Do you remember anything?"

"No!" Colby replied immediately. "Thank God," he added. Then he hesitated before finishing. "He took a video..."

Tristan froze. "A video?" he repeated. Dark blue eyes lit up.

"Yea and in it I'm all sexy and asking for more and stuff. So what am I gonna do?" Colby did not notice the strange behavior of Tristan. He scooted forwards trustingly, begging the wild red haired friend for help and advice.

"Where's the video?" Tristan asked immediately.

That wasn't what Colby was expecting. Where was the protective re-assurances? The promise to help Colby get away from his insane situation?

"Huh? On his phone I guess but – "

"Get him to send it to you," Tristan said at once, rising to his feet.

"What? I don't want to see it!" Colby said – incredulous at the fact that he'd have to say something so obvious. His eyes followed Tristan as the red-head looked down at him.

"Yea but I do."

"FUCK YOU, just what the fuck are you saying?"

"Oh please," Tristan said. "Wouldn't you want to see me if I were in a porno?"

"Gross. Of course not," Colby answered. "Anyway, I would rather die than see myself like that."

Tristan rolled his eyes. "But you liked it, didn't you? Aren't you curious at all how he must've caught your interest? It's not like you black out or anything, Colby. You really are yourself – somewhere." Colby was silent. "Let me show you something," Tristan said finally, pulling out his phone.

"I told you, I don't want to watch your porn videos," Colby protested, but Tristan was bending next to him pressing play.

The video focused on Colby, but other people hustled and bustled out of the frame and hovered around the edges. In it, there was a girl – drunk and passed out on a table – and Colby - "Let's fuck her! C'mon three way, c'mon! Ash! Where's Ash?"

No. Fucking. Way.

Soon the room was chanting "Ash! Ash! Ash!" and they horrified Colby, who actually gasped in shock of his behavior. Just what was he saying, and doing? Oh god, he was spreading the girls legs apart, dry humping her in front of a crowd of people. Then video Colby noticed Tristan recording – amber eyes looking lustily into the camera. "Hey! You better not be recording this... but haha – okay – you can record me. Jack off to it later okay, homo?" Then Colby lifted up his shirt above his nipple and rubbed it for the camera.

"What the hell is this?!" Colby shouted, frustrated. He'd turned away from the video, unable to bear seeing any more.

"That's you, duh," Tristan said, smiling amusedly as he still focused on the video. "Its how you act when you're drunk."

"And how is this supposed to be acting myself?" he asked, punching Tristan's arm at even the idea. Tristan only smiled as the video continued to play, and Colby took one last peak - going frozen as video Ashton appeared on the other side of the girl, rubbing her face in his crotch and laughing.

"Yea – he had a good night," Tristan said, slapping his phone shut and ending the video Colby had been unexpectedly entranced in.

"This just pisses me off!" Colby exclaimed. "Why don't I remember any of it? I seem to be conscious..."

Tristan shrugged easily. "Maybe you should go see a doctor or something. Get tested."

Tested? Colby snapped to attention at the word. Little did anyone else know, he'd already been tested. At the grim look on Colby's face, Tristan continued.

"Yea, you know, something might be seriously wrong."

"Something already is seriously wrong," he muttered.

After that, Colby was quiet. He allowed Tristan to edit his essay, and as the clock ticked down to midnight he lay strewn across his best friend's couch staring at his phone.

"What the hell are you even trying to say in this, Colby? It's a bunch of nonsense..." Tristan murmured away darkly.

Colby didn't respond. His thoughts were elsewhere, with Lucas, and how it was bullshit the way he was treated earlier. Then they swirled around the video. Tristan did have a point earlier. Didn't Colby want to see why he'd acted that way? Surely Lucas had done a real number on him – to allow such a thing – what had he said?

Before he realized what he was doing, Colby thumbed through his messages, selecting Lucas' name and bringing up the last message he'd sent telling him to meet him at the mall. Then he sat up, hesitating.

Send me the video.

Ugh. Was he really going to send this? Wasn't he supposed to avoid all contact with the obsessive psycho?

As Colby pressed send, he damned his curiosity – damned his friends – damned Lucas for turning his life upside down. He slumped back, holding his phone in a slack-wristed hand, burning from embarrassment. When it vibrated, Colby's heart began hammering.

Without taking a breath, he turned his screen on to see the immediate reply.

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