Final Moments

Reflecting, I leaned against the dirty cobweb covered stonewall. I always imagined though maybe not anytime soon but still before death, I would be married, have several healthy children, and live peacefully out in the country until my time came, not this. Today, my life will be cut short due to a false accusation. Now, I have no choice but to wait for my execution.

I peered out the tiny window in my cell, surprised to find how blissfully sunny it appeared out in the open while I remained locked away in the dark. I suppose this is the weather I would want for my last day on earth. My only wish is to be outside to enjoy the wonderful things this world has to offer. I watched the people of this small town gather together to watch me die, the executioner preparing the noose from which I will be hanged. I felt so petrified as though I had to force my heart to keep on beating while it still can.

Soon, I thought to myself as my fearful body lacked the will to move. Soon it will all be over. I just hope I will not be convicted so harshly in the after life as I was here on earth.

"It's time."

Slowly, I turned my head from the window to find the prison guard containing, in his hands, the rope, which to me appeared as a poisonous snake. He bound my ice-cold hands as they shook vigorously and led me outside to the executioner.

The moment I stepped outside, these words were hurled at me. "Witch! Witch! Die Witch!"

So this is it. I get accused of witchcraft and now my life is almost at its end. I could have denied it, but who would listen? My town will by no means suffer a witch to live for I have been a witness to several hangings before this.

As I gaze at the crowd I see my brother, Lucas, tears streaming down his face, his lips forming the words, 'Oh, Jane.' I do not recall ever seeing him cry before this, even when Papa passed away. Thinking back, I remember the nights my brother and I would stay up together in the corner of our cottage, with just one candle, sharing out deepest thoughts and secrets. One night, I confessed to him that I have not prayed to God in over five years. I only pretend to keep Mama content. As my thoughts turned to Mama, I peer out in the gathering but do not spot her. Doleful, I sighed. She must be ashamed. I have always let her down, never being the lady who kept quiet in the dark. Glancing down at my wrong hand, I briefly wonder if had I headed Mama's warnings I would have avoided this. I turned my cold eyes to Percy Watson as his curly red hair flamed like the fires in Hell. This may already be the afterlife. I know the truth. Ruthless he was. Watson desired our family to suffer.

The moment the executioner hung the rope around neck, I felt a river of ice stream down my spine. My heart ran wild like horses racing across the meadow. I cannot even feel my feet as though I am standing on air. Trying to control my breath, I briefly glance at the executioner preparing to pull the lever, sending me down. I tried to pray, or at least think of God, but my mind remained fogged. Alas, it is too late, even for my soul. I have been damned. As I continued to shiver cold, my eyes turn back to Lucas, and I realized I want my last thoughts to be of him for my darling brother was the best thing in my life. I heard the executioner pull the lever. My final memory of this world was my brother's brown eyes, glistening in the sun.

A/N: Coming up next, the events that led to this terrible accusation.