Over the summer,

She vowed to herself,

That she would lose some weight

Then come to school,


She did it

She lost a good twenty pounds

Switched her glasses to contacts

Had her braces removed...

She blossomed.

She straightened her curls

Pierced her cartilage

Caked her face with Covergirl

And wore American- Eagle

Got what she wanted

Boys fell at her feet

Girls envied her

Except for one,

That couldn't fall for her act

Her best friend


She forgot me

After she met him

He was he everything

She loved him

Too much

One day, she called me

Told me that she was


Said, she couldn't tell


Asked me if I


I said yes,

Being the only person that she had left

I called Him over

Told him what he did

He told me that I was a


That I was only


He didn't love her

He want her

Wouldn't love her

Couldn't love her

He didn't have the heart

She had the baby

A beautiful baby girl

Looked nothing like the Daddy

But exactly like her Mother

With red curly locks,

Along with glimmering green eyes

The Dad is probably in college now

Drinking and getting high

Getting wasted in some sorority

With his jerk face friends

While the girl he took advantage of

Works nights, and plays with her baby during the day

Squeezing in some college in on the computer.

I have the proud name of

Auntie Jane*


A Great God-mom

*Name has been changed

** This based on a true story about me. I am the best friend. I am the Godmother to this beautiful baby, and the dad did leave this girl in her weakest hour. Please if you are going to criticize the story, please don't say anything too bad. Thank you.